Meditating With Bee Songs

CD cover of Melipona Bees

I first came across the CD, Melipona Bee, while browsing the wonderful website, Dancing With Water (link below). Today the CD arrived and I immediately played it through the house stereo system and reveled in the comforting song of a Mayan woman singing to her fuzzy friends, the Melipona Bees. Their collective low hum and occasional “bbbvvvtt” sound as they zipped past the recording mic was very soothing.

Melipona Bees, a small, non-stinging, non-GMO’d variety, were revered by the Mayans for the healing effect their presence brought to the energetic landscape. Researcher Valerie Solheim Ph.D became quite interested in beekeeping using natural methods to support her bees’ hives and vitality instead of using the common medications and unnatural feeding methods of modern day apiary practice. Her efforts produced abundant honey but additionally she claims to have experienced healing effects and energy from her bee hives. This inspired her to write the book, The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites; Quantum Principles (2017). Some time later she traveled to Mexico where she recorded the song for this CD by placing her mic at the Melipona hive location.

I’m now listening to it through earbuds as I type, and it’s quite ticklish! Almost instinctively my back muscles pull in when I hear a bee buzz in close to my eardrum; relaxing yet thrilling! Having traveled to the Mayan lands of Mexico several times in the past I also appreciate the familiar bird calls of that region which are embedded in the audio recording.

The book, Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, and its companion website are entirely dedicated to the healing and restructuring of water through many methods, one of which includes playing the bee song directly to the water vessel one drinks from. I decided since I am basically 75% water why not just plug it right into my ears and let the song do its healing magic! 🙂 We’ll see how this experiment turns out. Maybe I’ll sprout wings! LOL

Meanwhile, if you have a passion for bees, water, and all things healing please check out the following links, and please search for them on YouTube where they offer many helpful videos on each topic:

Valerie Solheim PhD

Dancing With Water

“This book is a must read for everyone interested both in modern science and in their own health. We are coming to a new understanding of water, not just as a source of vitality and life, but as life itself. This vision is supported by a new set of scientific data which we find referenced in the book. What is equally important is the fact that it is written in simple, understandable language that allows the reader to feel the flavor of the modern research atmosphere. Another important aspect of the book is found in its practical applications. Dancing with Water is a very important and useful guide both for professionals and all interested people.”

— Konstantin Korotkov, PhD., Professor at St. Petersburg University of Informational Technology, Mechanics and Optics.

Choose Wisely

My work takes me right into the core of the human spiderweb with all its electric air and people rushing about in a spiky, fatigued, fast and overall uncomfortable state of being. Ironically, I know it’s where I’m supposed to be…. for now.

As it happens with a society caught in the quagmire of wanting to be free of stress yet highly addicted to it, people will occasionally ask me questions about my political stance, or how fearful I am of covid. My desire to avoid their mental trap has helped me become quite adept at mental aikido! Not to avoid conversing with them, but more to stay focused on what’s important, what’s relevant (to me) and turn the question back to them. How is their family? Did they notice the beautiful sunrise / sunset recently? Isn’t it a joy to rise to a new day? Have they played outside lately? And making authentic, heart-based conversation about what’s right with them. Noticing the lovely colors they’re wearing, complimenting their hair or adornments, acknowledging how well they handled a problem they had, or how grateful I am to see them again.

We don’t have to stay glued to the old paradigm’s script, listening to the news non-stop, or get pulled down into society’s heightened fear state accompanied by life-sucking conversation. That being said, when your line of work requires you to immerse yourself in it a great deal of internal power is required to sustain a higher state of Love consciousness. Maybe it gets easier and less fatiguing over time with practice, but I still find multiple cat naps and personal quiet time to be most invigorating.

So I say to you: Take those naps! Drink refreshing water, get out into Nature on a regular basis where you can remove your mask (the physical and social one) and breeeeaaathe the beautiful, invigorating air of the forests, ocean spray, field mists, and morning dew. You have a right, if not a responsibility to own your joy, to own your life force, own your birthright to be a fully ecstatic, dancing, singing human being.

Take the reins back. Choose wisely, from the heart, what you willingly participate in, online and in person.
Much love.

