Nature’s Calling, Will You Answer?

Today’s excursion to a nearby wildlife refuge was a much needed escape from the din of the city, the traffic, and the same four walls. A healthy dose of fresh scenery does wonders for the soul, and I was on a quest to find wild, open fields, free of any man-made machinery, crowds, and such.

Tall Grass

The wildlife refuge reminds me of playing in the fields as a child, going to the creek near our apartment, catching bullfrogs, sitting in the oak groves, and playing hide-n-seek in the tall grass.

Oak Grove

An intuitive once told me my spirit guide would let me know they were around when I came across daisies. To my utter delight the refuge was was full of them today! This showed me that even when we think we’re alone, we’re really not alone – our spirit team may be peering up at us from the sunny faces of flowers!

Beautiful Daisy

It was funny to see some of the people “power walk” their way through such a tranquil sanctuary, or chatting at top volume. However, it was refreshing to see them enjoying the great outdoors and not tied to their electronic devices.

Sun & Sky

Many years ago while on a solo beach trip, the sun was perfectly bright, the temperature pleasant, and the day had an other-worldly feel.  I walked along the Oregon coast and the wind was stirring like it does, but in the fields away from the water’s edge the breeze couldn’t have been more perfect. Like a little animal I curled up in the tall grass, far from the peering eyes of passer-byers and fell into one of the most tranquil, outdoor naps I’ve ever experienced, evidence that resting on the Earth directly is the best form of grounding. I didn’t take such a nap today, but did a fair amount of “Earthing” by putting my bare feet on the planet’s surface to absorb a healthy dose of electrons. It cleared the cobwebs out of my brain.


In today’s walk dragonflies abound, and soon as I arrived a little butterfly seemed very purposeful in fluttering in front me as I walked down the gravel paths. After my paternal grandma passed away in the early 1990’s a little butterfly landed on my shoulder one sunny day while gardening in the yard. Instinctively I knew this was her spirit coming to visit. The open meadows of the refuge are so reminiscent of the visits to my grandparents’ farm, with its far-reaching landscapes, tranquil breeze, bugs flitting about, and bird songs in the distant trees. Only thing missing here was the ever-welcoming tire swing!

“Gramma Butterfly”

Around midday, before heading to the refuge, I pulled an oracle card to get a feel of what today’s energies would be about. The “Offerings” card came up with the accompanying theme:

Offerings Oracle Card, ©Denise Linn

“…find what’s good and wonderful in every moment. No matter what’s happening around you, there’s always something to be grateful for… make an offering to whatever nurtures your soul..”.

Consider this blog my offering to you, that it may inspire you back to Nature, to peace, to remember your human roots. It is also an offering of gratitude for all the beauty and life force that was so abundantly shared with me today.

Great Trees

Below are links to help you on your journey to reconnecting with Nature, your inner guidance, and your local pollinators!

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Terran (aka, Earthling)


The importance of getting grounded, or “Earthing” as some call it:

The Native Spirit oracle cards deck by the wonderful author, teacher, and member of the Cherokee Nation, Denise Linn:

Plants that attract butterflies and other pollinators:


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