Full Moon Musings In April


Wandering the local woods on the full moon I pondered, “What is art?” The following photos and thoughts are the results. Thank you to Nature for the inspiration!

Oregon Grape Root in bloom

What is art? The expression of powerful, balancing and chaotic energies, forces, and Spirit.

Sacred space

The Master artist? Nature, the dancer of yin/ yang. Effortless and yet pressured, like a diamond forged from coal, or a thunderstorm bursting out of the clouds.

Hidden gem in woody cave

Art is not without suffering, but suffering is subjective. Pressure is behind the term “suffering”. Like the chick who taps blindly in its eggshell for an opening, we are under constant pressure to break free of our daily-grind mind, to let in the Light! The need to create art heats us from within.


Nature does not create the art of a sunset, a butterfly’s wing, or song of a dove to gain our attention or approval. Nature creates because it can. Nature’s furies, chaos, serenity, and breathtaking beauty are elemental forces at play.

Mighty giants

We choose to place value judgments and opinions on what is good or bad art, yet Nature does as it pleases, with no care for perfection or cleanliness. The joy of creation knows no limits and still remains in perfect balance.

Moss people

Art does not need interpretation, planning, or credentials, it simply requires us to show up. The Universe invites us to join the dance. Let the creative play begin! ❤️

Twirly bird wedged in mushrooms

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