The Role of CranioSacral Therapy & Massage for Cytokine Storm Relief & Prevention

An excellent article written (link below) on the inflammatory affects of the 1918 flu epidemic and how similar the symptoms are to cv. While I am not an osteopath physician I am trained in CranioSacral Therapy, designed by osteopath physician John. E. Upledger, as well as massage therapy. The combination of which, according to the article, provides the movement in blood and lymphatic circulation needed to remove the excess dead cells that could result in a cytokine storm.


“The object of manipulation is to improve circulation (blood and lymph) to and from organs, the movement of joints and muscle and in fact all tissue.

“Briefly this is what seems to happen:
* For various reasons the mucus membrane of the upper respiratory tract becomes weakened and a relative acidosis begins. Usually, a structural disturbance (joint, muscle, circulation, nerve supply etc) from stress, poor nutrition, cognitive dissonance, to name but a few.
* Virus “enters” person.
* Virus settles mainly in nose and throat region.
* Virus enters epithelial cells (ECs): the cells lining the nose and throat.
* Virus kills ECs by RNA disturbance.
* ECs die.
* An accumulation of dead ECs leads to a response from your immune system to clear these dead and dying cells.
* White blood cells are generated from the lymph glands in the body. This is why your glands swell, to produce more white blood cells.
* This is what is known as an inflammatory response.
* Your natural response to everyday dead cells is low so the glands do not swell.
* You enter into a shock and stress situation of sweating, shivering, stiffness, and headache. This is because the whole body is becoming toxic due the accumulation and circulation of dead cells and the subsequent response by your body to destroy them.
* This is known as a Cytokine Storm

“So influenza is the response of the body to the accumulation of dead cells caused by the virus; not the virus itself.

“The osteopath helps to keep the circulation and white cells moving at their best to deal with the rapid accumulation of dead ECs. As long as the ECs are cleared at a rate that your body is comfortable with you will not exhibit the signs and symptoms of influenza…

“The osteopath knows how to feel the movement and obstructions to the function of the sympathetic nervous system. This is of paramount importance in the treatment of influenza.

“Additionally, because the body is going into a style of shock and stress there is an adrenaline overproduction. It is this overproduction of adrenaline that makes your muscles stiff and quickly results in fatigue and exhaustion. Adrenaline moves the circulation into the muscles and away from the vital organs, liver, kidneys etc. In extreme cases the organs collapse due to poor circulation and an excess of toxins from dead cells and the person dies. Young adults produce more immune cells and adrenaline than infants and the elderly; this was a characteristic of the 1918-19 pandemic.

“‘…this epidemic was largely a young adult’s disease. The life insurance companies report their death claims from this cause average at thirty-three years of age as against fifty-five to sixty years of age of deaths from general causes.’” H. L. Chiles, D.O., A New Survey of Public Health, (JAOA, Jan. 1919.)

“’The physiological picture of influenza centres around one of the smallest but most important and interesting organs of the body – the adrenal gland. …Its nerves come chiefly from the eleventh dorsal segment of the spine, just above the waist line. That is why the first symptom of this disease is usually backache in this region….In the female, it is the partner gland, the pituitary body, that is correspondingly more important. And you will notice there is a marked difference in the “flu” in males compared to females.’ E. E. Tucker, D. O., New York, N. Y. Spanish Influenza – What and Why? (JAOA, Feb. 1919.)

“The osteopath has to literally ‘decompress the system.’ Treatment is aimed at reducing obstructions to circulation caused by tight muscles, ribs that are not moving, organs (spleen) that are not pumping, nerve bundles (sympathetic nervous system) that need stretching, and immune (lymphatic) channels that need unblocking. All this happens at once during the treatment and treatment should be two to three times in two to three days.

“Is the virus removed? No. But the cause of the signs and symptoms is reduced and the reason for the virus to continue multiplying, resulting in immune suppression, is also drastically reduced. Osteopathic manipulation will get you back on your feet and there is no sign of that two week fatigue that most of us go through after the crisis is over….

“‘As Ward (1937) wrote, “By retarding the virulence of the invading organisms, appropriate osteopathic treatment reduces the incidence of complications and forces down the mortality rate in these cases.”

“They used to call osteopaths ‘bloodless surgeons’ and ‘fever fighters’ in the nineteenth century and especially during the 1918-19 pandemic. Osteopaths have the history and the skill to make a major contribution to the reduction of deaths during an epidemic, pandemic or isolated cases of influenza.

