Making A Medicine Bag

Healing Medicine Bag near ailing Sequoia Tree

A “medicine bag” can be what you carry with you in case of an emergency, your own or another. In the world of energy medicine it can also be what you create to give an animal, plant, person or place in need of healing.

Today’s medicine bag was a donation made to assist a tree with its healing process, and to create peace in the environment which it found itself. Unfortunately, the home builders didn’t take into account the space needed between homes a century ago, or didn’t consider the immense size a Sequoia tree would become at the time of its planting. Either way, the tree recently took the brunt of the dispute when someone (as yet unidentified) drilled into its base and poisoned it. Neighbors were infuriated and broken-hearted to learn what happened to their grand tree.

With thoughtful consideration using suggestions from fellow “tree people” and my own creative design I came up with a tailor-made medicine bag for the ailing Sequoia. The idea being to include ingredients that have specific healing qualities related to extracting poison (or other toxins) from a system, while other components are added to strengthen the body during detox and protect it from untoward thoughts, energies and spirits. The tree as well as its human neighbors could use the support!

Medicine Bag ingredients

Here are the components today’s medicine bag and their healing properties:

juniper tree trimmings – The magical properties of juniper include cleansing, protection and removal of evil spirits.

cornmeal – used as a blessing, offering, power of transformation, and bridge from one state to another.

almonds – nourishment, and watchful keeper of the medicine bag recipient

jasper crystal – “supreme nourisher”; provides grounding, comfort and security

burdock root – cleansing and protective; purifies the blood (or in this case, the chlorophyll and sap)

ginger slices – awakening, stimulating, helps one step into a fully empowered version of self.

garlic – protects and repels evil.

dandelion – sunny strength and determination to persevere through hardship, powerful detoxifier.

stinging nettle – transformer of fear and unworthiness to acceptance and strength; helps one to ‘stand tall’ in the face of pain.

cinnamon stick – protection, connection to spirit world, antioxidant.

Oak Bach Flower Remedy – to provide strength, endurance, stability, courage, and power.

Once the ingredients were lovingly tied into a bundle I placed the bag amongst the vinca of my local fairy mound to infuse it with healing blessings from the Nature spirits.

Infusing Nature’s magic into the bag.

Of course, the Highest Good of the medicine bag recipient is always priority. If, for reasons unknown to me, this tree has chosen to exit this physical realm (yes, trees have their own kind of consciousness) then my hope is this bag of healing remedies and prayers eases the tree’s journey and brings peace to its human neighbors.

You, too, can make medicine bags for yourself, pets, plants, friends, or even places where the land is suffering. Small medicine bags, peacefully charged crystals, painted rocks, or other healing totems can be placed at or near road intersections (hidden so they’re not distracting) where tragic accidents have occurred to help heal the site and prevent further injuries. You could also place them where pollution is damaging Nature to help invite healing energies to the site.


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