Healing and Communicating With the Animal World

Bee Painting by Monica Vieira 2020

This year I set my intentions on expanding my education. One of the courses that synchronistically availed itself while I was out of work: Animal Energy and Communications. Instructor Lynn McKenzie offers a plethora of audio, visual, written material at her website to keep a person busy for at least a couple years! She brings many decades of wisdom and experience, and I highly recommend her course if this path calls to you.

Other talented animal communicators continue to appear on my radar with a diversity of styles. For some speaking with animals is done through imagery, feelings, sometimes words. The investigative ones, like former police officer Karen Anderson (below), help detectives solve missing people cases! However, to do so requires that a pet or other animal nearby witnessed the event. Below is her Spaced Out Radio interview describing how animal communication works for her.

Penelope Smith, an internationally famous animal communicator for over 40 years has inspired many to enter the field, self included. Her website is replete with resources:

“For over forty years, Penelope has been the founding pioneer for the field whose name she originated, interspecies telepathic communication. Author of the popular classic books in the field, Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit, many audio recordings, and editor of Species Link magazine, Penelope has held the hub of the growing community of animal communicators world wide for decades.”

I recently bought her (3) CD audio set (yes, I still listen to CDs). Such a great way to pass the time listening to knowledgeable and compassionate people, like Penelope, while acquiring valuable skills!

Penelope Smith’s (3) CD package

Penelope recently shared a blog from her prior student, Val Heart, about saving a bee during a canoe race. Such an inspirational story! Val has written many blogs about her work. Here’s where you can find her:

“…a heart touching, life changing experience I had with a bee in a canoe race.
Paddling away as fast as I could, I happened to glance down and was astonished to see, in the water, floating inside the boat on its back, a honey bee.
It’s wings were water logged, it’s hair was soggy and it’s body felt very heavy.
I could feel it’s distress, weakness, discomfort, and how sad it was to be dying, how hard it was for it to breath and stay afloat against the powerful current sloshing around inside the canoe.
I was so afraid it would drown, I had to do something!
But before I could reach out to it, the water shifted and washed it away.
I confess, I had a moment of concern wondering if it would sting me if I touched it… but I sent my love for it, and hoped for the best… and went back to paddling.
A short time later, the bee floated close to me again!
WOW! Here’s my second chance to be of service to the bee. I promised I wouldn’t fail it this time.
To my canoe partner’s dismay I immediately stopped paddling and reached out to rescue it, hoping it wasn’t already dead.
I didn’t care if it stung me for my troubles.
I was compelled to do my best to help save it’s life.
So I carefully and gently placed my finger on its tiny little furry belly, hoping against my fear that it still had the strength to respond.
I held my breath and waited to see what would happen, but it seemed motionless and cold… maybe I was too late…
But then?
Tears sprung to my eyes when its tiny little feeler hands and legs suddenly grabbed onto me and I could lift it out of the water.
It clung precariously and shakily to my finger, dripping wet. It’s wings were drooping, too soggy to even unfurl.
Still being in the middle of the canoe race, I carefully placed the little bee on my pants leg out of harm’s way, and continued the race hoping it would have a chance to dry out a bit and recover.
It stayed, and we finished the race together.
And it was still on my leg.
I communicated with it and the bee responded wearily, with a sense of gratitude.
I told it that the world needs it, that it’s not it’s time to go, that we love the bees and appreciate them so very much. That I hoped it could recover and go on to live a happy productive life.
As soon as we got back to shore, I carefully walked over to a good bush by the river bank.
It crawled back on my finger and I invited it to step aboard the leaf so it could finish drying off.
But… it didn’t want to go.
It stayed with me a long time, talking .
It told me about what it’s like to be a bee. How hard it is sometimes, and what bees worry about.
It shared with me the fabric of life and how the bees fit into the life of plants and nature, and what the pesticides have done to our environment.
Without bees none of us would be alive today, they are that important.
On behalf of the entire human race, I asked for forgiveness because in spite the fact that my race is responsible for having done so much harm to ourselves, the planet and to the bees, many of us truly deeply care about their plight.
We are working hard to reverse what’s happened, and we need the bees to help us do right.
When we finished our conversation, my face was wet with tears.
And the bee thanked me, carefully crawling off my finger and onto the leaf.
Something truly extraordinary had just happened, and it changed me.
A month or so later, I went kayaking and when I got out of the car to go down to the river, I was SWARMED by bees!
Literally, 40 or more bees flew all around me, buzzing, so very close to me, landing on me, on my face, on my hat, my gloves, my pants and shirt!
I’ve never seen anything like it!
It was a bit alarming, I confess I had a moment of panic thinking they were going to sting me…
But then?
I connected and communicated with them.
I was astonished to understand that they only wanted to thank me. Their energy was joyful, celebratory, loving and powerful!
Word had spread of my encounter and rescue of one of their kind, and they were grateful and excited to be with a human who could understand them.
They flew around me, all over me, making it hard to walk, as I laughed and smiled and felt my gratitude for the gift of bees in our world.
And then, as one, they all flew away.
And that brings me to my point:
The animal world needs you.
Animals need you to be the very BEST version of your Self.
Their purpose in your life is to help you heal, evolve and grow.
My life’s vision is to be someone who is doing my part to make our world a better place for all creatures great and small, following my destiny, fulfilling my purpose, ultimately creating my legacy.
Will you join me?
Henry Ford said: ‘There is no person living who isn’t capable of doing more than they think they can do.’”

