Healing Land of Trauma

Each day I take a glance at the mainstream news headlines to know who or what could use some prayers. Yesterday I learned that two lives were swiftly lost in a flash of anger, and the event occurred outside of where a favorite family restaurant once existed. As the saying goes, “We all live downstream,”Continue reading “Healing Land of Trauma”


🌿”Rejoice in the green fire of life!”🌿 Fiona MacLeod Yes, indeed! As the wheel of the year turns we finally seemed to have arrived at (a late) spring. Excellent time to clean house, internally and externally. One doesn’t have to wait for spring to indulge in parsley, a powerhouse plant known for its high vitamin/mineralContinue reading “Tabbouleh!”

🥭 Mango Dreams 🥭

I’m back! It’s a been a ridiculously long hiatus, but so much new stuff to share! One of my latest discoveries is how to make a non-dairy mango lassi drink, or maybe you’d call it pudding, or mango meringue! Wooo hoo ❣️ Whatever texture adjective you like, it’s just yummay! Back in the day I’dContinue reading “🥭 Mango Dreams 🥭”

Talking With Birds & Clouds

For a magical moment today I felt absolutely magnetized to go outside and take in the raw, winter sunlight. Such a beautiful day, even with the crisp cold air. After a few minutes I tilted my head back to look at the bright, blue sky and noticed three birds gliding clockwise, so slowly, and way,Continue reading “Talking With Birds & Clouds”

🍋 Grow Lemons In the Winter! ☃️

Lemon trees ideally like between 50-80 degrees (f), so who in their right mind would try to grow one outdoors through winter? That’s what I thought too, but one of our neighbours is doing just that! The first winter I noticed their lemon tree it was about five feet tall, surrounded in repurposed old windows,Continue reading “🍋 Grow Lemons In the Winter! ☃️”

Full Moon, November 2022

It is so easy, on a full moon night,when light is dark, the darkest light,to hide in the known, in the comfort of the home,hidden from the mysterious outside. But where there is dark there is illumination and dreams,a place to feel safe, in the midst of moon’s scene,where you and the clouds become closeContinue reading “Full Moon, November 2022”

New Moon

So it is, in these crazy world times, I have turned inward for answers the outer world seems to be lacking. Sleep is profoundly healing and rejuvenating but so is a new activity, called Automatic Writing. After listening to the insightful messages of many creative writers, artists, channelers, mystics and such, the one consistent messageContinue reading “New Moon”