Navigating the Chaos

In the storms of life the questions one might ask is:

  • Do we thrive in chaos?
  • Does chaos give us a greater sense of purpose and growth in this life?
  • Does chaos make us want to hide in the closet looking for a door to Narnia?
  • Or, do we encourage chaos because it distracts us from having to go within and touch the heart of hidden issues plaguing our sense of peace?

Sometimes chaos does help humanity really thrive and shine. Take the horrific “Ice Bomb” storms that blanketed over 60% of the nation this holiday season. Stories abound of heroic, life-saving acts. Yes, if chaos doesn’t occur too often or too long, helping others gives us a sense of purpose and self-love.

Do we want to hide from chaos? Well, if it keeps going on, and on, and on, it can drain a soul of its will to step out the front door.

But sometimes…. we attract chaos into our lives, pour more fuel on that fire, and become the best “dystopian” film makers ever! We can abuse our creative gifts by pointing the camera too much on the chaos “out there” and not enough within. Why, perhaps because we believe the biggest, scariest monsters lurk in the hidden corners of our memory, inside wounds that never healed, needs that went unmet, and cries that fell on deaf ears because the body’s host was too busy trying to win a Grammy award for a Blockbuster Disaster story.

In other scenarios, we can’t handle any more chaos! And let’s be honest, humanity can be one rude-dude who needs a good poke in the eye now and again.

Since that’s not an option (without serious consequences) we suck it up, put on a face (or a mask to hide our grimace) and squash that anger, hurt and betrayal deep down into our guts. It would be cool if we could just 💩 those emotions out, but no. Instead, they seep into the crevices of the body’s tissues, set up camp in the joints, and shake the nervous system awake in the wee hours of the night (if one even has the luxury of falling peacefully asleep in the first place). Eventually an existential crisis occurs. We KNOW we’re better than this, we deserve better than this, but do we have the tools to remedy the situation? What are those tools, anyway

Well for starters…

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”

― Gabrielle Roth

Tool #1: Playfulness…
Perhaps we’ve become “too adult” and forgotten how to play?

It’s ok, just look to Nature. The animals remind us to stay in communication, play outside, smile more, smell the flowers, dance with expression and sing our hearts out!

Of course, eating healthy is always a top priority!

And, Nature is always encouraging us to make new friends!

Tool#2: Leadership….
Taking back the lead role in our life movie is a most rewarding feeling! If we give all our power and inner light to someone’s else’s version of reality, bog down watching too much news, or blame our shortcomings on being a poor example of a human being, please know this: We were born for these times.

The world needs each and every one of us right now to step up to the plate, raise the bar a little higher, and help each other find inspiration, laughter, and hope. It starts as an inside job that evolves into outside action. If you’re alive and reading this, Tag! You’re it!

Talking With Birds & Clouds

For a magical moment today I felt absolutely magnetized to go outside and take in the raw, winter sunlight. Such a beautiful day, even with the crisp cold air.

After a few minutes I tilted my head back to look at the bright, blue sky and noticed three birds gliding clockwise, so slowly, and way, way high up in the air. Suddenly the crows began their distress cawing, but to me these looked initially like seagulls so why were the crows upset? On closer look a touch of gray could be spotted in their wings and their shape didn’t quite match the seagull body. “Hmm,…these might actually be falcons,” I thought to myself.

A couple crows swooped into the nearby evergreen, a grand and beautiful tree. I couldn’t see what they were chasing except a brief glimpse of a white bird silhouette. Perhaps there were actually four falcons and one came in low? The crows swooped in and out of that pine tree, over and over, cawing like mad and clearly upset! Then it was over. The crows flew off in silence back to their brooding grounds across the street. I never saw the white bird leave which felt odd, but I also didn’t get the sense the crows had mortally wounded it. The conclusion was it must’ve exited in a direction I couldn’t see from the ground.

Looking right, in the direction the crows flew, I saw a stunning image in the soft haze: A perfect formation appearing like a white bird in flight! Ah! Why is my camera nowhere around when I see these things? The image attached is the best artistic rendition I could manage, just to give you an idea.

