Shine Your Light!

“Rainbow” by R.Chante

Watching this show on Chaco Canyon. The narrator said, “..the ancients were marking the center point of time, where Heaven and Earth meet (Equinox – even day and night), and the powerful ones lived in circular houses. They could communicate with all of Earth’s creatures and elements”.

I realized at that moment a rainbow from a crystal in a distant window was shining onto the fireplace, or “place of fire”. Spirit communicates to me like this – in very symbolic fashion.

When we are balanced within we are the still point in the center of time, we are the conduits between Heaven and Earth. The rainbow body is birthed at the place of fire, in our heart(h). It is in our ❤️ where the 🔥 of Spirit resides. When we reside in our circle of Light (illuminated) we are clear conduits of the Light in all its spectrum of colors. We are children (Beams of Light) of the Great Sun, who touches upon this planet thru each one of us, via our hearts.

It helps to be reminded now and then. 🌸

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