Article Excerpts Source:

More about Dr. Upledger:


While the herbal remedies remain unrecognized on mainstream media radar, thousands of years of folk medicine have remained intact because it works. Herbal teas, tinctures and capsules, used with respect to their strengths, their contraindications, and quality of sources have proven their ability to help the body maintain health and balance, if taken in combination with a healthy lifestyle, adequate hydration and body movement. Many plants help the body reduce the symptoms of flu and/or boost the immune response as needed.

A helpful link to herbal relief that may be sitting in your kitchen cabinet right now!

Be the Hummingbird

Pulled into parking space at work. Felt bluesy looking at all the construction. More ugly, tall buildings blocking the views of the pretty horizon. Saw a person bundled in a sleeping bag on the cold, hard sidewalk. Then a movement in the air and I realized a little hummybird was sitting in the top of the tree, surveying the world around. I asked in my ❤️ What does that little one think of this craziness? I immediately received an image of a pink flower. 🌸 A single, focused thought from the hummy. Aside from all the wretched mess and depression she thinks of her flower. I think that’s the lesson for today. Focus on what makes your heart hum happy. 💕

Artwork credit:

Turning Holiday Tree into Purification Bundles (a.k.a. Smudge Sticks)

I love the smell of burning white sage for purifying home and personal space. However, as I continue into my studies of all things Nature-based it occurred to me I should be seeking out plants native to our region to make my own. All part of the keep it local movement that has become quite the theme these days.

This morning we still had our holiday tree up and I wondered how I might recycle or repurpose it, then I remembered a video shared on Magical Crafting (see link below) where she used pine needle twigs, cinnamon sticks and rosemary to create her version. Rosemary sounded like nice addition but my plant is still too young and small to donate some of its parts.

Little Rosemary in container

Evergreens, on the other hand, are plentiful around here, a handsome juniper berry tree out lives out front, and some recently bloomed lemon thyme plant. These became my ingredients for today’s project.

If you’d like to recycle your holiday tree, or simply forage around the neighborhood for some fallen pine branches then follow along to see how you might go about creating your own smudge sticks. Please note you can include whatever ingredients you have on hand. It just depends on the theme of what you’d like to create. I’d love to hear feedback in the comments section below of what you made yours with.

Here I trimmed off and set aside the smaller branches of the tree.

Then continued till I had only a long trunk left. Thinking I’ll use this in the garden in some way. The larger branches will have to compost, or they could easily be turned into a wreath, a haven for little birds, or some other creative idea, like pine needle tea (link below).

Maybe a nice walking stick or javelin 😀

Three littles piles of the ingredients used today: Juniper Berry, Lemon Thyme, and Evergreen.

Of course, my kitty had to get involved, … because well, she’s a cat!

Quality control inspector arrives.

A bit of twine was used to anchor the cinnamon stick into the twigs.

Some red and green embroidery thread is wrapped each direction to secure the pieces. Then a little trimming at the ends and all around to clean off excess pine needles that were poking out. Voila! Nice gifts for holiday or whenever!

First, they’ll need to hang for a while to completely dry out before use.

As a side note, Douglas Fir and Spruce tree tips make incredibly nutrient-rich, Vitamin C packed tea. Make sure you know how to identify each by doing some research in advance. Here’s a couple helpful links for that:

Katie Carter, ND discusses the importance of high quality Vit C, tree identification, and gratitude for staying healthy!

If you prefer to read about making pine needle tea then here’s Steve’s blog:

Magical Crafting is an amazing YT channel with a ton of creative videos!

Thank you for reading! Please “Like”, comment, and share!

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Balancing and Awakening the Brain| Audio of Simple Exercises

A stressed, inactive, undernourished brain (and body) can eventually lead to problems with comprehension, memory retention, ability to clearly communicate, execute organizational skills and functions. Simple exercises that balance left & right hemispheres of the brain are one facet to helping resolve this issue. Start your day off with some gentle movements. Take a listen and enjoy the scene of the Oregon coast while you attend to your mind, breath, and balance the body. It’s simple, relaxing and doesn’t take more than a few minutes of your day.

Guest Blog: Annie’s Mini Garden!

Annie (left), yours truly (right)

Recently I offered to share this blog space with my Patreon supporters who are lovingly donating $3/ month to keep my blog muse happy. Those same Patreons are very talented folks themselves. Take Annie for example. She is truly a plant whisperer and has an astounding relationship with a local hummingbird. From her delightful apartment she inspires other small space dwellers to take full advantage of what they have and turn their abode into a plant sanctuary. Below is her blog describing in detail, with many lovely photos, the little garden of eden she has bloomed.

