Re-Enchant Your World

“Gerard Ent”, our debonaire Juniper Berry tree!

Recently I’ve heard young parents voicing dismay with the lack of enchantment in our modern, “mechanistic” world and wondering how to keep a joyful spark for life in their school-age children.

They acknowledge that reading to their kids is not high on the priority list, yet express concern how fairy tales and just being outdoors isn’t interesting to their kids unless it involves some handheld device. How just being happy to see animal shapes in the passing clouds is not as important to their kids as wanting to stay inside and veg on a video game. Who will teach the children about air sylphs, water spirits, how to talk with a flower, how to put the imagination to work when only a few items are on-hand? If the only education children receive is how to parrot the media on climate change, gun shootings, pronouns, and virus counts while their sense of a hopeful future is waning, where does that leave our society? Children are our future, so we have to ask:
Just exactly what kind of future is being cultivated?

The world didn’t lose her magic, but humanity is running the risk of losing its soul to someone else’s plan. It is high time we came to realize we are swiftly being engulfed by programming and conditioning that serves someone else’s political and financial agendas. It’s nothing new, been happening this way for thousands of years, only the narrative changes.

I believe re-enchantment begins with one’s self. If you can make time to feel the soft, magical caress of a breeze, practice listening to clouds, walk gently enough to not scare away visiting birds, bring colored chalk to the beach and color the rocks, build a fort in your backyard and add fairy decor, then you are exactly what the world needs right now; ready to enchant peoples’ memories back to where they once belong.

Really, I do these things because I don’t want to lose my inner child. When my (now young adult) kids have time in their busy schedules to hang with me a spell, I make sure to decorate the home entry and certain rooms with the spirit of the season, leave out the Jenga game, or bright colored whimsical puzzles, and (if weather allows) stargaze at night with a little fire in the pit. For my own entertainment and education I joined a school of wizardy – who even knew such a thing exists?!

If we continually practice emanating an energy of the Divine and Sacred within ourselves it will rub off on others, and some will even stop and ask you what you do in your spare time? I give them an example, if they seem like open-minded adults, such as, “I decorated my Juniper tree out front with holiday decor and birdhouses and named it ‘Gerard Ent’”! 😆🌲 – My husband, surprised me by suggesting the last name“Ent” as he remembered it being the name of the tree people in Lord of the Rings. I was duly impressed! And “Gerard”? Well that’s just a really handsome name, I think.

Maybe you don’t want to go to such extremes and do fairy decor. Maybe you like a more scientific approach, such as learning to identify starry constellations, or how to rebuild soil that’s lost its nutrients, or maybe you want to start a volunteer group to clean up litter in your neighborhood. It’s all good! Whatever makes you feel in resonance with your heart. It’s the intention behind the act that sets the waves in motion. Others will hear about it, be inspired to collaborate or create their own ways to help.

My hearfelt wish: Don’t wait for the world to re-enchant itself. Instead, be the one who jars the memory for them. Do it for the Earth, her beloved Nature spirits, liminal spaces, and devic realms. They need our help now more than ever, and they miss sharing playtime with us.

4 thoughts on “Re-Enchant Your World

  1. I love all of what you shared here. Especially, the decorations of kind and child heart that we all possess. We just need to all return to the garden. There’s wonder and knowledge waiting! 😊🎈

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  2. Really like this one! When Nate & Celeste were around 2 and 3 we would take a walk to the park near where I lived at the time . . .We would search for fairies in the trees and bushes – Celeste always saw one or two (Nate was sometimes more interested in stomping in mud puddles 🙂 Anyway, the world could certainly use more of this . . .

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