Green Tara Rice Soup

Green Tara Rice Soup

After ordering to-go food from your fave ethnic restaurant you may have a lot of extra cooked rice sitting in the fridge. You may also have some veggies in the back of the fridge that need to be spared the fate of a science experiment. Green Tara rice soup to the rescue!

This soup is souper easy, creative and nutritious! Here’s what you need:

  • 1+ cups leftover cooked rice
  • 3 cloves chopped garlic
  • veggie remnants (in this case asparagus)
  • 1 crumbled sheet of dry-roasted seaweed
  • seasonings of your choice. I used powdered ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and one of my fave go-to seasonings: mushroom powder.
  • water to cover rice
I like this variation of seaweed, super easy to crumble.

Place all the ingredients together in a saucepan on medium heat. If you chose really bulky veggies (like broccoli) you may want to steam them first, or just know the cooking time will be a little longer to soften them. Keep an eye on this soup and add water as needed. The consistency of the rice is up to you. The longer it cooks the more it becomes a “congee” (rice porridge), but I don’t like to cook all the nutrition out of my veggies so I only went long enough to soften the raw asparagus.

Initially, this recipe was going to be called “Green Rice Soup”, but when I sat down to create the blog the words “Green Tara” entered my mind. I looked up the name and found she has many wonderful traits, blessings and protections on offer. Here’s a sample from

The Green Tara is a Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion and is a protector against the dangers of the material world, such as floods, wild animals and acts of violence and she is often invoked as the saviouress of travelers. Her name means ‘Star’ or ‘Planet’, ‘She Who Ferries across’ and ‘She Who Saves’”. She is also known as Mother Nature, the Green Woman, and according to Lama Palden Drolma, Green Tara is known as, “… she who ferries beings across the ocean of samsara.” (samsara: the cycle of death & rebirth in which the material world is bound)

This soup’s spirit also called to have a beautiful image to represent its nourishment. My gosh! There’s so much amazing artwork out there, but here is the first one that jumped out at me:

Green Tara, artwork by Willow Arleana

More beautiful imagery like this at:

About the artist, Willow Arleana:
Willow earned a B.F.A. in fine arts from Boise State University, and a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University. Her career progressed through many stages, including teaching in the public schools, creating dance costumes and sacred masks, and making wearable art and costume jewelry. She has taught art to many students in many media. Willow also works as psychic reader, archetypal energy psychotherapist, and energy healer. She is the creator of the immensely popular Tarot of Transformation, along with her co-author Jasmin Cori, and she utilizes the deck in her psychic readings.

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Acknowledging the Cultural Creatives in Our Lives

It occurred to me the reason I pretty much cringe at the media is because it’s someone else’s idea of what I should be looking at, thinking about and giving my personal energy to.You don’t leave your front door open to let any wandering shmoe from the street help themselves into your personal living space, eat all your food, and sleep in your bed. Yet, every time we turn on the news, or flip mindlessly through the social media pages we are letting outside forces into our personal brain and heart space where they have free reign to take away a good night’s rest with their hypnotizing fear lingo, emergency “urgent” banners, logos, crafty ads, and their subverted and often not so hidden agendas to divide and conquer our minds, hearts, and society. Enough already! How do we turn it around and take back our personal power? Stop feeding the beast our precious energy.

Have you noticed if you watch too much news or get caught up in other peoples’ soap operas you lose your creative mojo? I noticed it in myself and wondered how to reclaim my power. Someone said recently, “Every time you feel a negative thought come along immediately replace it with a heartfelt feeling/thought of gratitude.”
So, I asked myself, “What am I grateful for?” and sat with the question some while.

I realized that relationships are truly what make life worth living. Whether we’re talking about that one significant other you relish, or friends and family who’ve held your head above the flood waters of life, or that special pet that makes your heart sing, or those trees that give you shade in the summer and snowy shapes in winter, or the sunrise that gives you hope for another day,…. the list could go on and on. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for!!This morning it started with really taking notice of some special gifts a dear friend crocheted for me. I wanted to share her beautiful handiwork with the world, to acknowledge her talents and inspire others to think about where their artistic drives lie. I took a photo of her gifts and shared them along with a little blurb about how I’m in awe of the skill set she’s honed from her inner desire to create playful stuff. That was just the beginning!

