Healing Hands and Hearts

I wanted to take a moment and address the issue of fear in the healing world. In all my 16 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist I’ve never seen such a dramatic loss of practitioners in the massage field.


It is true that the cv19 event has scared most of them away, citing low pay and close proximity to patients not being worth the risk. Understood and valid points. But what a time to lose so many gifted healers when the world is in serious need of safe, healing, nurturing touch. 🥺

It’s not just that most LMT’s have compassionate hearts – well proven by their dedication to a field that, IMO, deeply underestimates their value in the realm of healing, but they are often very gifted touch artists. The ones who really apply themselves have cultivated their energies to a fine-tuned state where they intuitively draw forth the recipient’s inherent ability to heal their own body. It’s not woo-woo, it’s a proven fact. Combine the heart’s intention with touch and amazing things happen, whether one is working on another human, an animal, or a plant.

Below is a link to just one small example of scientific data on how heart-based human touch incites a cascade of healing responses in the recipient’s body.


“… projected from the human body, is energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues. The cascade of activities initiated by such signals may provide essential information to cells and tissues, and open channels for the flow of information that coordinates repair processes. This is also significant for prevention and for restoring normal function after trauma.”


Photo credit: thesacredscience.com

Taking into account many folks will never go back to receiving massage, or at least not for a long while, I have decided to offer remote healing as an adjunct therapy to my practice. How does this work? Similar to doing an intake with your practitioner we FaceTime chat for about 20-30 mins about what is ailing your body/mind, then you relax and I do a guided meditation with you.

Utilizing skills I acquired from Dr. John Upledger’s Somato-Emotional Release training I walk you through the painful zones of your body and engage the assistance of your “Inner Physician”(IP). Some refer to the IP as the All-Knowing Self, or Spirit, or whatever term you prefer. I often employ this type of dialogue with folks when they’re on the massage table working through chronic pain and old traumas and, as it turns out, this can be very helpful therapy at a distance as well. It is particularly effective if you are open-minded and ready to be a participant in your own healing work.

After our session I will add additional healing touches through my dowsing skills. Follow up is done within the week to see how you’re faring, what has shifted, what “aha!” moments did you experience, and what still needs fine-tuning.

Member of ASD

Whatever path you choose to walk through these challenging times please know you are not alone. Many good hearts are available in-person and online to assist. We’re in this together.

For more information you can reach me at:


2 thoughts on “Healing Hands and Hearts

  1. I recommend this therapy from Regina Chante.
    I have experienced improvement with a physical problem, and also with an issue of emotional impact.
    Yes, I am open-minded to this, and am a willing participant in self-healing.
    I just do what works, call it what you want.
    Ronald G Thomas

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