Prayer Request for the Grand Sequoia Tree

Grand Trees.©David Leahy Photography

I begin this blog with a beautiful image from local photographer, David Leahy. His keen eye for magical, natural moments is astonishing!

May this lovely photo set the healing tone of what I ask of you, dear reader. Yesterday I learned that a local, grand Sequoia (seh-koi-yah) tree was drilled into and poisoned less than month ago; it is slowly dying. The Audubon Society has commented on this matter saying they’re not sure if the tree will survive. They have posted a $1000 reward for any leads to the perpetrator(s). As you see in the news photo many parts of the Sequoia are now browning.

KATU news story 03/20/21

I have queried with this tree through the use of dowsing to ask if it wishes to receive healing energies, and does it wish to survive? For both questions I got a “Yes”.

Send love! If even for a moment, hold this wondrous tree in your heart, acknowledge the beauty and history of this being. Hold a healing light around it in your mind’s eye. If you do nothing else that will suffice.

Some years ago I was advised by a lovely Indigenous woman to always bring gifts to the Spirit of Place you are visiting. Organic tobacco and cornmeal are considered respectable offerings. If one doesn’t have those on hand then a prayer, flower, gift of “Thank you” from the heart will do.

🌲✨For those who practice energy healing in person and at a distance✨🌲Send remedial plant medicine. This beautiful tree has suffered from an unknown poisoning, so it needs an antidote! Common herbs used to detox a body include black walnut and…

Detox herbs.

Call out to the spirits of these medicinal plants to come to the aid of the Sequoia tree.

This morning I received swift response from friend, artist, author, wisewoman, and Grand Archdruid of AODA, Dana O’Driscoll. She contributed these lovely ideas:

  • Bring telluric currents from 🌎 and solar currents from the ☀️ into the 🌲.
  • Chant, sing, dance, or drum healing energy into the 🌲.
  • Send LOTS of energy, in person or in spirit.
    Get others to join you in this. 💫💫💫
Sunlit trail. ©David Leahy Photography

Synchronistically, I learned that today, March 21st is officially the International Day of Forests in the U.K. and Scotland!

KATU news cover story

Photos credit:
David Leahy Photography
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Ancient Order of Druids in America

Kitty Ji and I thank you sincerely for your help.

Faithful healing companion, Kitty Ji.

6 thoughts on “Prayer Request for the Grand Sequoia Tree

  1. Thank you Regina for sharing and caring loving support for dear Grand Sequoia Tree💖🌳🌈 Love the recommendations and things we can do to help. You are a beautiful compassionate blessing to our beautiful planet Earth and Mother Nature’s helper💖🧚🏼‍♀️🌟🌲🌎🐾🐬🐝🐥🐿🕊💐🌞🌕💦⛰🏞🌅🌄🌌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annie! Thank you bajillions! I hope you’ve had a chance to read the latest blog about the making of a medicine bag for the tree. We drove there today and spoke with a kindly neighbor who told us about the situation at hand.
      Your altar is beautiful. The sequoia will be most pleased to know how many good souls like yourself are trying to help!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Regina💖 I just finish reading your latest in regards to sequoia tree and that’s wonderful you guys drove over there that is so sweet and caring I love that you donated your medicine bag for tree and the humans surrounding tree. That’s awesome you were able to communicate with the neighborhood. The note someone left was beautiful made me so teary eye😢 Bless your heart Regina💖

    Aw thanks☺️ I follow your energy and distant healing instructions on what to offer tree and made an altar then what’s cool I saw that you had shared photos of your offering on Facebook so I shared mine too lol☺️it is so fantastic that you’ve shared that this’ll help others to know what to do when another incident or something that’s in need of prayers and healing. I feel reassured knowing sequoia tree is loved and will never ever be forgotten 🌳💖🧚‍♀️Thank you Regina for making a beautiful noble stand to help the Grand Sequoia Tree🌳💖🌟

    Liked by 1 person

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