It was like the spirit of generosity obsessed my mind and heart the rest of the day as I started looking at everyone in my “friends” list and making a little blurb about each of their talents, their beautiful gifts to the world. I was literally creating a news feed of what actually SHOULD be in the news feed! It was such great fun and it put me in a wonderful mood. In turn it also may have bumped up the number of visitors to my friends who have websites – increased business for local artists and creators is greatly needed right now.

This project has just begun as I continue to go through my list over the next number of days and acknowledge all the talents and gifts of the rest of my wonderful friends.

I hope this blog has also inspired you to acknowledge those special artists in your life, including yourself! We need the love, art, music and spirit renewal now more than ever. That’s the real news.

Links to the Cultural Creatives featured in this blog:

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Why I Don’t Believe In God or UFOs.

I have a library full of books on Near Death Experiences (NDE), ETs, UFOs, and out-of-body-experiences (OOBE) so you might ask why, particularly since I have “no belief” in such beings and experiences?

Because I KNOW.

Was it the churches I was dragged to as a child while my mother tried to figure out her out spiritual calling that gave me confirmation? Was it well-intended words of support by religious friends, or brochures pawned by door-to-door bible thumpers that brought me to this “knowing“? While I sincerely loved the support of my friends who tenderly spoke of Jesus’ unconditional love, even as my childhood was being shattered by physical abuse, I was not convinced. The knowing came from many experiences – there is no greater teacher. Did I see God? Did I experience heavenly choirs of angels? No.

Five+ decades of life on this little blue planet I’ve acquired a bone-deep-knowing that all I need is right here within me. I didn’t have it while growing up, but it was being poured in like a fine stream of light through different experiences. Almost like my subconscious knew the Truth that I AM, but my conscious mind kept saying, “Prove it!” So, the universe complied. Overcoming odds I shouldn’t have survived or experiencing events that jolted my programmed beliefs about the world have brought me to this place of assurance. A small sampling:

  • While birthing my first child I left my body after endless hours of pain and dehydration. My consciousness slipped away into a very deep, welcoming space of pitch darkness where I floated, pain-free, beyond this 3D world, until I was literally dragged back into my body by the panicked voice of my (then) husband yelling, “Breathe Gina!” I had tasted death and it was very peaceful.
  • Two near-drowning events, but only one I can recall. It was a vivid, frightening event, ending with a brave, teenage male who dove in and pulled me out of the murky lake waters before my last breath.
  • Numerous car accidents in my 20’s, and physical blows to the head and body by very unstable people I’ve interacted with during my first couple decades here.
  • An emergency hospital visit spurred by an unventilated room where a group was smoking cigarettes. Suddenly my throat closed off and I went blue. The nurse who came to my side wore a necklace with a gold, winged being. I knew that image, I had seen it at King Tutankhamen’s exhibit in 1977, one of my favorite images and proof I was in good company.
golden Isis
  • Throughout life I have flown numerous times out of body, without any prior meditation, training, or understanding of what was happening. Later I learned everyone does that! They just don’t remember. Sadly, it seems if you don’t practice dream recall and journaling and allow the brain to get full of worldly worries the recall diminishes swiftly.

Lately I’ve been drawn to watching videos on NDE’s. Not sure why, but today I came across a gentleman who I think really nailed it. He doesn’t believe in God either, and for very similar reasons. Here is his remarkable experience:

Does one live without fear with this “knowing“? Of course not. Fear is real, it’s part of the human body’s wiring, and it still has to be respected and addressed by constantly going within. But, this knowing replaces belief, it prevents handing one’s power over to some outside political figure or thing, and it magnifies one’s BS detector big time. It gives one a sense of “Even if this kills me I’m going to be alright. Everything is as it should be.” That state of peace I wish for everyone.