Some while back I had watched video footage presented by water researcher, Veda Austin, showing her photographs of water that had remembered images she gave it. Stunning and fun stuff to witness! Japanese scientist, author and doctor of alternative medicine, Masaru Emoto, whose popular book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” revealed similar discoveries. In his findings the water given positive messages made perfectly beautiful snowflake images when frozen and photographed, while water that had been polluted with toxins (including toxic thoughts and emotions) quickly lost its geometric symmetry.

I wondered if the water molecules in the cloud, “seeing” the interaction of the birds was mirroring back to me that it, too, was witness to the bird show and/or to my mind’s perception and this is how it chose to communicate with me. Perhaps it was acknowledgement of a shared experience between the environment and my consciousness that, had I not been paying attention, would’ve completely missed?

If you are interested in learning more about water and its amazing properties please check out the following links, and Thank you for reading this blog! You’re much appreciated! 😘🙏🌟

Veda Austin

Masaru Emoto

🍋 Grow Lemons In the Winter! ☃️

Lemon trees ideally like between 50-80 degrees (f), so who in their right mind would try to grow one outdoors through winter? That’s what I thought too, but one of our neighbours is doing just that! The first winter I noticed their lemon tree it was about five feet tall, surrounded in repurposed old windows, a topper made of what, I don’t know (maybe wood?), and a warming light parked at its base. Their plant was busting out lemons in the darkest season of the year, like a Christmas tree with bright yellow ornaments! They weren’t small, weakly things either. Nope, they were large, happy lemons!

Last winter, due to my lack of plant-parenting, the baby lemon tree placed in the ground nearly froze to death. I had not built a proper “lemon house” for it in a timely fashion. By spring this year it was barely recognizable, just a little clump of dead looking twigs with thorns, and a tiny, barely green leaf. I didn’t know lemon trees grew thorns and worried it had turned into some revengeful Frankenstein plant looking for blood! Turns out they may grow thorns for a period of time to protect themselves. Understandable.

After a thoroughly sunny spring and summer, and lots of apologies and prayers from me, the baby lemon tree sprung back to life! Woohoo! The regeneration power of plants is absolutely astounding! I reassured the lemon tree that last year’s negligence would not be repeated, and immediately went to the local Rebuild Center to buy four, used windows. Unfortunately, only three of the same size were available. A small stone wall was built for the fourth side instead, using remnant bricks from a prior landscape project. This stone wall design is an attempt to apply the permaculture design of utilising stone to absorb the winter sun’s light which may further insulate the tree from cold. The stones are not perfectly fit, gaps exist between the stones and windows. Perhaps some rolled up bubble wrap wedged into the spaces will do the trick (one way to repurpose those bubble wrap mailings no one will recycle).

I’m hoping this will be successful because I don’t have enough south-facing windows to grow the tree indoors during winter, nor the desire to drag it in and out of the house each season. Mid-November temps in the pacific nw are currently around high 50 / low 35 degrees (f), but we often get a few degrees cooler due to the nearby river. I checked the outdoor thermometer at 5:15 pm and it was already 40 degrees outside. Within ten minutes of installing the thermometer inside the lemon house you can see the temp boosted to 50, even with air gaps in the house design!

With a little pre-planning, picking the ideal sunny location, gathering the parts from a recycling place (if possible), and making use of what’s on hand, it’s pretty easy to do. May this little project inspire you plant lovers who want to beat the odds and try growing lemon trees in winter. Would love to hear any other creative plant ideas you’ve come up with. Please share in the comment section below.

Clearly my dog likes the results! 💚 🐶

Full Moon, November 2022

It is so easy, on a full moon night,
when light is dark, the darkest light,
to hide in the known, in the comfort of the home,
hidden from the mysterious outside.

But where there is dark there is illumination and dreams,
a place to feel safe, in the midst of moon’s scene,
where you and the clouds become close friends again,
where the din of the world falls to the silence within.

Time now to ponder your fears, your life,
grieving that maybe it’s just a story of strife,
yet stars do twinkle as the world goes to rest,
and the head becomes heavy as you curl in your bednest.

