Memories of the Child Within

The little me is smiling fine The sun is warm, the air sublime. I didn’t catch a crow today I crawled on the ground but it got away. The breeze is warm and flowers are bright We spoke about my dreams last night. Daisies are some of my finest friends They bring me back toContinue reading “Memories of the Child Within”

Panda Comes A Calling

Here we sit at the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Many folks around the globe celebrate this time of year, from Europe to Asia. Having not grown up with any set cultural, ethnic or religious traditions, outside of the standard commercialized holidays, I’ve found myself more at home just tuning into theContinue reading “Panda Comes A Calling”

The Journey Begins

In the spirit of sharing, inspiring, uplifting, and supporting the human spirit during this planetary sojourn.