Facing My Fear of Horses

Spirit Indian War Horses Commission
by Marcia Baldwin

This year is rife with fears about whatever one chooses to focus on, from viruses, politics, war, race issues – you name it. Lots of choices. For me, however, a long-standing fear I’ve wanted to overcome is being up close and personal in the presence of a 1000+ lb life form, namely horses.

Where this fear came from I can’t exactly say. I’ve loved horses since I was a kid. As a youngster I did a couple riding trails on horseback, but someone else was always in charge and I placed my trust in the human working the animal. To be with a horse directly, just me alone, that was an all together different story.

I have been attending acupressure, massage and communication courses for animals most of this year to help deflect the din and chaos of the world. Before the recent wildfires that choked the Willamette Valley I had several horse lessons with a wonderful trainer. She has shown me her equines up close, taught me about harnessing, how to walk safely with them in circles, in and out of stalls, and allowed me to shadow students working their horses in the arena so I could understand their personalities in action. But when they returned from fire evacuation some of them clearly suffered from the smoke and change in food. I offered to do some light acupressure and massage – free of charge and to the best of my current ability – in hopes of easing their suffering. She let me work with a gentle giant male who had the worst cough of the group, and a very bloated female who had ongoing diarrhea and gas.


“October 2020 will be about going into the darkness, into the dungeon, facing our fears and realizing we were protected all along,…” an astrologer recently said. That’s exactly how it felt for me this last Saturday, my first time alone in a stall with the male horse. I introduced myself, let him check me out, made sure we were energetically on the same page, then I nimbly began to feel along his spine for energetic pathways and acupressure points I could use to help support his immune system and lungs. I softly told him what I was up to and kept reassuring he was “a good boy”. No one else was in the stall – just me and this ginormous creature. I had met him before with the trainer so he wasn’t a total stranger, but now it was like meeting each other all over again. I felt very vulnerable in his presence, physically and emotionally. He didn’t like my backpack sitting in the stall and at one point during the session he picked it up with his teeth and tossed it several feet away, so I sat it outside the stall door. My heart raced. He had strong opinions about what he would and would not allow in his space. How grateful I was to not be a backpack in that moment. I was truly facing my fears of being hurt by a much larger being who is primal and reactive, as prey animals are. But every time the feeling crept in I would take a deep breath, collect myself and say, “I’ve been called here for a reason. I am safe.”

Halfway thru the session an innocent passer-byer turned off the barn lights not knowing I was in there working. It was daylight, but windy and gray out with hard rains. Something dropped, and the horse jumped a bit which startled me, which startled him, and I had to practice coo-ing and soft-talking him while my nervous system sparked with anxiety. We continued the session. Eventually someone turned the barn light back on. Occasionally I was forced look at my reference manual to make sure I was on the right acupressure point. He would softly lower his head and press his nose into the page, as if to survey and/or approve. I said, “Yes, we’re looking at lung points today.” He looked away and gazed at the neighbor horse through the door bars. I turned some more pages to find the immune boosting acupressure points. Once again, he pressed his nose into the page. I felt we were at ease together, and he understood my intentions.

By the end of the session he licked and softly chomped while his eyes relaxed. A barn worker stopped, looked in and said, “Awww, Max looks so much more relaxed now!” What relief! I had a witness to verify the work I had done from the heart, even as a complete newbie, was well received. He then walked over to his hay and began eating. This was my signal that he was done with our session.


The female was my second client and before entering the stall I was already being told by a nearby student, “She can be handful, moody and all, but then she’s a mare.” Hmm. I looked at the horse and mentally told her, “Don’t listen to that, you’re beautiful.” And she was, but clearly very bloated and distressed. Excessively wet piles of manure could be seen by the back wall. I gently eased myself in to her stall and noticed how much smaller she was compared to the male. Soon as my hand stroked her softly down the neck to her back she swiftly yanked her head to the left and chomped like she was ready to bite! OMG! My heart jumped. I had no intention of being bitten by a horse today (or any day). As it turned out, there really was no area on her body she would let me touch, outside of her neck, without threatening a bite. This little horse was deeply unhappy and uncomfortable. I could feel it in the heat radiating offer her head and neck, and by her stomach’s appearance.