“Let it go,” says Autumn in its cold and foggy mist,
transform your dark thoughts into love and happiness,
while you bathe in memories that beat your heart’s song,
pray for the world, for souls who’ve come and gone.

Letting go of what was, what you thought life would be,
letting go of the wrongs and humilities,
letting go of the past and future expectations,
you dance in the moon’s light, for your soul’s regeneration!

New Moon

So it is, in these crazy world times, I have turned inward for answers the outer world seems to be lacking. Sleep is profoundly healing and rejuvenating but so is a new activity, called Automatic Writing. After listening to the insightful messages of many creative writers, artists, channelers, mystics and such, the one consistent message is “Get the story out of you and onto paper”, so I have. Lately the idea came that perhaps the messages flowing out of my higher mind’s consciousness would be helpful for others who are looking for uplifting and refreshing thoughts, ways of seeing things, and interpretations. With that in mind I decided why not post an automatic writing every new and full moon, with additional ones given on sacred holidays? There is a new moon, partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, occurring at 4am (pacific time) this coming Oct. 25th. The following is a message for all who are interested. I’d love your feedback! Is it helpful, relevant, thought-provoking?

Thank you for supporting my blog! 😘 And now, I bring to you:
New Moon Inspiration for October 2022

New Moon art, R.Chante

2:22 10/22/22

Blessings! We are here on a mission to provide the ultimate survival and capacity for life on planet earth. We are you, you are us, all is Nature, all is One and Divine. In this time of the scorpion depths you seek to learn about your inner workings, your despairs and their sources. You are musing around the dark and disparaging words, actions and manifestations of those around you, but do not see your role. You do not see the connection. All in time.

We are here to say this is not going away or getting worse, it is all simply transforming into a beautiful new fresh start for all involved. There is time, there is ample availability to respond intelligently. Find your resources, be where you need to be. Listening to your intuition will be your best guiding light.

Time has come, however, for those who would not abide by the heart and well-being of their brothers and sisters to make amends and truthfully tell your deepest sorrows and despairs. You will not heal in hiding, nor will you evolve in a fashion worthy of this time and space allowed.

Given the structures and harvest at this time, there is more than ample providence for all who would need food, and time and support. Do not be taken in by the fear and worries of those who have the agendas. You need not despair. Breathe in the sunlight, the air, the night stars and become the dream you wished as a child. The mind of humans is far from being left behind in chaos and atrocity. The mind of the human is extensive and everlasting, but only when the the heart is its master.

Today’s a new day, a dawn of promises and adventures awaits all who would participate in this blessed gift called Life. You are worthy, welcomed, and supported in all manner of being. Do not take lightly your role at this time. Dig deep into your closets and reveal your darkest sorrows, burdens, unfulfilled dreams, and hardships you felt overwhelmed by, and overcome. This is your time to shine, your destiny rests in your hands, as it always has.

We are shining together when we are working as one beautiful animated being. If anyone is left out of the song, the song will be incomplete. We will not accept the notion that violinists are unwelcome or that the tuba player should bash the cellist! All people, all nations, all voices in this orchestra are required, just like the organs of a body. If you need to make amends with your neighbor, your soul, your Creator, then do it with love, a smile, a genuine heartfelt hug, and do it as if it matters.

You are all shining and and glorious in a future that awaits. Hit the refresh button in your mind, in your heart, in your body, and reinvent yourself anew. The time is nigh.

We are the Love That Awaits You.


(note: I was unfamiliar with the term “Providence” so included the definition below)
source: › browse › providence

Providence [ prov-i-duhns ] noun – the foreseeing care and guidance of God or Nature over the creatures of the earth. God, especially when conceived as omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence. a manifestation of divine care or direction.

AI-Generated Arts and Human Creative Expression — The Druids Garden

(Regina here: I am not the author of this article or lovely artwork. This blog is being shared from friend whose work I greatly admire. I am sharing her blog here today as a wake-up call to artists and musicians. Thank you for reading, your comments are welcomed! Much love!)

A few weeks ago, I received a text message from one of my most tech-savvy friends.  The message described how he was exploring Stable Diffusion, an AI art generator and found my work in the database as well as the fact that my artistic style was something that the AI could replicate. He sent me…

AI-Generated Arts and Human Creative Expression — The Druids Garden

Re-Enchant Your World

“Gerard Ent”, our debonaire Juniper Berry tree!

