Death & Rebirth

Bleeding Hearts, by Regina Chante

In witnessing the unprecedented uptick in global tyranny, of humans gone violently wild on their brothers and sisters, the careless destruction of the environment and all life with it, I recently came to a wall and plunged briefly into a dark night of the soul. Wallowing in the murky depths of internal gloom, my mind questioned, “Is there a remedy for humanity’s global auto-immune disease? Will they ever stop destroying themselves, each other, and the body of this beautiful planet? It’s been eons of the same power abuse and control games… when does it evolve? Does it evolve? Are humans inherently a failed experiment?” Pondering that last question really made my heart sink…  My whole body felt, heavy, devoid of any light, and I retreated deep into my shell.

Tall grass, by Regina Chante

Many astrologers have warned that this period, particularly into the early 2020’s, is a necessary “facing of the shadow-self,” that hidden underbelly of the subconscious that makes us want to sleep with the light on at night. We turn the TV up louder for fear of hearing the voices in our head, and we sweep unresolved angers, unhealed trauma, and feelings of inadequacy under the rug, all the while despising or shunning those who we think are weaker, less intelligent, less fortunate. But in truth, this shadow-self is humanity’s inner child who will no longer be cast aside and ignored. It has become a tyrannical demon, coming at us from every direction, vying for our attention by channeling itself through the media’s talking heads, power mongers, control addicts, and rampant negativity and violence. We can no longer just look away and hope it disappears, because it is us – it will not relent until we turn around and face it directly. 

Purple Bells, by Regina Chante

Having been raised in a western culture where the religion-of-science tends to dominate I never really believed in angels, archangels and what-not, but I also didn’t not believe in something greater than all of this because I’ve had enough weird encounters in my life with the paranormal to keep me humble to the world of the invisible. As my brilliant friend, Mary Rodwell, is famous for saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” But we can observe, and what I have observed, do believe in, and have profound respect for is the language of math and sacred geometry (even though I sucked at math in school). I’ve figured out a middle ground that works for me that acknowledges the powerful, invisible forces who’ve got my back; I call them my Arc-Angles. 😀

Japanese Maple, by Regina Chante

The geometric perfection in EVERYTHING of this world, from the shape of seashells, beehives, flowers, right down to human DNA has me profoundly in awe. Clearly a consciousness of unimaginable proportions, depth, power, balance and perfection is and always has been at work laying the very foundation upon which all life is built. When I stay in my heart’s sacred space, higher states of consciousness arrive to me in brief lightning strikes of “aha!” moments. They may take the form of light (colors of flowers to the night sky), sound (in bird songs, music), or form (harmonic geometric proportions), or all the above. While I was deeply turned within and tuned out I couldn’t feel, see or resonate with any of those aspects of higher communication. Isn’t that a perfect example of how the Love we seek is always there for us, shining like the sun on all of creation, but we get so self-involved and in our heads we end up feeling completely disconnected. We literally become slaves to our minds, our beliefs, and we are the only ones who can set ourselves free.

Starburst, by Regina Chante

It was yesterday, when the sky was perfect, the sun was out, and the backyard was a buzz with devastating beauty that I finally emerged like Persephone from the hellish abyss of Hades. Spring was singing all around, and it was then that I remembered something so very profound I said during my one and only hypnosis session. I had compiled a list of questions for the hypnotherapist to ask me while I was under and one of them, which she asked me, was, “How is the Earth doing?”

Pink, by Regina Chante

“The planet is fine but running hot, like a fever,” I replied.  “It’s a necessary fever to burn off the toxins. It’s going to be a rough ride for some while but everything’s going to be all right.”

Tea flower, by Regina Chante

The therapist then asked me a question of her own, “What about the new Earth? Isn’t a new Earth coming into being?”

Earth’s Antennae, by Regina Chante

My conscious mind snapped the thought, “Aw geez, more New Age lingo, what does ‘new earth’ even mean?”  Obviously, I wasn’t too deep into my subconscious. LOL!

Faeries Live Here, by Regina Chante

Suddenly my mouth started speaking and caught my conscious mind off guard, “Yes, Earth is birthing a new version of herself,” I said, “but not the way humans think. The planetary life forms are singing in a new planet, a new blue print, a new web of life, if you will. It comes through the songs of the birds, insects, animals, plants, and it’s happening all around, all the time, but the humans don’t know it so they think nothing’s changed. If they listen they can hear the song.”

The Web of Life, by Regina Chante

The memory of this conversation really lifted my heart, and I felt an incredible desire to photograph my garden and capture these sacred moments. They are the photos you see dappled throughout this entire blog.

Humanity’s internal cleansing is messy work, similar to how deep cleaning one’s house looks like a blizzard hit before it feels and looks renewed. I have also heard this time we’re living in is like witnessing a birthing process, and we all know how messy, bloody, screamy and painful that is – particularly for the mother. If you didn’t know a baby was coming from all that suffering you’d think she was dying a terrible death. In a sense she is, for she is dying to one version of herself while simultaneously birthing a new and hopefully more powerful, more compassionate version. Likewise, our mother planet will never be the same after birthing anew. She may look like she’s temporarily dying but she is only becoming stronger, healthier and more expanded. It is we who must bravely face these challenging times and participate as the midwife, the parent, and the child.

One Winter’s Night, by Regina Chante

May the Love (force) be with you.

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