❤️Calling All Good Hearts❤️

Went to the grocery store after work today. An African-American man in line in front of me had a beaauuuutiful bouquet of oranges roses in his grocery basket. I asked if he bought them there, as I’d never seen flowers sold at that store. He didn’t hear me but the cashier did, and she repliedContinue reading “❤️Calling All Good Hearts❤️”

Stuffed Sweet Jewels (potato or yam)

To properly title this recipe blog I looked up the difference between yam, sweet potato, Japanese garnet, Jewel sweet potato (or yam), and yea… I ended up more confused than when I began. Call it what you will, but for now they are referred to as “Sweet Jewel Potato”. As you see by the photos,Continue reading “Stuffed Sweet Jewels (potato or yam)”

You Are the Medicine, You Are the Cure – A Healing Meditation (music/video included)

A loving message.

The Plant Spirit Oracle, Book and Deck

Dana O’Driscoll has gone above and beyond in her creation of The Plant Spirit Oracle Book and Oracle Deck. The oracle card stock is heavy, durable, very easy to handle, and her artwork is mesmerizing. The companion book is replete with divinations, recipes, herbal uses, and deeper insights into each plant. Additionally, she has includedContinue reading “The Plant Spirit Oracle, Book and Deck”