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And now, to Annie’s indoor garden…….


Guest blogger: Annie Ordonio Silvestre

A man can work from sun to sun but a woman’s work is never done” Oh so true! Just like Mother Earth she sure works continuously nonstop in her household home the beautiful blue planet Earth.
Since this pandemic situation I have trusted the Universe to help guide me to what is best for me since I no longer have a job. All this free time given to me it has given me the opportunity to do fun things I love to do so this old familiar saying goes “If life throws lemons at you – make lemonade” So I am following Mother Earth footsteps indeed. I now consider my occupation as a homemaker and a balcony gardener. 
My husband George and I are currently living with our oldest son and our youngest daughter in a suburban area in an Bethany Oregon apartment. We all plan to temporarily live there for another year until we find our house and then more gardening opportunities for me.

Our balcony isn’t as spacious but it is cozy enough for me to create something very nice and pretty for my family to come home and enjoy after a long day at their jobs and on their days off. One day I was  browsing on the internet and came upon a cute little water fountain. It was solar powered and it sparked my creative thinking idea. I created a foundation of water by using a glass pie plate and then added water and placed the water fountain mechanism above it and viola! a beautiful refreshing relaxing pretty water display and sound. 

Unfortunately the water fountain did not last very long. So brainstorming took place and made me come up with the idea to make a little moat for our hummingbird feeder!!
(Photos)of seedlings Goji berries, lemon balm and mustard greens. And strictly seed logo

One day in late spring I was browsing through the boxes in our garage and saw an old seed catalog called Strictly Medicinal seeds and my green thumb started to get itchy! My mind was filled with gardening ideas and made me reminisce a beautiful garden I once created many moons ago in our beloved home in St Johns. I then had the idea to start sowing some seeds and plant a garden in our balcony!I went online to Strictly Medicinal Seeds and ordered a variety packet of seed. The first seeds I ordered we’re Goji berry, Mustard Greens and Lemon balm and I also couldn’t resist I had ordered a variety packet called The Hoedown Collection – Organic Vegetable seeds they are a variety of organic vegetable seeds to plant in the spring and summer season. I said what the heck I’ll start sowing some now and raise them in large pots and when we move I can take these babies to their new home when we move. 

My seedlings of mustard greens and goji berries sown in early fall. Goji’s are under growing lights like the goji berries to keep them safe from the winter cold. The mustard greens love cold weather so the still remain outdoors.

Another fun gardening project I like to do is cut and grow. I like to cut up veggies and place then in water and watch them grow. I do the same with house plants as well. When they start having roots I put them in pots with good seed starting soil.  My family enjoy watching them grow too!

So Winter is a great time to dream to plant and plan what to plant for the next season which is Spring. I look forward to start sowing seeds for a nice and bountiful garden of flowers for the hummingbirds, butterflies and other guests like fairies 🧚‍♀️and things.  Also some nice snow peas, spring greens, kale and dwarf carrots. 
Here are some wonderful websites below to help you create that beautiful balcony or small garden you’ve been dreaming about. 
Happy gardening 🌱🥕

List of sources:

Healing and Communicating With the Animal World

Bee Painting by Monica Vieira 2020

This year I set my intentions on expanding my education. One of the courses that synchronistically availed itself while I was out of work: Animal Energy and Communications. Instructor Lynn McKenzie offers a plethora of audio, visual, written material at her website to keep a person busy for at least a couple years! She brings many decades of wisdom and experience, and I highly recommend her course if this path calls to you.

Other talented animal communicators continue to appear on my radar with a diversity of styles. For some speaking with animals is done through imagery, feelings, sometimes words. The investigative ones, like former police officer Karen Anderson (below), help detectives solve missing people cases! However, to do so requires that a pet or other animal nearby witnessed the event. Below is her Spaced Out Radio interview describing how animal communication works for her.

Penelope Smith, an internationally famous animal communicator for over 40 years has inspired many to enter the field, self included. Her website is replete with resources:

“For over forty years, Penelope has been the founding pioneer for the field whose name she originated, interspecies telepathic communication. Author of the popular classic books in the field, Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit, many audio recordings, and editor of Species Link magazine, Penelope has held the hub of the growing community of animal communicators world wide for decades.”

