Hunting (With A Camera) For Nature Spirits

A fortunate video find led me to author and photographer, Atala Dorothy Toy, who did a lecture for the Theosophical Society in 2018 (see  YT link below). She specializes in communing with and photographing nature spirits. In her video she provides fun insights on how to slow down, breathe deep, and feel where you’re drawn to take a photograph of nature spirits that you might otherwise miss!  Even if you do not believe such things exist the very act of getting outdoors, into fresh air and sunlight with a camera in hand is a fun adventure just the same.

Ms. Toy’s video presentation:

This morning found me bedridden for most of the day, on the verge of what felt like a flu. By the time early afternoon arrived I was feeling antsy and needed fresh air and movement. Fortunately there is a lovely, little park down the way and the sun was out. Feeling lethargic from whatever caused me to sleep so long made it easy to walk slow and take in the scenery. Hardly anyone was around so I meandered round each tree and large rock that caught my attention. The key to seeing nature spirits is to not look for them, which sounds absurd, but it’s important to release the analytical part of the brain and allow the image to present itself.

Below are a collection of before and after images. In the ‘after’ ones I have lightly traced what I picked up. You may find other interesting faces or images that I missed – that’s the fun of it! In this first image his face popped out at me, then the body became more apparent. Is he sun-gazing? Or perhaps he’s looking down his nose at all of us.

Little Rock Guy

Ms. Toy mentions that sometimes the tree spirits will create an artistic rendering of life forms they frequently encounter or an event that made a big impression on them. Looks like this tree is honoring a favorite little dog!

Fluffy Doggy

This is a cute little critter. Not sure what it might be. Kind of appeared like a sloth head at first, maybe a squirrel, cat…?

Little Smiley Face

This character was easy to spot! Reminded me of a honey badger standing on his hind legs. But, maybe a bear? What do you see?

Stern Look

Last, but not least, there’s this one. Here, again, looks like the tree is showing a memory of somebody, maybe a cowboy having a drink from his flask?

Tall, Lean Guy

It’s all good fun, and I hope this little blog inspired you to adventure around your neighborhood and make friends with your local trees, plants, nature devas. Be sure to offer your gratitude for their presence as I understand this makes for good relations between humans and the planet we share with the seen and unseen realms of life!

My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.


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