Keep Your Hummybird Feeders Thawed This Winter

Homemade hummybird feeder!

Last year I attempted to keep the hummybird feeder warm by dragging a long extension cord to the base of the Japanese Maple tree where their feeder was quickly freezing. I put an electric heating pad under a towel inside of a 10 gallon aquarium. Added a few holiday lights and put the feeder on the towel. That worked! It was a little cumbersome and required regular check-ups to make sure the heating pad was still on. This year I tried a new idea!

Wanting to see the hummies in action closer to the house I pulled a ceramic, strawberry pot over, sat it on the outdoor table, stuffed it with larger lights (they stay quite warm) and placed a saucer on the top. The feeder shown in the photo was never really their favorite and I concluded it must be the design; it lacked a place for them to stand and rest. Thankfully the local trees had dropped plenty of twigs which I converted into a ring that could rest around the feeder. The rocks were added to give a more stable setting for the feeder to sit on. It’s a beautiful arrangement to look at from inside the warm, cozy house. The feeding water never freezes, and we have the pleasure of watching our micro, iridescent friends zip in and out to feed and rest in a protected, covered setting.

Do you have some creative solutions to feeding your feathered friends during the winter days? Would love to hear from you!

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