🌿”Rejoice in the green fire of life!”🌿 Fiona MacLeod Yes, indeed! As the wheel of the year turns we finally seemed to have arrived at (a late) spring. Excellent time to clean house, internally and externally. One doesn’t have to wait for spring to indulge in parsley, a powerhouse plant known for its high vitamin/mineralContinue reading “Tabbouleh!”

Mung Bean Broth for Healing, and Dr. Miriam Lee

The dense fog/wildfire smoke of this last week has left me feeling nauseous, watery eyed, and bleh. I was thinking this morning how inviting a nice tasting broth sounded. One of my fave soups is mung bean but that sounded too heavy. I wondered how a mung bean broth would taste and what the benefitsContinue reading “Mung Bean Broth for Healing, and Dr. Miriam Lee”