In the Battle for Your Soul, Choose LOVE

Art by Regina Chante, 12/12/20

Kind of an extreme title to give this blog for most folks, but if you really take a look at the history of our species, and our current status on planet Earth you realize it’s true. There has been a battle, an ancient war, for the heart and soul of each and every living being. If you have a pulse and you’re really paying attention you feel it in your bones, you see it at work in the media and politics, and you witness first hand the tragedy it creates and lives it takes.

Some say that’s just human nature and will compare our species to fleas, or a cancer on this planet. When I was younger I would’ve agreed based on how people treated each other and Nature; it’s easy to become jaded. But having matured, and especially after looking into the wonder of my babies eyes, full of pure innocence, and seeing the trust animals have in the humans who care for them, I know LOVE, a far grander consciousness than could ever be conceived, is embedded in every heartbeat. I also acknowledge there is something else afoot, something ancient and insatiable. It does not want us to discover it, nor does it want us to discover and own our true power, our Divine Nature. Name it what you will, it fosters and feeds on very unhealthy frequencies and weaves itself into the fabric of this reality and into the human story.

Perhaps this unsavory force is a teacher of sorts, challenging and testing us to be something greater than we could’ve imagined. Or perhaps it’s just a hungry ghost whose appetite is never satisfied, engorging itself on emotions, like hate, fear, self-doubt, judgment. Whatever the case may be, you get tired of it, at least I do. When you know in your heart of hearts you did not sign up for a life of endless tragedy, suffering, and belittling you feel pulled on a mission of sorts to throw off the weight of despair, and extend a helping hand to others to do likewise.

Whether anyone’s actually listening to me, reading these blogs, resonating with the energy being offered doesn’t seem to matter. Mission on Earth these days is to keep adding tasty ingredients to the soup of life, hoping it’ll inspire others to rise out of the murk, ponder life a little deeper, and love themselves a little more authentically.

With that said, tonight’s blog provides you a few more loving souls I recently discovered along the way who are extending their own light into the darkness.

Lilou Mace, a lovely french gal who has a plethora of wonderful interviews on her YT channel recently gave Michael Roads an avenue of expression. He’s authored a number of books, including Talking with Nature – Journey Into Nature, Journey Into Oneness and Into a Timeless Realm and speaks to the current times we live in. Grab a cozy drink and take a listen..

Or you might enjoy an interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson who specializes in bio-energetic medicine and emotional psychology. Having nearly escaped death a couple times in his youth and finding recovery through unconventional routes he seemed destined to teach others how to access their innate healing powers.

One of my fave psychic mediums, Kim Russo, gave us her take on the planet’s state of affairs last night. Always uplifting to hear her messages!

And finally, a fellow blogger who also understands the precipice upon which humanity now stands, Koyopa Rising / Eileen Meyer:


Will we fly? Or will we crash and burn? I think Peter Pan had it right: Think happy thoughts. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, do the best you can, and keep a steady diet of uplifting food for the mind and heart.

Happy Solstice dear readers and thank you for your patronage!

Hodgepodge Hedgehog, courtesy of Fairy Magazine

Live Life

A qigong instructor once said, “You can’t DO qigong”. True. One does not do qigong, they live it. One could easily insert the word “life” in place of qigong.

To do life sounds like one has their ego at the steering wheel driving the show of life. How might one LIVE life instead? How does one live with a pet, a plant, the sunlight, the rain? In symbiosis! With heart! In a dance of equality and allowing.

You can live life like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other, a victim this moment, a control freak the next. Yet allowing relieves the nervous system of always needing to be on top of one’s game. Allowing opens one up to the still, small moments in the day where the pause button of routine and time come to a standstill. In complete awareness of the breath, one can experience the internal sensations, thoughts, and feelings rising and falling like ocean tides, and it’s so much easier to move the body a little more gracefully, to step more softly on the Earth, with no expectation.

Dropping in – I love that term. Dropping in to the body on a tender quest to feel… where is the body tight and achy? Where is it loose and relaxed. Feel your inside world.

