Three Things You Can Do…

Water’s Edge, photo: Regina Chante

3 things to inspire you to get outta bed each day:

1-Seek novelty.

Have you learned something new lately? Been to a new bioregion? Spent time in Nature? When you seek novelty and find it, lose it, then seek and find it again you’ve increased your dopamine (pleasure hormone) levels fourfold. In other words, the magic of maybe, of uncertainty is what our brains are hardwired for.

2-Make art.

Anything more good, more true, more beautiful that rails against entropy, decay, and the feeling of Groundhog’s Day (movie). It can be a writing a poem, painting a picture, starting a new company, whatever inspires.

3-Help out.

If you can figure out the first two then share it, especially with people who are struggling to make it.

“As simple as these three things sound they have saved me repeatedly from descent into the screaming abyss.” – Jamie Wheal

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