Recently I’ve heard young parents voicing dismay with the lack of enchantment in our modern, “mechanistic” world and wondering how to keep a joyful spark for life in their school-age children.

They acknowledge that reading to their kids is not high on the priority list, yet express concern how fairy tales and just being outdoors isn’t interesting to their kids unless it involves some handheld device. How just being happy to see animal shapes in the passing clouds is not as important to their kids as wanting to stay inside and veg on a video game. Who will teach the children about air sylphs, water spirits, how to talk with a flower, how to put the imagination to work when only a few items are on-hand? If the only education children receive is how to parrot the media on climate change, gun shootings, pronouns, and virus counts while their sense of a hopeful future is waning, where does that leave our society? Children are our future, so we have to ask:
Just exactly what kind of future is being cultivated?

The world didn’t lose her magic, but humanity is running the risk of losing its soul to someone else’s plan. It is high time we came to realize we are swiftly being engulfed by programming and conditioning that serves someone else’s political and financial agendas. It’s nothing new, been happening this way for thousands of years, only the narrative changes.

I believe re-enchantment begins with one’s self. If you can make time to feel the soft, magical caress of a breeze, practice listening to clouds, walk gently enough to not scare away visiting birds, bring colored chalk to the beach and color the rocks, build a fort in your backyard and add fairy decor, then you are exactly what the world needs right now; ready to enchant peoples’ memories back to where they once belong.

Really, I do these things because I don’t want to lose my inner child. When my (now young adult) kids have time in their busy schedules to hang with me a spell, I make sure to decorate the home entry and certain rooms with the spirit of the season, leave out the Jenga game, or bright colored whimsical puzzles, and (if weather allows) stargaze at night with a little fire in the pit. For my own entertainment and education I joined a school of wizardy – who even knew such a thing exists?!

If we continually practice emanating an energy of the Divine and Sacred within ourselves it will rub off on others, and some will even stop and ask you what you do in your spare time? I give them an example, if they seem like open-minded adults, such as, “I decorated my Juniper tree out front with holiday decor and birdhouses and named it ‘Gerard Ent’”! 😆🌲 – My husband, surprised me by suggesting the last name“Ent” as he remembered it being the name of the tree people in Lord of the Rings. I was duly impressed! And “Gerard”? Well that’s just a really handsome name, I think.

Maybe you don’t want to go to such extremes and do fairy decor. Maybe you like a more scientific approach, such as learning to identify starry constellations, or how to rebuild soil that’s lost its nutrients, or maybe you want to start a volunteer group to clean up litter in your neighborhood. It’s all good! Whatever makes you feel in resonance with your heart. It’s the intention behind the act that sets the waves in motion. Others will hear about it, be inspired to collaborate or create their own ways to help.

My hearfelt wish: Don’t wait for the world to re-enchant itself. Instead, be the one who jars the memory for them. Do it for the Earth, her beloved Nature spirits, liminal spaces, and devic realms. They need our help now more than ever, and they miss sharing playtime with us.

The Bean Sidhe & Tonight’s Supermoon


I adore David Halpin’s posts on Irish Fairy Lore. Sadly, he has yet to create a book of all his amazing, informative stories and I feel concern they may be lost. With that, I will be interweavIng his posts into my blog page as “historical records” every now and again. Please take a moment to “Like” his FB page if you’re so inclined.

For now, sit back and learn about the Bean Sidhe, thinning of the veil during full moon, and why making very clear intentions, prayers of protection and honoring the deceased is so valuable at this time. Many blessings! 🌙 😘


The August Full Moon: Magic, Ancestors, and The Bean Sídhe.

Tonight brings the August full moon and it is worth remembering that all of the various moon names and seasonal lore were real reminders about the seasonal changes and how a person might acknowledge the yearly cycle.

Perhaps the most widespread spiritual aspect to the full moon is the association with ancestors and past family members.
The full moon is said to create a thinning between the realms of life and death.
Often it is the case that powerful and poignant dreams both remind us of those we have lost but also serve to help us remember to appreciate our own lives and those around us.

