When the Walls Fall Away…

On this grand solar eclipse I find myself in a curious state. Much like the song lyrics in the 1972 version of Alice in Wonderland where she is shrinking smaller and smaller…

Curiouser and curiouser I find I grow curiouser
But each time I ask a question why there’s no reply
Some days are gloriouser and gloriouser
They can’t be more gloriouser
But soon as those days begin to die I’m back to why
Curiouser and curiouser what does it mean?
Where am I going? Where have I been?
Curiouser and curiouser the world makes me curiouser
I’ve so many dreams that come and go
Why is it so? Does no one know?
Curiouser and curiouser what does it mean?
Where am I going? Where have I been?
Curiouser and curiouser the world makes me curiouser
I’ve so many dreams that come and go
Why is it so? Does no one know?

Music John BarryLyrics: Don BlackFrom: “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

In this feeling I am not alone.
Just this morning I spoke with another family member who remarked how this reality doesn’t seem real and, in fact, finds it to be a very unwelcoming existence having to work and pay to live on this planet. Truly, it boggles my mind too! How is it we are the only species who literally pays to live on this little blue ball? Why is that? Who made up the idea of jobs, currency and mandated work hours? Are we all still good with this, or is it time for a paradigm shift?

In reply I mentioned how, since we moved to our new home, I often feel like I’m in a dream state. Her response was, “Yes, it feels like at any moment the walls could just fall away…”. So, what if it were true? Are we just are creating our reality in a holographic world, much like a more sophisticated version of the holodeck in Star Trek?

walls come tumbling down

Contemplating such matters using only the logic of one’s brain will burn up the nervous system. I’ve tried since I was quite little to comprehend this reality – it’s maddening. Easy enough to see why people generally avoid pondering such “heady” things and simply make do in their socially-accepted roles. However, even now everyday folks are asking bigger questions, like “Does it feel as if time is speeding up? Does it feel like the days are bleeding one into the other with no reprieve? How’s your sleep been? Are you even sleeping? Is your digestion off? Have you noticed how many people are being diagnosed with anxiety and depression? Does the world state feel a bit fragile, like something big could give at any moment?

It’s not easy being human, taking care of this bio-suit’s physical needs, leveling out the emotions, quieting the mind, and just breathing deep more regularly. We all feel it, we’re all trying to keep our personal boats from rocking too hard and tipping over. Maintaining a healthy/fit body is work enough in itself, but there’s also the sudden and often extreme weather changes to adapt to, and the wobbling economy. But wait! Theres’s more! Add in the atrocious entertainment of global pollyticks (politics), systems and institutions crumbling before our eyes, grasping desperately to hold on, their gnarly claws digging in at every possible turn to control our bodies, corral us with laws, fear-mongering, technology, while they attempt genetically modify/patent everything and ultimately drain the masses of their hearts and souls. The irony is, the masses work for them, are them, and will stand up for the tyrants because they do not know the feeling of owning their own power. The masses are us, sometimes they are our friends, our family members.

Without a doubt, these are some of the most trying times. All the more reason to check in with one’s self regularly, journal or talk to someone you trust about these matters, create a sacred space in your home to decompress, and take action that helps you hold it together. There are so many wonderful people out there, reaching out to assist with their version of what that relief might look and feel like. The key is taking the time to look and explore beyond the everyday routine for something that keeps the heart happy.

One of my favorite activities to get back in touch with the body, the breath, and really stretch is simple yoga moves. For example, Downward Dog pose (or in the photo below, very downward kitty)…

downward kitty!

That pose is a real winner because it lowers the brain below the heart. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is stop trying to the solve all the issues with the mind. It is not the boss. Hard to believe, I know. 😀 Much as I adore Spock, anyone who loved Star Trek witnessed how the excess mind-over-heart really gave him angst!

when the heart is repressed too long

Kudos to Heartmath Institute for the wonderful work they’ve compiled. Below is one of their examples of just how powerful the heart electromagnetic field really is in relation to the brain’s.

We live in a culture that has for centuries until now been heavily addicted to its lusty relationship with the left hemisphere where logic, reason, and facts-only apply. That has resulted in a very unhappy, lost and often angry mob mentality in the collective. Bowing to the heart, to its connection to the Infinite, where all is felt and known without having to justify, qualify, or have back-up data to prove is the new path. It is where peace begins. Getting back to the heart through our breath, the words we choose (speak from the heart), the compassionate actions we take may be the only hope we have of surviving these chaotic times while creating a new dream reality, one based in compassionate care for ourselves, each other, and all life.

Eclipse, by Panda Photographer

4 thoughts on “When the Walls Fall Away…

  1. Just…wow Regina! So many things to comment on. Something is missing, and your post put a finger on much of it. We all want peace and happiness despite these external evils, manipulations, dysfunctions (whatever your want to call them). Caring for ourself and others is huge. It takes our mind off what seems out of our control and benefits others and ourselves instead! Paying to live on this planet. Isn’t that the sad truth. If we just took care of the planet instead of focusing in the pursuit of which is almost always at the detriment of others, then maybe we would only have had to put in a 1-3 hour workday average (which is what the NW coastal natives did- due to the abundance that surrounded them). Instead i have electricity so I can turn on a reading lamp at night because of the dams that destroyed the salmon.


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