New Moon

So it is, in these crazy world times, I have turned inward for answers the outer world seems to be lacking. Sleep is profoundly healing and rejuvenating but so is a new activity, called Automatic Writing. After listening to the insightful messages of many creative writers, artists, channelers, mystics and such, the one consistent message is “Get the story out of you and onto paper”, so I have. Lately the idea came that perhaps the messages flowing out of my higher mind’s consciousness would be helpful for others who are looking for uplifting and refreshing thoughts, ways of seeing things, and interpretations. With that in mind I decided why not post an automatic writing every new and full moon, with additional ones given on sacred holidays? There is a new moon, partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, occurring at 4am (pacific time) this coming Oct. 25th. The following is a message for all who are interested. I’d love your feedback! Is it helpful, relevant, thought-provoking?

Thank you for supporting my blog! 😘 And now, I bring to you:
New Moon Inspiration for October 2022

New Moon art, R.Chante

2:22 10/22/22

Blessings! We are here on a mission to provide the ultimate survival and capacity for life on planet earth. We are you, you are us, all is Nature, all is One and Divine. In this time of the scorpion depths you seek to learn about your inner workings, your despairs and their sources. You are musing around the dark and disparaging words, actions and manifestations of those around you, but do not see your role. You do not see the connection. All in time.

We are here to say this is not going away or getting worse, it is all simply transforming into a beautiful new fresh start for all involved. There is time, there is ample availability to respond intelligently. Find your resources, be where you need to be. Listening to your intuition will be your best guiding light.

Time has come, however, for those who would not abide by the heart and well-being of their brothers and sisters to make amends and truthfully tell your deepest sorrows and despairs. You will not heal in hiding, nor will you evolve in a fashion worthy of this time and space allowed.

Given the structures and harvest at this time, there is more than ample providence for all who would need food, and time and support. Do not be taken in by the fear and worries of those who have the agendas. You need not despair. Breathe in the sunlight, the air, the night stars and become the dream you wished as a child. The mind of humans is far from being left behind in chaos and atrocity. The mind of the human is extensive and everlasting, but only when the the heart is its master.

Today’s a new day, a dawn of promises and adventures awaits all who would participate in this blessed gift called Life. You are worthy, welcomed, and supported in all manner of being. Do not take lightly your role at this time. Dig deep into your closets and reveal your darkest sorrows, burdens, unfulfilled dreams, and hardships you felt overwhelmed by, and overcome. This is your time to shine, your destiny rests in your hands, as it always has.

We are shining together when we are working as one beautiful animated being. If anyone is left out of the song, the song will be incomplete. We will not accept the notion that violinists are unwelcome or that the tuba player should bash the cellist! All people, all nations, all voices in this orchestra are required, just like the organs of a body. If you need to make amends with your neighbor, your soul, your Creator, then do it with love, a smile, a genuine heartfelt hug, and do it as if it matters.

You are all shining and and glorious in a future that awaits. Hit the refresh button in your mind, in your heart, in your body, and reinvent yourself anew. The time is nigh.

We are the Love That Awaits You.


(note: I was unfamiliar with the term “Providence” so included the definition below)
source: › browse › providence

Providence [ prov-i-duhns ] noun – the foreseeing care and guidance of God or Nature over the creatures of the earth. God, especially when conceived as omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence. a manifestation of divine care or direction.

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