In Asia, in their pre-Buddhist, shamanic traditions, the August full moon signals a more liminal window through which the hungry ghosts might emerge.
These are ancestral spirits who may be lost themselves or yearning for something in their past. They may be unable to forget a loved one or an event which still holds them back from progressing in their spiritual journey.
Tradition says that we have a chance to help such ancestors at this time by making offerings and sending guiding intentions which can help these lost spirits find their way to their next incarnation.

You can notice some similarities to Irish and European Samhain traditions and beliefs in this. The fields are now full of mushrooms often forming ‘fairy rings’ and for many these are places one should only enter with caution.
Perhaps there is a crossover here considering the ritualistic use of certain psilocybin-containing mushrooms?
Some researchers suggest that ancient sweat-houses were used as places to consume these mushrooms where the seer would enter trance-states to contact ancestors and spirits.
As nature offered the opportunity to contact the otherworld, the time of the year was similarly associated with corresponding rituals.

A piece of very obscure Irish folklore regarding a positive encounter with the Bean Sídhe records how she is deemed to heal the sick through moon bathing.
This custom was called ‘All Heal.’
Considering how we are told in the folklore that it was “old people” who carried on the name ‘All Heal’, I think we can safely say that this is a long regarded tradition.
The practice took place on the evening of six days following a full moon, which is in itself quite unusual.
In this tradition, it seems that the sixth night following a full moon is regarded as particularly magically potent.

The ritual proceeds as follows.
If a person was sick they were brought to the shore of a lake in order to bathe, but not in the water, and instead in the reflected light of the moon upon the lake’s surface.
This moon-bathing for wellness is very interesting considering much more recent evidence regarding how different types of moonlight might affect us.
Many people might be surprised to discover that it has such a long history in Ireland.

This tradition also has parallels with some Bealtaine customs earlier in the year and the warding of malevolent forces. In that particular case it is moonlight in the morning dew which is said to both repel evil influence, as well as bestowing beauty and health upon those who wash their faces in the dew at dawn.
Another curious factor is that Bealtaine is associated with fairy queens and, as we shall see, so is the night of All Heal.

The twist to ‘All Heal’, and its cure, though, was that if you did not get well after two or three nights you would then be visited by the bean sídhe.
However, the aforementioned twist is that her song would be one of comfort for those about to die, as opposed to one which instils fear.
In this case, the bean sídhe is identified as Áine who is sometimes considered both a fairy queen and, according to some, a potential Irish moon goddess.
This latter point is often argued, it must be said, but it is very interesting to read of her being associated with the lunar cycle in this account as well.

Also associated with this moon bathing ritual is a red haired dwarf named Fer Fí, identified as Áine’s brother. His task was to accompany Áine’s song on his harp and comfort the person as they fell into ‘sleep’ by the moonlight.
This ‘All Heal’ tradition is recorded as occurring at Lough Gur which has always been associated with an entrance-way into the Otherworld.

Here is the full piece as recorded in the archives at
“On the 6th night of the full moon the people brought their sick close to the lakes so that the moonlight shone brightly on them near the waters of the lake. The old people called this night- “All-Heal” and if a sick person was not better by the 8th or 9th day of the moon he would then hear the “Ceol Sidhe” which “Áine” the bean-sidhe and spirit of Lough Gur would sing or play to comfort the dying.
The sick person would fall asleep as the music “Suantraige:- which was said to be the whispering song of sleep which Aine’s brother Fer Fí played.
Fer Fí was a kindly red haired dwarf and it was said to be a sign of good luck to hear him laughing.
He played only 3 tunes – Wail, Sleep and Laughter – on his 3 Stringed harp.

  1. Suantraighe 2. Geantraighe 3. Goltraighe.”

So, as you can see, even though this account concerns a Bean Sídhe, it is not always the case that these beings behave in the ways that we expect.
Perhaps this is why they have always been approached with such respect and care.
I hope everyone gets to enjoy the full moon on Sunday.

(C.) David Halpin.

Image: Regina Chante’ photo

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