As a licensed massage therapist for humans these last 16 years I have met people like her. They walk into the massage room all uptight, wearing a stern demeanor, flushed face, tightly pursed lips, darting eyes, and commanding way of telling me where they’re in pain and what kind of massage I’m going to give them. Those types of personalities used to spook me early on, but over time I’ve come to learn they’re simply in a lot of pain, physically and often emotionally. They have no tools for decompressing their stress levels, they have high demands, and the world has high demands of them. This is how I imagined the mare’s current state.

I test ran several soft strokes and acupressure points but she feigned a bite at me every time. “Fine,” I thought, “We’re moving to Plan B”.

Plan B was treat her off-body. The animal communication course has taught me that horses are extremely sensitive to touch, the bodywork pressure required on them is actually quite light, and they can read our energy fields like a book, which tells me they make great candidates for energy healing. Keeping my hand about one to two inches above her skin I stroked her auric field, the energy meridians, and intended laser-beamed energy to each of the necessary acupressure points, even if I couldn’t readily see them. She spent the entire session releasing gas and looking very upset every time it happened. Perhaps each bout of gas was accompanied by stomach pain or heat. But eventually she stopped nipping at me and her head got heavier and the gas releases slowed down, so I gently moved to her other side and repeated the process. Finally, she walked away from my touch, backed herself up to the wall and had a bowel movement. It wasn’t as messy as the ones prior, then she drank a lot of water. Her way of saying, “We’re done.” I thanked her from the heart for letting me in her space, physically and energetically, and watched her immediately get retrieved for a riding lesson. My heart sank a bit because I knew her tummy was still bloated. To my relief she was no longer gassy and seemed receptive to the riding tack the student applied.

The day ended with a feeling of success. I am still in training so everything that happened that day was a combination of knowledge acquired from working on humans, to the small animal acupressure course I completed, and a lot of intuition. No one knows how intense that experience was for me, how dangerous and new it all felt, and it took a while for it to really sink in that I faced my fears and was still alive and unharmed! Not only that, but I wasn’t exhausted after several hours of being at the barn. If anything I felt a renewed sense of purpose in life. That was also due to the fact the air was fresh and beautiful from the rainfall, the wide open fields and trees looked relieved to have water in the ground, and my heart was happy that the horses were happy and healthier, for now. They are very fine teachers, and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

Link to artist’s oil painting:

Oxalic Acid Burden- Resolution Through Balanced Food Intake

The photo above kind of looks like miniature crystals and, in fact, that is correct. But they are invisible, microscopic crystals that exist in foods we eat and may be one source of much pain, fatigue, nausea, moodiness etc in a body that is out of balance.

What drew me to investigate these crystals, known as oxalic acids? A recent uptick in painful finger and feet joints. Not just achy but strikingly sharp sensations, like needles being stabbed into my digits. It made me think of acidic “crunchies” – a term often referred to in massage therapy. This was a new feeling for me to have in my own body! I suddenly realized how much cooked spinach I’d been consuming over the last few weeks, a very high source of oxalic acid. A little armchair research also revealed this acid accumulation can result in vertigo and frozen shoulder, both of which I suffered, back to back, in 2015 – I never want to experience those again! So, this got me wondering what other foods was I consuming that might be adding to this stabbing digit pain? Turns out, quite a bit of my diet, combined with a “sensitive gut”, may be contributing factors.

Small sample list of foods high in oxalic acid (

Oxalic acids are produced in varying quantities by plants, seeds, nuts and fruit to prevent them from being eaten by predator insects and animals. If you have a strong digestion, no leaky gut, leaky bladder, or impaired brain-blood-barrier then you are likely excreting them with no problem. However, for a good portion of the population digestive issues are the number one complaint and, based on the Standard American Diet (SAD), the more likely scenario is most people are leaching toxins back into their body rather than into the toilet. These toxins would include the razor sharp edges of oxalic acids that settle into tissues and joints causing intense pain, mood swings and cravings . The acid’s molecules bind with iron, and if over-consumed could lead to iron deficiency (fatigue). Because of this binding action foods high in oxalic acid should not be cooked in iron, aluminum, or copper pans, as they will leach the metals out of the cookware and deposit unhealthy levels of heavy metals into the body tissues.

