Small Acts of Gratitude in Buying & Selling Homes

While doing an online, 3D walk-thru of a home for sale I noticed a weird haze in the camera’s view. I took a screenshot and blew it up on my laptop and to everyone’s astonishment there was, what appeared to be, a very well defined ghostly apparition! It was too weird not to share with others for their input and mostly what I heard was “O.M.G.!! What the heck?!…”, but no one had a plausible explanation, except one photographer who claimed someone walked through the room at the time the 3D photo was taken. Well, if that’s the case, the person would’ve been like seven feet tall and donning a very large “sock puppet” head! LOL! I have included the image here for your consideration.

I was compelled to have a consultation with an intuitive Celtic Shaman and see what the photo revealed. She, too, was astounded and said “That’s not one entity, that’s more like five!” She also sensed that three of them were wanting desperately to cross over fully into the Light but had somehow lost their way. We had an in-depth conversation about “space clearing” and what exactly that means. With her additional background in psychology, marriage and family therapy, she explained it’s best not bust into a scene where entities are residing and demand they leave a space, or immediately resort to excising the spirit. This would come off as offensive, judgmental and careless. Instead, one should engage in a dialogue with the entities to get a sense of why they’re there, how they got there, and how to proceed from there. Some years prior she shared a home with a spirit and said to me, “It’s not so different from having a housemate. You have to come to agreements about what you will and won’t accept, and have clear boundaries.” She admitted she had never encountered a truly evil spirit, mostly those that have become lost, or who are quite happy in their space and have no intention of leaving.

I did a follow-up with her a few days later and she explained that after performing a drumming ceremony for those three lost souls they were able to move on. The remaining energy was quite powerful but did not obstruct their exiting. She was also able to see that the powerful energy was actually a portal in that house, not just a group of entities, but an actual inter-dimensional passageway. She wisely suggested that, based on my sensitivities to such things (as well as other family members), should we choose to do a walk-thru of that particular house, we must introduce ourselves to the home and explain why we’re there, that we come in peace, and then we should wait to see what the energies feel like before proceeding.  

Having been told from a prior intuitive that we have a portal in the land of our current home this wasn’t really shocking news, but kind of ironic. It seems that since I was a kid I keep coming across strange anomalies, and sometimes having the good fortune of photographing them (more on this in a later post).

Before we move out I want to properly clear our current home of any residual energies so it’s all sparkly and new feeling for the family coming in. For our new (future) abode I’m still researching what “cleansing/blessing” methods that resonate with me, which led me to this interesting link:

As with anything in life, it is the intention from a loving and sincere heart that does the magic, not the act itself.

Tomorrow, we will begin our first trek out to explore other peoples’ homes for sale and see what resonates. Personally speaking, it feels kind of invasive to have an open house where complete strangers walk through every room of your home. In the past, when the realtors were done with their showings, I would crack open the windows throughout the house and burn sage or incense and do a walk-thru to clear any weird energies the visitors left behind. But I got thinking, what can we offer the home-owners who are kindly letting us do a walk-thru in their sacred spaces?

Today I found these adorable little terra cotta “Angel Seeds” and i will leave a little “Angel” with each home as an act of extra love and protection for their space and occupants. A little “Thank You” card will accompany each angel. Selling and buying homes can leave one feeling very disconnected from the personal touch of interacting directly with the people who are taking your place or whose place you’re taking. This personal touch will, hopefully, create a more personal connection.

I like hearing other peoples’ stories and experiences about how they bless and clear spaces in alignment with their cultural beliefs, spiritual practices and so forth. If you have thoughts on this subject I’d love to hear from you as well.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  — Antoine deSaint-Exupery

One thought on “Small Acts of Gratitude in Buying & Selling Homes

  1. Super exciting read Regina! I love the idea of the Angel seed and I saw that at NRB awhile back and also didn’t Fred Silva do something like that when he would see if visit some buildings or such? When I keep looking at the puppet like apparition it resembles almost much like a Kodama! I love your kind gesture and good deed for clearing the house for the new homeowner for our house and likewise when you guys buy your new home and also for us when we buy a new home. I remember Tiara telling me. Her and Brandon threw salt and rice to each room in their apt and I did my own thing where I let incense and opened the window a bit because I remember you told me it would help the spirit exit and then I said a little prayer and also later I brought in my small lap harp and played a few tones and then we all chanted. I skimmed through the link of the Holistic space clearing and looking forward to reading more of it later tonight.

    We’re you guys able to go to the puppet house today in Milwaukie With Theresa? I would love to hear all about it.

    On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 12:23 AM TerranLoveNotes wrote:

    > Regina Chante posted: ” While doing an online, 3D walk-thru of a home for > sale I noticed a weird haze in the camera’s view. I took a screenshot and > blew it up on my laptop and to everyone’s astonishment there was, what > appeared to be, a very well defined ghostly apparition! It ” >

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