2020 Vision

Venus, the kitty.

Visionboard assignment:

What do we want to see and support in our local community?
What lifts the soul, the spirit of the people, and maintains the integrity of place?

What do we do, say, manifest that inspires the hearts of others?

Nature hates a void. If we don’t tend to our home with tender loving care and leave it abandoned, the spirit of place dies and is filled with dreary, heavy, unsavory ick.

This applies to how we feed, nurture, speak to and treat our individual body, home, city, country, planet.

Are we dialed in? Can we hear the heartfelt whisper that calls to be manifested at this time? Or, are we waiting for someone else to do it? They may be waiting for someone else as well.

History has shown time and again if we romance fear, lose our grounding, and lose faith in our vision, someone with a very different and often incompatible agenda will fill the void. It takes less energy to prevent a fear-based disease than wait till it’s taken root.

“What the world needs now is  love, sweet love,” and it needs community with a heart-based vision to make it happen.

Dionne Warwick

What the World Needs Now (1965), Lyrics: Hal David, Composer: Burt Bacharach


A dove has been coo-ing and singing outside my office while I typed this.

Lovey dovey.

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