Is it wise to just stop eating high oxalic acid foods all at once? Probably not. Like anything you’re trying to limit consumption of it’s best to do it in stages. Otherwise, a condition known as “Oxalic dumping” may occur and create a real episode of suffering. Symptoms may include:

courtesy of

A high oxalate diet also appears to have connections with autism:

image courtesy of:

The above symptoms may also occur if one begins taking supplements that nudge the dumping process, such as B vitamins and minerals, or if one consumes high doses Vit C which converts into oxalic acid. Here’s an interesting description of the difference between citric acid and ascorbic acid:

What foods have high oxalic acid and which ones don’t? Well, that depends on what sources you’re referring to as there does seem to be some discrepancy. However, I found the following link a helpful place to start. It gives a very thorough breakdown of minimal, low, medium and high levels of oxalic acid in a variety of foods:

What foods have high oxalic acid and which ones don’t? Well, that depends on what sources you’re referring to as there does seem to be some discrepancy. However, I found the following link a helpful place to start. It gives a very thorough breakdown of minimal, low, medium and high levels of oxalic acid in a variety of food sources:


Last, but certainly not least… DRINK MORE WATER!!

photo credit: Judy Kennamer

Taking the detox process in small stages is ideally done with supervision by a highly recommended Nutritionist, Naturopath, or Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner. If you do not have access to such people in your region, or you just want to learn more about the subject on your own here are some informative links to start you on your journey:

Highly recommended Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, Susan Bass:

waterdrop photo credit:

*Medical Disclaimer:
Information provided in this blog is not intended to replace licensed medical care.This blog is intended to heighten your awareness of wholistic approaches to healing. You are encouraged to do further research on your own behalf, consult with a qualified Naturopath, Primary Care Physician, or other experienced healthcare practitioner of your choice. Ultimately, you are responsible for the choices you make related to maintaining your health and well-being.

Humanity Awakening to A Malleable Reality

Yesterday I listened to Whitley Strieber’s interview on Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove. In his recollection of staying on a Lakota reservation some years ago Whitley spoke of high strangeness affecting his vision. Whether seated in a car as a passenger, sitting outside or within building walls, he could see two worlds merging as one, as if a parallel Earth was co-existing in a slightly different frequency and finely woven together with his current reality. Another time during his stay he quietly meditated and offered prayers to the souls buried at Wounded Knee. He was distracted by another man walking back and forth. After a few passes this man said he could see the bones of the deceased in their graves when he stood near Whitley, but when he walked away the vision disappeared. These kinds of mind-bending experiences are not unique to Whitley, but he does seem to have more than his fair share!

Whitley and Jeffrey discuss Future Communion:

Whitley Strieber

I was drawn to Strieber’s writings back in the late 80’s while passing a Barnes & Noble in the mall. Perched on a shelf at the store’s entrance was the ground-breaking book, Communion. Seeing the face on the cover stirred my gut and took my breath away, and as I read the intro I was shocked to learn it wasn’t fiction! The visitors have been steadfast companions in his life ever since. I was relieved to hear that while his relationship with them was initially quite terrifying their presence over the decades has been most welcomed.

Communion book cover

Yesterday afternoon a book arrived,”Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld”, by Patrick Harpur. A lovely synchronicity for me was learning that Dr. John Mack, another ground-breaking author and Prof. of Psychiatry at Harvard University, wrote supportive testimonial for this book. Dr. Mack was a force to be reckoned with as well in the field of ufology. He was the first professional to take the stories of experiencers seriously and, against Harvard’s wishes, brought the topic into the public domain. He put his career, marriage and reputation at stake. One thing both men have in common is showing how the world of the daimon is not for the faint of heart. To stand in its brazen light (or darkness) challenges one’s integrity, faith in a higher power, and ability to relinquish the material world’s comforts to stand for what in their heart is their Truth. Doing so will marginalize a person to the fringes of society and more often than not bring unwelcomed attention and harassment. Standing one’s ground and telling one’s story brings forth great wisdom and insights to one’s self and others having similar experiences. Something no amount of riches or power can buy.

