SPRING ALLERGIES: The Peacemaker Gone Warrior

This blog’s for all the spring allergy sufferers. Let’s look at some of the energetic, emotional and nutritional issues that leave us feeling like we have to wrap ourselves up like ninjas to deal with the onslaught of spring pollen.

Yours truly, hiding from spring winds and pollen.

For those lucky folks who don’t suffer with pollen allergies, I will say it feels like you’re going to die of an internal war while you drown in your own exhaustion, tears and mucus. Not a pretty picture. Some people may have temporary relief using standard meds, but for others like myself these symptom suppressors create even more fatigue and foggy headedness, or they don’t work at all. This led me some years ago to seek out acupuncture, even though I dreaded the thought of needles.

Internal Heat, painting by Regina Chante

Faithfully each spring I would see my regular Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) when the symptoms became too much. He would remind me that heat and “wind” (TCM term) were rushing to my head resulting in allergies. He would dutifully remind me that, “You have to let go of deep-seated anger and frustrations.” These suppressed emotions can become stored in the liver, according to eastern medicine. Well, funny thing was, I didn’t feel those emotions (at least not consciously). I just felt defeated by the allergy symptoms.

Here is a helpful Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) link explaining the concept of “wind”:http://www.tcmstudent.com/journal/Liver%20Wind.html

And so it went. Every late March my head would feel about to explode from headache, sinus pressure, teary/itchy eyes, sneezing, and devastating fatigue. In one of my sessions another insightful acupuncturist commented, “What you eat in the winter plays a significant role in how you feel the following spring.” Wooo…

That ahhhHA! moment

What you eat in one season affects how you fare in the following season. How did no one tell me that sooner? I don’t know who actually said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” but that was spot on! Some claim it was a quote from the father of modern western medicine, Hippocrates, but there is no evidence of that. Particularly because, with rare exceptions, allopathic medicine pays little attention to the nutritional needs of the body and aims straight for drugs. This is why I turned to eastern medicine where their healing roots go back thousands of years. They’ve had lots of time and people to practice on to get things right. One of their main tenets of healing is look at the diet.

But here’s the catch: It not just what you eat with your mouth that is your diet. Your body also digests what you’re “chewing on” in your mind! If you’re in a constant state of worry, over-stressed, over-thinking (like most of modern society) you’re weakening your digestive power from too much information and sensory overload!

It is true that, looking back over the last couple decades, my ability to digest well has decreased. It could be related to stress from over-thinking, but nearly everyone I meet is stressed and yet not all of them have spring allergies. Perhaps they have digestive issues but they’re expressed differently and not so much outwardly.

There are additional components to weak digestion that we mustn’t overlook. I’ve heard it said that our nation’s people are literally dying from malnutrition, even though we have abundant food everywhere. How can this be? Some important factors to take into consideration is the nutrient-deficient topsoil in which most commercial (even organic) food is grown; growth hormones & antibiotics injected into farm animals; genetic modification of many foods we eat that contain foreign bacteria, animal DNA and other strange components Nature never intended; and pollution such as heavy metals and chemical sprays that are applied on the plants or have been absorbed through their roots. None of these issues help the body digest and absorb adequate nutrition and may, in fact, be preventing it.

So, what to do?

Most answers come to me intuitively, through listening to messages I pick up via other people, my own research, and how my body feels. While I haven’t fully cleared allergies from my system I have healed a great deal by doing the following:

  • Eat quality food in smaller portions, more frequently, also known as “grazing”. Avoid large meals.
  • Limit or avoid caffeine (this includes caffeinated teas).
  • Limit or avoid intensely sweet snacks (like candy).
  • Limit or avoid greasy, fried foods.
  • Start the day with freshly squeezed lemon water, add up to 20 drops of Trace Minerals per glass, sweeten with Stevia.
  • Have a green drink once a day, blend with apple juice and a banana.
  • Take B vitamin complex each day.
  • DANCE!
  • CATNAP often.
  • Do a little something each day that feels like a sense of accomplishment.

If the digestion system is working properly, the adrenals aren’t tapped out, and the liver is purring the body will not overheat and send a storm into the cranium. In my research I have found that some people need to boost their enzymatic supply which may be low for many reasons. This is where Trace Minerals have proven very helpful.

An informative link on why we need more Trace Minerals in our diet:

Since one would have to eat a boatload of food to achieve maximum nutrition I have turned to powdered greens. It is concentrated food which lessens the need for eating so much bulk. That makes the stomach very happy!

  • Gentle, rhythmic movement is super helpful, including dance, yoga, tai chi, or any other non-stressful exercise.
  • Journaling can be a great way to unload the thoughts of the day so one has a clear mind.
  • Singing, chanting, humming are all great ways to massage the organs through the pumping action of the diaphragm muscle.
  • Receiving regular massage or other form of bodywork where you can feel nurtured and nourished is a must.

Also take into account that many people who are depleted in the digestion system are also the nurturers in their family and workplace, and they’re prone to do all for other people and forget themselves. This is where family and friends can pick up the slack and help out.

These are all just helpful suggestions. They are a place to start but you must find our own way, your own unique remedies, and learn to hear you body’s unique way of communicating to you.


Thank you for reading!

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*Medical Disclaimer:
Information provided in this blog is not intended to replace licensed medical care. I cannot/will not prescribe, diagnose, or “treat” in medical terms. This blog is intended to heighten your awareness of wholistic approaches to healing. You are encouraged to do further research on your own behalf, consult with a qualified Naturopath, MD, or other experienced healthcare practitioner of your choice. Ultimately, you are responsible for the choices you make related to maintaining your health and well-being.

8 thoughts on “SPRING ALLERGIES: The Peacemaker Gone Warrior

    1. Good question. I noticed that even on rainy days which should’ve cleaned the air of pollen I’d still feel horrible. My feeling is this mostly comes back to weakened digestion. Also take into account the possibility that the autumn diet may lead to winter health issues. An example would be how people gorge on Halloween candy in fall then fall prey to colds and flus in winter. Certainly there are other factors as well. One thing I didn’t touch on (maybe for another article) is the time of year one regularly feels ill can have its roots in the psycho-spiritual realm -also known as body memory. So if one experienced a prior trauma(s) in a certain month or season in their life, the body may feel off whenever that time of year rolls around. Truly, it’s a multi-faceted issue that is very individual. This is where journaling, maybe even counseling could help allergy sufferers, in addition to dietary changes.


    1. 😁🌸🌷 Ellen! I know dear… I miss seeing your lovely face too! Thank you for reading my blog in the interim. If I can’t reach ya by touch, maybe I can touch your heart with words. 🌸


    1. Ohh, thank you Norma. And yes, I feel your allergy pain. Flushing my system first thing in the a.m. with lemon water and trace minerals is the ticket – for my needs anyway. If you find something(s) that work for you pls share! 🌸

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesterday I ventured out to the grocery store to get a week’s worth of staples. With not just pollen hitting most of us dead on but pandemic spreading rapidly, I chose to wear my mask and vinyl gloves to protect myself from every bad goober out there. I had a pretty good allergy free experience and not even one sneeze! A little claustrophobic, but worth the discomfort for sure! 😷😁

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