What causes a loss of libido, poor concentration, lack of creativity, excessive & exhaustive thinking, negative monkey chatter, low self-esteem, and at its worst no hope or joy? Well, living on Earth these days may be part of it! But let’s not blame the innocent planet. No, no. It’s just the accumulated stress of this particular human paradigm.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, and really any traditional indigenous medicine, it is understood that day & night, hot & cold, action & rest and so forth are constantly seeking homeostasis (aka balance). When you fall out of balance which, let’s face it is super easy to do these days, the yin (cooling/introvert) and yang (warming/extrovert) elements of one’s life, mind, emotions, and body fall out of kilter.

Today we’ll briefly cover yang qi (“yong chee”), which has a warming, active, outgoing, passionate, excited, motivated, fiery nature.

“yang qi” represented here as fire phoenix

Lots of folks are running on steam these days, eating on-the-go, consuming lifeless “food”, gaining weight, feeling completely unmotivated, not sleeping enough or very well, and overall feeling pretty meh. Be kind to yourself. There’s no blame, it’s fixable, but to reverse out of it requires commitment. Ok, maybe commitment sounds too daunting. Let’s say, it requires a little “fake it till ya make it” excitement about loving and paying attention to yourself more than any stress factors or old habits that scream for your attention. Be forewarned: The more you back out of the old, tired, angry, addictive, fear-mongering paradigm, the more its tentacles will try to pull you back in. Find your inner strength and hold on!

What causes the loss of yang qi? A sample list:

-over-exposure to cold temps, either in outdoor weather or an indoor job in the refrigerated section

-eating cold foods and drinks in excess

-wearing summer clothing on cold and/or brisk, windy days

-excess weights at the gym, excess aerobic exercise

-staying too busy at work or in the brain for what your body can handle

-lack of restful sleep and quiet time to recupe

-being in a state of chronic fear and worry and constantly bullied. Yes, even the media can be considered a hardcore bully these days for its severe lack of positive news and inspirational articles.

And how does one go about healing the deficient yang qi? Some easy steps:

-eat live foods, as in fruits & veggies, preferably steamed or sautéed

-wear layered clothing in weather that flip flops from super hot to windy cold

-drink chai or other teas that include ginger to warm up the digestion system (the core of your health and immunity).

-nap like a cat, as often and frequently as needed

-avoid bullies, and that includes social and mass media, because seriously.

-rest in the warm (not hot) sunlight. Earbuds in for soft music, lying on a cozy blanket under a tree with dappled sunlight and shade… ahhhh … perfect! Then you get your “earthing” in too!

-ease off the excess everything. Be the Goldilocks. Find the happy middle-ground of all you do in life.

-listen to uplifting music, comedy shows, people, bird songs

-gaze at the moon and stars at night, breathe in the morning and evening sunlight

-get some bodywork (massage, energy healing, reflexology)

-and this one you can’t do enough: GET OUT IN NATURE EVERYDAY!

Good luck! 🙂

phoenix image:

nature image:


  1. You know I actually do a pretty good job at most of the items listed, however, I did notice a distinct lack of mention of wine! Anyway, thanks for the reminders . . .

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