Daimonic Reality book, front/back

Defining “daimon” is elusive. Urban dictionary states, “Daimon A spirit full of mana often an inward mentor, a source of inspiration, and a moral guardian to an individual. Daimon is the Greek derivative for the term demon. In this sense the term ‘demon’ means ‘replete with knowledge‘.” And what is Mana? According to Wikipedia,”Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe, in the culture of the Melanesians and Polynesians. Anyone or thing can have Mana. It is a cultivation or possession of energy and power, rather than being a source of power. It is an intentional force.”

A bit confusing putting demons and daimons together in one definition as Urban did, but then it is often said dark and light are two sides of the same coin.

So, what do UFOs, ETs, angels, daimons, demons, and all forms of high strangeness have in common? They represent worlds within worlds that share the same space as us. Hidden forces appearing at will, wherever and whenever. Shapeshifting into our dream spaces, mimicking us, and terrifying our comfort zones. They can influence our thought processes, our choices, opinions, addictions, and beliefs about ourselves and our world. This planet and all life it supports is much older than the human species, and the ‘tween spaces of dimensions that brew with life, energies and consciousness are older than our planet.

If 2020 has taught us anything so far it is that we cannot believe everything we see and hear. CGI is too savvy and clever and will make you believe pigs can fly and Mother Mary just appeared in the sky. Politicians are clearly under the influence of energies they themselves may not fully understand or comprehend, and humanity as a whole is standing on the precipice of evolve or die. Many forms of species are disappearing from our radar, and witnesses over the last few decades have seen and directly experienced ever increasing episodes of cryptid and alien life forms that appear and disappear into thin air before their eyes, seemingly unharmed or affected by bullets or prayers. The Earth is ramping up its own life forces, revealing to the common person that home planet is also a living, breathing, circulating vessel of life that supports not only humans but every imaginable (and unimaginable) form of life in the material world and parallel worlds. It, too, is going through a birthing process like none other. The overwhelmingness of it all leaves most people flattened and scared. I found this post on FB today – a classic example of what happens when we try to solve the world with the mind only..

credit: Zoey post human

What are we to do? It’s a big question and I would not want to insult the reader’s intelligence with some glib answer. All I can say is what I’m doing for myself, what I feel to be true: Every moment, every breath, every heart beat is rare and precious, as are YOU.

As quoted in my previous blog:

“Some butterflies live only for one day. Some cacti bloom only for a few hours at night. And this is what makes them so exquisite. A moment of sunshine on your face, breakfast with a loved one, a child’s smile. This moment will never happen again. This breath I am taking is precious because it exists in me only for an instant. If we spend much of our time worrying about what the future will bring and whether we will leave a legacy fitting to our inflated sense of self, we will fail to notice the precious moments of our days.”

Alberto Villoldo, PhD, Shaman

This is not the time to be living solely out of one’s mind. It is a lonely place and is easily deceived by seen and unseen forces. Its only job is to be of service to the greater whole of your being. Unfortunately, we have been made to believe that our intellect is going to solve everything. Our world’s current state is evidence of that lie.

To make life worth living requires us to seek with great passion what makes our heart sing, what makes deep breathing worth while, and consciously choosing to travel a path that takes us there while causing the least amount of suffering to others and the environment. It is time to have a deep conversation with the heart. I find that doing yoga poses that lower the cranium below the level of the heart to be very humbling. The mind should always bow to the heart, morning and evening, and whenever in between.

