A New Look!

My beloved Terran Love Notes followers are now seeing a new page being birthed. In the spirit of Winter Solstice I am birthing myself anew as well! Like a true baby, this page will morph over time, expanding its gifts to include more of what people have either been asking for and/or I have observed could be beneficial, or at least intriguing discussion. The first blog page, Terran Love Notes, will always be the anchor for the whimsical being at my core.

Many who know of my musical background have asked for more music, meditations and such. Over time I will add links to those as they become available. We just moved so all the sound gear is still needing to be assembled. As I learn to create video I will post links there as well, but for the interim will likely be sharing other peoples’ links I find helpful, informative, relaxing, etc. Please check back in regularly and see what’s new, and please subscribe! Perhaps in time I will afford to buy a WP package w/o ads. My apologies in advance for those annoying things.

Kodama local terran, surrounded in winter’s magic

As you will see from my “ABOUT” page there is a lot to my world. Through the years I continue gaining insights, experiences, wisdom, feedback and observations in many fields of interest which I intend to share here. As always, I welcome your thoughtful reader responses. Dialoguing helps us all grow and evolve. This site is also a special dedication to those friends and family who are relinquishing the standard, social-media pages for a variety of reasons; I hope you will stay connected with me through this blog.

We are living in “very interesting times” according to Confucius. That may be a blessing or a curse, depending on one’s filters. To find a light in the dark night of the soul, a dream to reach for, a healthy meal to create, a gardening delight, or methods and ideas to help surface the magical, powerful beings we truly are is what keeps life worth living. Thankfully, many other wonderful “imaginal cells” around the planet are consciously participating as midwives to bring a more balanced paradigm into existence – I will happily share their stories and links as well.

Welcome aboard new readers and much gratitude to my faithful fans.
Here we go, here we go, here we go now!

2 thoughts on “A New Look!

  1. I am SO excited!!! You always inspire me with your music and your beautiful creatively and knowledge and care for all that you do that helps our health and what helps our Earth and the animals💖 and perhaps this’ll be my time to share with you my own different kind of music now my creativity in my harp a new beginning for me. Looking forward to new beginnings 2020 and your terralovenotes and all it’s beautiful inspirational posts 💖


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