Thriving in Tomorrow’s New Moon / Solar Eclipse

07/02/19 New Moon Solar Eclipse

Here we are, on the cusp of a fabulous solar eclipse, a time ripe for setting goals and planting seeds in your heart’s garden for the personal world you wish to manifest. What better time to go within and access deep reservoirs of compassion, self-nurturance, and emotional sustenance. Through the roller coaster ride of fears, constraints and outmoded ways of being, personally and collectively, you can always go within and dream your new self into being.

What dream seeds will you plant?

Mars heads into fiery Leo soon, which makes plenty of energy available for recreation, goofing around, and time spent in nature. It may also be accompanied by bad drivers, flaring tempers and “me monster” sudden outbursts. But, when everyone’s acting like a theatrical self-centered lion, just think outside the box. You can be the giraffe, tall enough to see all sides of the issues, and keep your crown on straight!

Be the giraffe!

Venus will enter cancer, drizzling with desires for lovely, squishy, homey, cozy feels, and that can be a welcoming balm to the public’s potential edginess. Everyone has an inner-feminine that thrives on being nurtured, honored, and respected as an equal. Check in with your heart regularly and give it a smile.

Strong Plutonian energy means it’s also a great opportunity to be a transformer! Take in the feelings of insecurity, hair trigger tempers, and projections coming out of yourself and others and have fun! Find the humor in situations and see how fast you can authentically switch from wanting to smack something to bathing in a happy thought. It’s a lot easier to do when you’ve been eating your (organic) fruits and veggies! The body will be less acidic, sleep will improve, and you will energetically feel like a balloon, bobbing on the ocean waves of life!

Eat your greens!

LISTEN TO YOUR HIGHER SELF. It’s been with you all along, and will always be right by your side anytime you want to chat. Take a deep breath, settle down under an inviting tree or welcoming, cushy chair, and get a download from the Love that has always had your best interests at heart.

Listen to your Higher Self.

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