Electricity Tree of Life, pinterest

We are conduits between heaven and earth, we are dreamweavers, photons of living light, music-makers, walkers between worlds. We are children of and direct conduits for the Divine Cosmic Spirit (by whatever name you give it) that birthed all- that-is, seen and unseen into being. We are not here to work, eat, destroy the planet and die. Anyone selling you that story is a lost soul, and the world is rife with them at this time. Bless them and continue on. Keep a journal so you can track your own evolution, your feelings, and read it often – see where you’ve been and where you are now. Most importantly, whenever possible be kind to yourself and others, and practice lucid dreaming. Lots of great books are out there on the topic. Dreaming is the bridge between this world and the next. I feel the Daimon are the dream teachers, nothing more and nothing less.

With This Breath….

“Some butterflies live only for one day. Some cacti bloom only for a few hours at night. And this is what makes them so exquisite. A moment of sunshine on your face, breakfast with a loved one, a child’s smile. This moment will never happen again. This breath I am taking is precious because it exists in me only for an instant. If we spend much of our time worrying about what the future will bring and whether we will leave a legacy fitting to our inflated sense of self, we will fail to notice the precious moments of our days.”

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author, shaman

Flower in my garden.

Mung Bean Broth for Healing, and Dr. Miriam Lee

Mung bean broth – ready to enjoy!

The dense fog/wildfire smoke of this last week has left me feeling nauseous, watery eyed, and bleh. I was thinking this morning how inviting a nice tasting broth sounded. One of my fave soups is mung bean but that sounded too heavy. I wondered how a mung bean broth would taste and what the benefits would be, so I looked it up! Lo and behold I got a history lesson, which is always a delight.

Dr. Miriam Lee, the reason we even have legal acupuncture in this country, was a huge proponent of mung bean broth, touting mung’s healing benefits for reducing hypertension, clearing internal heat, detoxifying the body and balancing pH. They say most diseases start in the gut and pH imbalance is a big contributing factor. Who wouldn’t appreciate such a simple recipe for staying healthy?

Mung beans in the raw.

I put a 1/4 cup of dry mung beans in about 3 cups of water and brought it to a boil, then simmered for about 20 mins. Added a little mushroom powder for flavoring and voila! A tasty morning drink. Save the beans and make another batch at noon and one in the evening using the same beans. You can eat them after the last cup of broth is made. Other recipes say suggest 2-3 Tbl. in a cup of water and steep for about 20-30 mins. Your pick.

Mung beans on the stove in water.

Dr. Miriam Lee came to the states in ’69 and worked in a factory line for her first job, but she brought her acupuncture talents with her and privately treated friends in her home. Eventually, she became so popular she had to expand her practice and found a compassionate MD who loaned her his space during his off hours. In 1974 she was arrested for illegally practicing medicine, but the minions of people who received healing relief from her acupuncture and healing wisdom came to her court appearance, insisting she be allowed to lawfully practice acupuncture. In 1976 California made acupuncture legal and eventually the healing art spread to the remaining 49 states. I wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to the spirit of Dr. Lee for her generous heart. Her work model was adopted here in Oregon and laid the foundation for Working Class Acupuncture that provides “low-cost acupuncture to the community through a cooperative, grassroots, financially self-sustaining model“.

Dr. Miriam Lee (photo credit: sarana-acu)

More on Dr. Miriam Lee: Lee Tribute Day

More about Working Class Acupuncture:

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In discussion with family and co-workers amidst the ever-present and devastating wildfires I realized most people (self included) do not know on how to prepare for evacuation. Of course, why would we? Did anyone teach us these essential life skills in school? No. Apparently excelling in SAT scores was deemed more important. Well, times have changed, the world has changed and it’s morphing by the hour. Consequently, we need to become more life-savvy.

Below are some helpful links I’ve come across for you to peruse. There’s so many options of equipment, so many different needs people have that I couldn’t cover all the bases, but this is a place to start.

If you have a vehicle please also consider keeping a small emergency kit that includes back-up water, non-perishable food, and small fire extinguisher available. You may be the one person in your family who can’t get back to their home when an evacuation alert, earthquake, or some other equally messy situation occurs.