Then, feel the outside world. Peering out the window or door into a gray, windy, rainy day, just listen …. the soft woosh of a passing wind, allowing your body to echo the sway of the trees. Observe without judgment the body language of passerbyers. Feel the height, mood, and speed of the clouds sailing overhead.

Now, use your powerful imagination and merge the two … your inside world and outside world. They are one flowing stream of life, blending and creating seamlessly into one another every millisecond of the day and night.

Now that’s living life.❤

Create Raised Beds in the Garden

A six month course in Permaculture Design taught me the value of using the many downed branches and twigs brought by the spirit of wind. My instructor, Toby Hemenway, referred to this mound-building process as hugelkulture, or raised beds. In the video link below filmed at my last home (one year ago, March) I present this method using the natural components provided from that particular landscape. Sadly, I didn’t have time to complete the project before we moved, but it was a great experience.

If you have a chance please pick up a copy of Toby’s book, Gaia’s Garden, and educate yourself on the value of recycling Nature. We live in precarious times where the reliable supply chain of food and necessities is getting wobbly. That being said we always have opportunities to work locally, within our community, to get creative and grow sustainable, edible sources of healthy food!

One of my fave perculture books, Gaia’s Garden!

Toby Hemenway, Permaculture Design Instructor (RIP)

The River Spirit Called Me

Local field and handsome black cow.

I was just going to take a brief walk and photo the local black cow. He stands in all his grandeur amidst a massive field with a large, gnarly oak tree companion. The view revives my spirit! After this photo, however, it felt like I wasn’t done. The Tualatin river isn’t far away, but I thought, “I’m not here to stay, I’ve got homework to do.” Yet a magnetic pull beckoned me to walk on and make my way to the river I cross everyday on my way to and from work, a river whose spirit I always bless on my daily journeys. It seemed disrespectful to not follow the call, so…. onward my feet went.

Geese overhead.

A small flock of Canadian Geese flew overhead, trumpeting their next destination. I wished them safety on their long journey to wherever they go from here.

A dress of colors!

A brightly colored maple tree was twirling her leaves in the soft breeze.

Hawthorn tree – the healer.

And next to the colorful dancing maple was a Hawthorn tree, donning shiny, ruby-colored jewels. Even though all the leaves had dried and fallen she looked graceful in these berry ornaments!

Thistle fairy in there.

Why photo a dead blackberry vine, you might ask? Because somewhere in this photo is a gentle thistle fairy. No, I can’t see it either. But I can feel it. Someday soon I will draw what I feel it looks like.

A river mirror.

The river at last! Sooooo peaceful here. I can see why I was being summoned. A lovely elderly woman came along in her kayak, gliding silently through the rippled, mirror water. We greeted each other and commented on how relaxing the day was, if one was dressed for the temperature. I wanted to stay there longer but my phone gave me a “Low battery” alert. That’s also when I heard what sounded like the biggest killer hornet ever, but where was it?… Aha! It was overhead! A quick glance up and the peace-thief was identified: a drone spying on innocent people. In disgust I left the water’s edge, not before thanking it for the invite and our precious time together.


As I worked my way back to the car the noisy man-boy was seen fumbling with his mechanical “evidence”. If I knew how to cast spells I would’ve asked a flock of birds to crap on him and his toy right then and there. Until such skills are acquired I’m thinking drone target-practice sounds like the next best option. 😀

Cattails exploding.

Thankfully, the Spirit of Place wasn’t leaving me in that foul mood and shared a few more precious sights, like this field of cattails against a fluffy, autumn-colored background.

While all the little robins initially flew away as I entered the park, they now trusted my intentions and calmly observed from a nearby birch tree.

Path to the heavens.

This wasn’t the last photo shot but it seems fitting to put it here. The path to heaven, to a higher state of consciousness, is always found in Nature. This blog is a thank-you gift back to the Spirit of Place that hosted today’s journey.

Thank you, dear reader, for sharing this little walk with me today as well. Till next time!

Green Tara Rice Soup

Green Tara Rice Soup

After ordering to-go food from your fave ethnic restaurant you may have a lot of extra cooked rice sitting in the fridge. You may also have some veggies in the back of the fridge that need to be spared the fate of a science experiment. Green Tara rice soup to the rescue!

This soup is souper easy, creative and nutritious! Here’s what you need:

  • 1+ cups leftover cooked rice
  • 3 cloves chopped garlic
  • veggie remnants (in this case asparagus)
  • 1 crumbled sheet of dry-roasted seaweed
  • seasonings of your choice. I used powdered ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and one of my fave go-to seasonings: mushroom powder.
  • water to cover rice
I like this variation of seaweed, super easy to crumble.

