Loneliness – It’s Just a Thing

Loneliness is something we all experience on some level and to varying degrees, whether we consciously create it through fearful self-isolation, or find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control resulting in loss of socialization. Loneliness doesn’t necessarily require resolution, nor does it insist we sink under its weight. As Pema states, “We are instructed toContinue reading “Loneliness – It’s Just a Thing”

Portland: City of Broken Roses

Last night hubby and I went out on a “date” to Portland for the first time since the whole lockdown event.  We got news one of our fave comedians, Brian Regan, was in town. Last time we saw Brian was at the “Schnitz”, a lovely venue of striking architecture, bright lights, abuzz with laughter, smiles, andContinue reading “Portland: City of Broken Roses”

Driven to Re-member

Sometimes you just have to drive. You don’t even know why, you don’t know where you’re going, and you don’t know when you’ll return. But you know if you don’t go you might implode for no logical reason. Such was tonight. A restless feeling. I was compelled to do something, but what was it? TheContinue reading “Driven to Re-member”

Calling All Planetary Stewards

While the focus of energies as of late tends to be on destruction and “power-over-or-against- others” we are advised to not adopt a tunnel-vision view. Dowsers will attest to the fact that most government buildings and places of worship have historically and purposefully been placed on potent nodal points or lines of energy that radiateContinue reading “Calling All Planetary Stewards”