Most often the emergency kits never mention the need for other essentials, such as a musical instrument. When the batteries in your devices start to run out and there’s no electricity around you gotta know how to play. One never knows how long they’ll be detained from getting back to their homestead, and the hours can feel like days. Consider packing a guitar, flute or other hand held instrument. Books, card games, and a creative imagination also come in quite handy!

Music to soothe the aching heart.

For accessing clean, filtered water, consider a specialized filtration straw.
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Cool backpack “Insta-Potty”

(The following preparation lists courtesy of

* When an evacuation is anticipated, follow these checklists (if time allows) to give your home the best chance of surviving a wildfire.
* Home Evacuation Checklist – How to Prepare for Evacuation:
* Inside the House
* Have your Emergency Supply Kit/Evacuation Bag ready to go
* Ensure a Wildfire Action Plan is prepared ahead of time.
* Make sure you know your community’s emergency response plan and have a plan on where to go when it is time to evacuate, and best routes for leaving your location. Personal note: I would look at
* Shut all windows and doors, leaving them unlocked.
* Remove flammable window shades, curtains and close metal shutters.
* Remove lightweight curtains.
* Move flammable furniture to the center of the room, away from windows and doors.
* Shut off gas at the meter; turn off pilot lights.
* Leave your lights on so firefighters can see your house under smoky conditions.
* Shut off the air conditioning.

* Gather up flammable items from the exterior of the house and bring them inside (patio furniture, children’s toys, door mats, trash cans, etc.) or place them in your pool.
* Turn off propane tanks.
* Move propane BBQ appliances away from structures.
* Connect garden hoses to outside water valves or spigots for use by firefighters. * * Fill water buckets and place them around the house.
* Don’t leave sprinklers on or water running, they can affect critical water pressure.
* Leave exterior lights on so your home is visible to firefighters in the smoke or darkness of night.
* Put your Emergency Supply Kit in your vehicle.
* Back your car into the driveway with vehicle loaded and all doors and windows closed. Carry your car keys with you.
* Have a ladder available and place it at the corner of the house for firefighters to quickly access your roof.
* Seal attic and ground vents with pre-cut plywood or commercial seals.
* Patrol your property and monitor the fire situation. Don’t wait for an evacuation order if you feel threatened.
* Check on neighbors and make sure they are preparing to leave.

* Locate your pets and keep them nearby.
* Prepare farm animals for transport and think about moving them to a safe location early.

POWER OUTAGE: Preparing for one in advance, and actions to take during an event.

Power outages may occur before and during the threat of a wildfire. It’s important to be prepared and know what actions to take when leaving your home. Along with the pre-evacuation preparation steps, these are a few ways to be ready in case of a power outage during these critical times.
Learn how to manually open your automatic garage doors or gates—this is extremely important!
* Be familiar with your home’s utility boxes (electricity, water and gas).
* Keep shoes near your bed in case you need to evacuate during the night.
* Build a supply kit —and more than just a First Aid Kit. Include prescription medications and check the expiration dates. Include water, a battery-operated radio, flashlights and batteries (or a rechargeable flashlight), coolers or ice chests, and external rechargeable battery packs for your cellphones and include an extra charging cable. Also keep non-perishable food and a manual can-opener in your kit.
* Always keep the gas tank at least half full in your vehicles.
* Make your safety preparedness plan now and make sure your family knows each step and role they will play during this time.
* Don’t forget your pets! Have an action plan ready for them, too, and know how they will be cared for.
* If you have a power generator, be sure you know the safety guidelines of your model, including where to connect it, which electrical cords to use, and what the electrical load rating is. An improperly installed generator can electrocute you or an electric utility worker.
* Keep your cellphone charged.
* Keep a supply of bottled water.

During a Power Outage
* If the power goes out, follow these steps:
* Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed.
* Shut off the gas and other combustibles such as propane tanks.
* Stay at least 10 feet away from both overhead power lines and electrical facilities, and never approach or touch overhead power lines or any person or object in contact with the lines.
* If wildfire is within your area, keep informed with a battery-powered radio or your cellphone.

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