Place all the ingredients together in a saucepan on medium heat. If you chose really bulky veggies (like broccoli) you may want to steam them first, or just know the cooking time will be a little longer to soften them. Keep an eye on this soup and add water as needed. The consistency of the rice is up to you. The longer it cooks the more it becomes a “congee” (rice porridge), but I don’t like to cook all the nutrition out of my veggies so I only went long enough to soften the raw asparagus.

Initially, this recipe was going to be called “Green Rice Soup”, but when I sat down to create the blog the words “Green Tara” entered my mind. I looked up the name and found she has many wonderful traits, blessings and protections on offer. Here’s a sample from wildmind.org:

The Green Tara is a Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion and is a protector against the dangers of the material world, such as floods, wild animals and acts of violence and she is often invoked as the saviouress of travelers. Her name means ‘Star’ or ‘Planet’, ‘She Who Ferries across’ and ‘She Who Saves’”. She is also known as Mother Nature, the Green Woman, and according to Lama Palden Drolma, Green Tara is known as, “… she who ferries beings across the ocean of samsara.” (samsara: the cycle of death & rebirth in which the material world is bound)

This soup’s spirit also called to have a beautiful image to represent its nourishment. My gosh! There’s so much amazing artwork out there, but here is the first one that jumped out at me:

Green Tara, artwork by Willow Arleana

More beautiful imagery like this at:

About the artist, Willow Arleana:
Willow earned a B.F.A. in fine arts from Boise State University, and a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University. Her career progressed through many stages, including teaching in the public schools, creating dance costumes and sacred masks, and making wearable art and costume jewelry. She has taught art to many students in many media. Willow also works as psychic reader, archetypal energy psychotherapist, and energy healer. She is the creator of the immensely popular Tarot of Transformation, along with her co-author Jasmin Cori, and she utilizes the deck in her psychic readings.

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Acknowledging the Cultural Creatives in Our Lives

It occurred to me the reason I pretty much cringe at the media is because it’s someone else’s idea of what I should be looking at, thinking about and giving my personal energy to.You don’t leave your front door open to let any wandering shmoe from the street help themselves into your personal living space, eat all your food, and sleep in your bed. Yet, every time we turn on the news, or flip mindlessly through the social media pages we are letting outside forces into our personal brain and heart space where they have free reign to take away a good night’s rest with their hypnotizing fear lingo, emergency “urgent” banners, logos, crafty ads, and their subverted and often not so hidden agendas to divide and conquer our minds, hearts, and society. Enough already! How do we turn it around and take back our personal power? Stop feeding the beast our precious energy.

Have you noticed if you watch too much news or get caught up in other peoples’ soap operas you lose your creative mojo? I noticed it in myself and wondered how to reclaim my power. Someone said recently, “Every time you feel a negative thought come along immediately replace it with a heartfelt feeling/thought of gratitude.”
So, I asked myself, “What am I grateful for?” and sat with the question some while.

I realized that relationships are truly what make life worth living. Whether we’re talking about that one significant other you relish, or friends and family who’ve held your head above the flood waters of life, or that special pet that makes your heart sing, or those trees that give you shade in the summer and snowy shapes in winter, or the sunrise that gives you hope for another day,…. the list could go on and on. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for!!This morning it started with really taking notice of some special gifts a dear friend crocheted for me. I wanted to share her beautiful handiwork with the world, to acknowledge her talents and inspire others to think about where their artistic drives lie. I took a photo of her gifts and shared them along with a little blurb about how I’m in awe of the skill set she’s honed from her inner desire to create playful stuff. That was just the beginning!

It was like the spirit of generosity obsessed my mind and heart the rest of the day as I started looking at everyone in my “friends” list and making a little blurb about each of their talents, their beautiful gifts to the world. I was literally creating a news feed of what actually SHOULD be in the news feed! It was such great fun and it put me in a wonderful mood. In turn it also may have bumped up the number of visitors to my friends who have websites – increased business for local artists and creators is greatly needed right now.

This project has just begun as I continue to go through my list over the next number of days and acknowledge all the talents and gifts of the rest of my wonderful friends.

I hope this blog has also inspired you to acknowledge those special artists in your life, including yourself! We need the love, art, music and spirit renewal now more than ever. That’s the real news.

Links to the Cultural Creatives featured in this blog:
* http://www.fietsofstrength.com
* http://www.instagram.com/rennadraws
* https://www.seedubvoices.com/?fbclid=IwAR0tDAU1rylRDAApJrJrDCBAvEN1Zhba0lEcvTCGkDuU0YIBKFz3eP_bCws
* http://www.c-velocycling.com/blog/
* https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJDS9zzugpEWLeaFxGAEGg?fbclid=IwAR1Mo8NbscWQsXKWJEqsYHQ0eB1OnF2hCjwQT9VNT9Vo_suTWCiTsnIxNgQ
* http://theresacarmody.com/

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