Full Moon, November 2022

It is so easy, on a full moon night,
when light is dark, the darkest light,
to hide in the known, in the comfort of the home,
hidden from the mysterious outside.

But where there is dark there is illumination and dreams,
a place to feel safe, in the midst of moon’s scene,
where you and the clouds become close friends again,
where the din of the world falls to the silence within.

Time now to ponder your fears, your life,
grieving that maybe it’s just a story of strife,
yet stars do twinkle as the world goes to rest,
and the head becomes heavy as you curl in your bednest.

“Let it go,” says Autumn in its cold and foggy mist,
transform your dark thoughts into love and happiness,
while you bathe in memories that beat your heart’s song,
pray for the world, for souls who’ve come and gone.

Letting go of what was, what you thought life would be,
letting go of the wrongs and humilities,
letting go of the past and future expectations,
you dance in the moon’s light, for your soul’s regeneration!

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