I recently bought her (3) CD audio set (yes, I still listen to CDs). Such a great way to pass the time listening to knowledgeable and compassionate people, like Penelope, while acquiring valuable skills!

Penelope Smith’s (3) CD package

Penelope recently shared a blog from her prior student, Val Heart, about saving a bee during a canoe race. Such an inspirational story! Val has written many blogs about her work. Here’s where you can find her:

“…a heart touching, life changing experience I had with a bee in a canoe race.
Paddling away as fast as I could, I happened to glance down and was astonished to see, in the water, floating inside the boat on its back, a honey bee.
It’s wings were water logged, it’s hair was soggy and it’s body felt very heavy.
I could feel it’s distress, weakness, discomfort, and how sad it was to be dying, how hard it was for it to breath and stay afloat against the powerful current sloshing around inside the canoe.
I was so afraid it would drown, I had to do something!
But before I could reach out to it, the water shifted and washed it away.
I confess, I had a moment of concern wondering if it would sting me if I touched it… but I sent my love for it, and hoped for the best… and went back to paddling.
A short time later, the bee floated close to me again!
WOW! Here’s my second chance to be of service to the bee. I promised I wouldn’t fail it this time.
To my canoe partner’s dismay I immediately stopped paddling and reached out to rescue it, hoping it wasn’t already dead.
I didn’t care if it stung me for my troubles.
I was compelled to do my best to help save it’s life.
So I carefully and gently placed my finger on its tiny little furry belly, hoping against my fear that it still had the strength to respond.
I held my breath and waited to see what would happen, but it seemed motionless and cold… maybe I was too late…
But then?
Tears sprung to my eyes when its tiny little feeler hands and legs suddenly grabbed onto me and I could lift it out of the water.
It clung precariously and shakily to my finger, dripping wet. It’s wings were drooping, too soggy to even unfurl.
Still being in the middle of the canoe race, I carefully placed the little bee on my pants leg out of harm’s way, and continued the race hoping it would have a chance to dry out a bit and recover.
It stayed, and we finished the race together.
And it was still on my leg.
I communicated with it and the bee responded wearily, with a sense of gratitude.
I told it that the world needs it, that it’s not it’s time to go, that we love the bees and appreciate them so very much. That I hoped it could recover and go on to live a happy productive life.
As soon as we got back to shore, I carefully walked over to a good bush by the river bank.
It crawled back on my finger and I invited it to step aboard the leaf so it could finish drying off.
But… it didn’t want to go.
It stayed with me a long time, talking .
It told me about what it’s like to be a bee. How hard it is sometimes, and what bees worry about.
It shared with me the fabric of life and how the bees fit into the life of plants and nature, and what the pesticides have done to our environment.
Without bees none of us would be alive today, they are that important.
On behalf of the entire human race, I asked for forgiveness because in spite the fact that my race is responsible for having done so much harm to ourselves, the planet and to the bees, many of us truly deeply care about their plight.
We are working hard to reverse what’s happened, and we need the bees to help us do right.
When we finished our conversation, my face was wet with tears.
And the bee thanked me, carefully crawling off my finger and onto the leaf.
Something truly extraordinary had just happened, and it changed me.
A month or so later, I went kayaking and when I got out of the car to go down to the river, I was SWARMED by bees!
Literally, 40 or more bees flew all around me, buzzing, so very close to me, landing on me, on my face, on my hat, my gloves, my pants and shirt!
I’ve never seen anything like it!
It was a bit alarming, I confess I had a moment of panic thinking they were going to sting me…
But then?
I connected and communicated with them.
I was astonished to understand that they only wanted to thank me. Their energy was joyful, celebratory, loving and powerful!
Word had spread of my encounter and rescue of one of their kind, and they were grateful and excited to be with a human who could understand them.
They flew around me, all over me, making it hard to walk, as I laughed and smiled and felt my gratitude for the gift of bees in our world.
And then, as one, they all flew away.
And that brings me to my point:
The animal world needs you.
Animals need you to be the very BEST version of your Self.
Their purpose in your life is to help you heal, evolve and grow.
My life’s vision is to be someone who is doing my part to make our world a better place for all creatures great and small, following my destiny, fulfilling my purpose, ultimately creating my legacy.
Will you join me?
Henry Ford said: ‘There is no person living who isn’t capable of doing more than they think they can do.’”