You Can Dream A New World Into Being

For numerous reasons the traditional paradigm humanity has endured for centuries, if not eons, is swiftly approaching an unavoidable shift. Power structures, hierarchies, outmoded traditions are slipping away, sometimes at an alarming rate, in order for new vistas to arise. The pace at which change is taking place is leaving many people reeling with fear, uncertainty, anxiety about the future, feeling physically sick and exhausted, and oftentimes very lonely, particularly as our technological toys lure us into isolated matrixes that lack human interaction.

As if that weren’t enough, there is a kind of collective shadow rising to the surface as all the veneers fall away, exposing much we have left to heal, purify, purge, forgive, process, and let go. For many it’s all just too much and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. Times like these require us to go within, inhale deeper breaths, and allow the loving gifts others have created, and that this beautiful planet has to offer, to give our weary selves much needed rest & recovery.

art by ALectorFencer

Below are some relaxing audio recordings I’ve come across you might like to help unwind your body/mind. You are also invited to add a message below this blog and share some of your favorite meditations, chants, books, and videos as well. The more the merrier!

Great Bell Chant

Gregorian Chants at 432 Hz

Rain & Thunder

Sleep Meditation to Release Negative Attachments and Rebuild Confidence:

Power Thought Card by Louise L. Hay

Changing up your routine is another way out of the mind’s rut. Below are just a few ideas to create a fun detour from the everyday hamster wheel of modern life:

• Sit with nature. Photograph little wonders that catch your eye.

• Hum or sing in your car, bathroom, wherever!

• Grab some finger-paints, play with your inner child, make a picture.

• Write or draw anonymous love notes and leave them in random places.

• Receive a massage.

• Give someone (and yourself) a hug for no reason.

• Make little gifts for people, animals in need.

• Learn and make a new recipe (keep it simple at first).

• Tell someone you love them.

• Stargaze.

• Plant some flowers. Talk to them. Sounds weird? Try it (when no one’s around).

• Put silly putty, a squeezy toy, or a kazoo in the car to play with while stuck in traffic.

• Eat a donut slowly. (HA!)

But wait! There’s more!

• Imagine the birth of your soul:

Each of us has been imagined into existence by an Infinite Power that coalesced the universe(s) into physical reality(s). At the core of our being, beyond our molecular structure, we are powerful photons of light infused with consciousness, sung and spun into our individual souls; we are children of Light and Vibration. Like sparks we fly out into the great cosmos, imbued with the Love of All That Is, with a consciousness as unlimited as deep space, and with an unquenchable desire to learn, explore and be as clear conduits for Source to explore all of its Creation. In our hearts the passion for life brought us into physical existence, and we dream, individually and collectively, our new realities into existence.

• Even once a day, try this little experiment: Drop softly into your heart and ask yourself: What does a healthy, vital, prosperous new world feel like? It’s not enough to think about it … really feeeeel the feeling. How would waking up in the morning feel different? What would the colors of your world feel like? What would being in your body feel like? What would you feel inspired to create, do, become? A little of this experiment everyday breathes life back into your cells, your dreams, your smile, and the Light you shine.

• Practice being like the Sun. It doesn’t ask permission to shine, it just radiates its warmth to all, unconditionally, unapologetically, and with certainty. Our little bio-suits we call bodies are made entirely of star stuff, we are all stars, and we are all born from the ultimate Light of Love.

Now, what does that feel like?

4 thoughts on “You Can Dream A New World Into Being

  1. Ha ha ha – what?! Talking to plants!! Yesterday I was checking on some of my houseplants. My son says “are you talking to the plants?” I said -“Of course I’m talking to the plants! it would be rude to start fondling their leaves without saying anything!”
    I love love love the visualization and reminder to shine our starlight – thank you!!


    1. Ohhhh, so fun, and I like your way of thinking. We are a rather presumptuous species, fondling, taking, eating everything in sight w/o permission. LOL! Delighted you enjoyed the visuals. Shine on! 🙂


  2. This message is so timely. Just two days ago I reached my limit of taking in details of the insanity spinning out on our planet. Will no longer allow the disempowerment. So thanks covering me, Regina, because … I’m goin’ in.


    1. I feel ya! So glad to hear you found this post helpful. I feel like as long as we’re here we’ve got work to do. Plenty of people are raising hades, and the planet’s trying to balance herself, so we must activate the gifts we brought in to level the playing a field a bit. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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