Blue Light Biorythm Damage

Hot, dry, burned out eyes

Some years ago when car headlights and street lights were swiftly changing out to halogen and LED it felt like the peace of quiet time after sunset had been stolen. Driving at night, one of my favorite times to get behind the wheel with a cooling breeze, twinkling night skies and clear roads had become painfully dominated by piercing blue headlights. The LEDs in the overhead street lights were installed to save energy so the city told us, but at what price? The ability to sit out and look at the stars was swiftly destroyed. The local astronomy group was publishing non-stop about light pollution. Nature articles increasingly warned how these new lights were messing with wildlife’s natural sleep cycle. Sea turtles, confused by the coastline dotted with bright hotel lights were laying their eggs out of season making them vulnerable to predators.

More recently a client told me how his chronic jaw pain and headaches nearly vanished after he started wearing amber tinted glasses while working long hours on his computer. I’d never heard of that correlation, but remembered that I also resorted to wearing amber “gamer shades” to drive at night. The article linked below explains the value of wearing such tinted lenses for prolonged viewing of screens (tv, phone, game systems) especially after the natural light of day has passed.

“What are the effects of blue light exposure at night? When we become chrono-misaligned, or out of sync with our biology, we can experience symptoms such as:
* insomnia and/or chronic sleep deprivation
* hormonal imbalances
* adrenal fatigue
* anxiety and depression
* a sense of being chronically tired or overwhelmed
* weight gain
* decreased REM sleep and overall reduced sleep quality (this study was done specifically on iPads, but applies to all blue-light emitting devices). Even the American Medical Association has warned that high-intensity lights ‘emit unseen blue light that can disturb sleep rhythms and possibly increase the risk of serious health conditions, including cancer and cardiovascular disease,’ writes The Washington Post. They’re talking about street light specifically in that warning, but the same principle applies to all blue-light emitting devices used at night.”

Please take this article to heart and consider buying a pair of amber shades if you do a lot of gaming, night reading on your phone, iPad and such. Eat plenty of colorful, organic plant foods to strengthen your day and night vision. That includes but not limited to broccoli, carrots, blueberries, bilberries, dandelion flowers (eaten raw, fried in batter, or make into dandelion jam or wine), dandelion greens (nice salad addition, pick the leaves when their young), spinach, kale, lettuce, and peas.

3 thoughts on “Blue Light Biorythm Damage

  1. Needs to stop using iPad so dang much! All of those symptoms are mine! Thanks for the info. I’ll try to eat some of those recommendations.

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