Transcript of A Timely Message

December Sun

“Systems are created based on the needs and beliefs of the people; the outside world mirrors the collectives’ beliefs about themselves.

”Historically, all systems built up to this point in time have been hierarchical, from kingdoms, oligarchies, to modern republics because people did not own responsibility for their personal power to live sustainably and maintain their own well-being. They gave power away to an outside source to take care of them. Ultimately, this has lead to revolutions where the current power is ousted only to be replaced with another outside power.

“If we can’t communicate diplomatically and find sustainable solutions within our own families, intimate relationships, and social circles, how do we expect to manage as a country, as a globe?

“Many more crises are coming down the pipe at an accelerated rate because it’s time that we evolve, become more conscious of our personal power, and work together. We are mammals, meaning we are social beings who shine best when we cooperate as communities in order to survive and thrive. The crises are here to help us awaken to our truth, our power, and our ability to respond (i.e. “response-ability”). The system coming into being will be a reflection of how we handle all these crises.

“Body, e-motions (energy-in-motion) and mind must be aligned – this is where the inner work begins. Starting with the body: It is a mirror of all that has been taken in, food and drink, encoded into your DNA. To create the ideal body consume the colors of the rainbow in fruit and veggie ([Skittles 🌈 is not a food, just sayin’]… Fruits, seeds and plants will increase the photon light in the body as they are the result of photosynthesis.

“To increase the capacity and balance of the mind one must regularly tune into the heartbeat and breath. The mouth is for eating, the nose is for breathing; breathe thru the nose, long slow inhales and exhales while holding the breath about 5 seconds between each breath. Fill the lower lobes of the lungs with each inhale: This will oxygenate the body, balance the emotions and physical. Heartfelt laughter is very therapeutic. Find the humor in everyday challenges.

“2020 was the start of a planetary reset. Everything that hasn’t worked up till now is being reviewed as part of the collectives’ ‘final exams’. Those who do the internal work will pass to a new level of consciousness. Yes, it will be uncomfortable, and even hurt at times. Intense pressure over periods of time is what changes coal into diamonds. Matter needs pressure in order to grow.

“A virus is the tiniest being in our biological world, the perfect bio-machine that replicate its DNA in the host DNA. The host adapts to the virus DNA because they are now united with the virus DNA. The mechanism of the virus is to improve overall biology. Since the inception of earth bacteria and viruses have helped us constantly improve. Without illness we wouldn’t be here. The virus is a tool for global evolution. The mind can think about states of blissful higher consciousness and happiness, but for the physical body to join in those states it is pushed by the intelligence of Nature. The environment makes a difficult passage for the body to overcome so that the information will be recorded in the cellular memory and strengthen the body going forward.

“‘Corona’ means crown. This virus is helping us to reconnect with the crown chakra, the ‘I Am’ within each cell of the human body. For us it is a crisis because of the way we have been living, but for the Earth it is a symptom of evolution. The virus’ message to humanity:

Go home, think about what you as a species have done for these past centuries. Personally, think about what you have done these past number of years. What do you want to become of this planet? Do you even want to be on this planet?

Nature says, “We need to improve, we need to adapt.” The planet is indifferent to our needs. Earth and all species are ready and moving to a new level of consciousness. For humans to join in that process we have to upgrade our bodies, our thinking, and our way of being on Earth.

“Everything that exists in the universe is simply a projection of the One mind (Source, God, etc), the singularity of reality. Therefore, every thing in Creation is also the Creator, in their own fashion. We are projections, reflections of the One and only Truth. If we reside in a state of incoherence (body/ mind/ spirit imbalance) we will not manifest a higher consciousness reality, rather we will manifest according to our belief in lack and this will be what projects into our manifestation. While our ego may think we lack something that needs to be fulfilled it may not resonate with what our heart, body and soul needs. What ends up manifesting may not make us happy and fulfilled because it wasn’t done from a place of body/mind/emotional balance.

“Purposefully manifesting is an effortless flow is achieved through balanced body/mind/spirit. Begin by acknowledging you ARE Creator, everything you need is within you, and you are not lacking. You create because you enjoy creating.

“Re-member yourself, collect all your lost soul parts in the name of love and know that you need nothing from any other being, for you ARE everything and everyone. Be your Higher Self.


Loosely translated from the video link of Matias De Stefano’s YT presentation (below).

Please give him a listen and a “Like”. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best wishes!


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