The Joy of Playing the Didgeridoo!

I adore the sound of the didgeridoo, the indigenous instrument of the Aborigine people of Australia. The one you see pictured here was purchased at our local Saturday Market. John, the creator who prepped the bamboo and wood-burned the decorations, also sells bamboo flutes of all sizes. Recently he was kind enough to repair the beeswax covering when my didge mouthpiece suffered a little heat exposure.


More about his handiwork here:
Spirit Song Flutes (and didges)

Playing the didge is like playing an incredibly large recorder or flute, and if you wish you can add your voice to create overtones. This instrument requires lots of air, and if one’s up for it, mastering the art of circular breathing. Pumping the diaphragm muscle while taking in and cycling around lots of oxygen is an exercise unto itself! Here is an article listing some of the unique health benefits of playing didgeridoo:

Basic training video on circular breathing:

If you just want to hear a variety of ways the didge is played, even combined with other instruments, please check out the following for starters:

The Original Peoples’ Music, featuring Aboriginal Artist Lewis Burns

Multi-Instrumentalist, Mitchell Cullen

Aboriginal Music Meets Celtic, featuring the Wicked Tinkers

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