When the Moon Stands Between Our Sun and Earth

Why should we care about the upcoming solar eclipse/new moon/Summer Solstice? What possible difference could it make in our personal lives when the moon nestles itself between the sun and Earth?

earth, moon, sun. Credit: wickedinsight

Much as humans seem to thrive on “us vs. them” mentality in sports or daily politics there is actually nothing more inclusive and uniting than being a human on Earth, especially now when global population is at its highest point in history – far as we know. We share the same home planet, we bathe in the same pool of planetary energies, and we receive the same solar, galactic and universal downloads on a 24 hour basis. Our DNA molecules are being greatly affected by these seen and unseen forces of the cosmos. They are fundamentally changing our very structure to help us adapt to the rapidly mutating on and off planet environments.

While this may sound like we’re always on the receiving end of forces greater than ourselves, we must also keep in mind we are built like antennae, receiving and transmitting signals within our cells, amongst each other, within our local and global weather environment, and as a collective beyond the planet, even into the ‘tween spaces of unseen dimensions. Hence, what we do on Earth affects Earth but does not stay on Earth, and that is a huge burden of power for better or for worse.

Through the built-in wisdom of our heartbeat we are synched with the rhythm of the Earth’s “heartbeat”, also known as the Schumann Resonance. The planet, with its own unique consciousness truly knows us, more intimately than we may realize. Our indigenous ancestors understood this and honored the relationship between human and Earth since time immemorial. The disconnect with Nature has only been a fairly recent phenomenon, spurred initially by early church doctrines that deemed the material world (including the human body) as less-than its spiritual counterpart, to the more recent birth of the new religion: science.

The separation was probably a required part of the human evolutionary process to see just how far we would push the limits of internal division and what that experience had to teach us. However, we have divided ourselves from our environment for so long and to such extremes we are reaching the point of detriment to our species’ survival. The planet is not so much at risk because the inherent wisdom and unwavering force to birth new life is its primary function. It will always resurrect itself. One need only look at the unrelenting force to survive that every form of life, right down to the plant seedling, shows against all odds. Whether from man-made destruction or catastrophic damage from asteroids, volcanos, fires and floods, life on Earth persists.

Survival against all odds.

Because of an innate ability to see the signs in the stars and commune with the earthly and heavenly realms our ancestors sought to unify these forces within themselves and their environment. They erected stone structures to increase their crop yield and tap into the life informing, multi-dimensional energies of nature and cosmos. They built monuments that would stand the test of time and environmental wear & tear, embedded with the sacred mathematics that mirrored the heavens to help us – their offspring, so when the time came we might regain the wisdom they knew would be lost in great upheavals. Their essence is embedded in our very genetics. Built-in biotools, if you will, passed down through the generations enabling us to foretell coming weather changes, migration patterns, and communicate with animals, plants and the unseen realms. Ancient people knew the elementals of fire, water, air, earth and aether to be our family, our ancient mentors from Earth’s inception. For those who would listen they reach out, offering help and whispering to us in our dreams.

The ancient people respected and watched for cues from wildlife and the plants that chose to grow in and around them as medicine on-offer for whatever ailed them at that time. Even now, in the teachings of plant spirit medicine it is understood that whatever “weeds” we find growing outside our immediate home environment were called in through resonate frequency emitted by the home dwellers. For example, one may find numerous dandelions popping up in sidewalk cracks and lawn where the occupant is in dire need of a liver detox, stronger bones, or lowering of blood pressure. They may find plantain growing nearby when they need to reduce cholesterol, resolve bronchitis, constipation, or heal wounds.

Jasmine flower, healer of wounds, stress, fever and much more…

Some of the most ancient teachers, however, are planetary movements – rhythms of such vast perfection and proportion they astonish human reason. The cyclical dance of our sun, moon and earth opens necessary portals that drastically change the Earth’s ionosphere, magnetic field, and alters our body/mind. The light, or rather lack of it during an eclipse also affects our internal systems:

“Biorhythms are particularly sensitive to the coming and going of the light emitted from the primary day and night luminaries.  These quite subtle ‘cyclically recurring pattern of physiological states in an organism or organ, such as alpha rhythm or circadian rhythm, are believed by some to affect physical and mental states and behavior’.”
The Free Dictionary – Biorhythm

Changes in light from an eclipse also changes our digestion:

“…When even animals know not to eat, especially not large, heavy meals during an eclipse, it would seem that homo sapiens would understand the same. From a scientific perspective, it is now well understood that the strength of the human digestive fire (also known collectively as digestive enzymes and process) is directly related to the path of the sun in the sky.  The higher the sun is, the more brightly the digestive fire burns.  Hence, it is better to eat the main meal of the day close to noontime when the sun is at its zenith.

“Because the digestive power is greatly diminished during an eclipse, it is highly recommended not to eat, or eat very little (and food that is very easy to digest) if one must. Conversely, it is good to engage in spiritual practices which counteract any adverse effects of an eclipse.  All religious traditions and many indigenous peoples had their various customs around eclipse events; however, most of them have been gradually discarded or little observed over the last few centuries.”

— The Millennium Report, 2015

While we may not fully understand all the repercussions of these powerful solar system events we can expand our understanding and connection to these grand movements by staying curious and respectfully listening to older, often wiser bodies of ancient wisdom. We are intertwined in this cosmic dance, and the forces at work have no interest in our race, color, gender, age, or religion. They affect us all equally, though perhaps in varying degrees depending on our current state of physical and mental health, and where we are on the planet. We can join the dance or stay in our egos and pretend we are separate from our environment. While we may fool ourselves into believing we are masters and controllers of Nature our behavior and beliefs only reveal our immaturity. We are a very young species and still have much to learn, or perhaps re-learn. If we wish to consciously relax into this upcoming grand solar eclipse/ new moon/ summer solstice event we just might get a taste of the Love permeating all of creation. It’s always our choice.

Note: June 20, 2020, solar eclipse occurs at 0 degrees of the sign Cancer, 8:45 pm and new moon at 11:41 pm pacific nw time (northern hemisphere).

Local galaxy

“Thinking about how and the why of it just befuddles the mind…
but there’s peace and happiness in the just being a part of a greater mystery…for what would life be without it?”

Rory Duff, Geologist, GeoBiologist

Be well and stand in your center.

Local vortex, also known as a rose.

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