Calling All Planetary Stewards

While the focus of energies as of late tends to be on destruction and “power-over-or-against- others” we are advised to not adopt a tunnel-vision view.

Dowsers will attest to the fact that most government buildings and places of worship have historically and purposefully been placed on potent nodal points or lines of energy that radiate out into the rest of the city and beyond.

While it may appear that protests and thus violent clashes are localized to a small radius, the destructive energies actually ripple out into the region, through underground waterways, and such. Unlike Vegas, what happens there does not stay there.

Those who know of these lines will take advantage of them to spread their intentions, for better or worse. Planetary stewards with heart-based unity can ease the suffering and corruption being amplified when focusing their healing intention on such places, even without needing to go near them.

You have your mission should you choose to participate. 😊❤️

2 thoughts on “Calling All Planetary Stewards

  1. Thank you for this! Earth is and always holds space for our energy. Being mindful of our impact is so important so we can help Her hold the Light of Love.

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