Dance, Cry, Laugh, Hug, Howl at the Moon, Tell Stories, and (most importantly) Stay Human!

It’s not that I relish performing live before an audience. To be honest I’m very reclusive, as most artists probably are. Yet standing before a crowd, baring my musical soul, dance, and voice – vocally or through my horns – always felt like necessary medicine in overcoming stage fright, singing my truth, and expressing my frequency, if you will.

Yours truly in the field with my saxy friends!

Not everyone wants to sing, play an instrument, dance, or tell stories, yet we’re intrinsically drawn to watch and enjoy and those who do. Why is this? Are we supporting one another through an invisible field of human energy when we gather to share in these art forms? Are we healing one another of deeply entrenched wounds when we hear each other’s voices and see each other swirl, twirl and move like the cosmic forces that birthed our galaxy?

“Twirling”, by Ricky Barnard

While we may not consciously know it, our voice frequencies are affecting the atmosphere and people around us, and with every spoken word and sound we share very intimate information. Sherry Edwards, vocal profiler/ researcher at Sound Health Options understands this well when she said:

“Your voice can be used as a holographic representation of all that you are, right down to the depths of your genetic make-up. Your Voice is being used to reveal what nutrients you really need; what muscle are you likely to injure within the next 30 days; who you are, really, deep down, at your soul level.”

-Sharry Edwards

Children who sing or talk to themselves amuse and awaken our own inner child. Adults who sing and talk to themselves are considered in society’s eyes to be off-kilter. At what point did we shut off our inner child and decide we’re so “woke”, so grown-up we don’t need to hum to the clouds, sing to flowers, or give our body a voice so it can be heard? It’s a sad society of fearful programming who tells us we are not healers, when in truth it is our voices that weave and sing a supportive web of soul medicine.

“The Language of Flowers III”, by Jasmine Becket

“Singing is letting your inner-child whistle despite the surrounding storm. It’s a humming, a vibration of the soul that recalibrates the negative energy of a place into a healthy song. Like dancing, it’s a performance, a rendering of the crucibles and vicissitudes of life through poetic verse before a live audience.”

– G. McZee

Before the advent of computers, paper, pen and such it was the oral traditions that kept a culture alive. It was the storytellers, elders rich with life experience, medicine men & women of everyone’s ancestry who spoke over campfire tales of heroes, treacherous journeys across vast terrain, and spirits of nether worlds who interacted with us, helping to expand our creativity and our understanding of where we came from. Their stories kept us humble, malleable, courageous and relevant. Who is writing our story now? The media? The policy-makers? Where are the elders at this time? Have they been shunned and made to feel obsolete? We must find the time and curiosity to re-member ourselves as the great life journeyers we are! Find your storytellers or, better yet, begin writing yours! You never know who just might be waiting for your baton to give them strength in pursuing their own voice.

“We are social creatures who need each other to survive. Similarly, we are storytelling creatures who need stories to survive…. Maybe we’ll understand it, maybe not. Enchant us with your story anyway. Sing your newfound truth anyway. Dance your unique dance anyway. Because you never know whose soul may need reanimating.”

– G. McZee
Ani Williams

You may have noticed a number of quotes in this blog came from Gary Z. McGee, former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher. I wish to give him honorable recognition for inspiring today’s blog, and helping me find my voice on this beautiful autumn day. Please take a moment and read his link below at Fractal Enlightenment.

May you dance on!


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  1. I love Miles Davis quote 💖 and the beautiful colorful art pictures too! Beautiful and most excellent blog dear Regina Chante💗 I am feel so truly inspired reading this and Thank you so much my beautiful friend💜 🙏🏼🌈🎶🎵🌻

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