Tasty Vegan Homemade Chai Recipe


Whether you’re allergic to dairy, want to ease the suffering of the beautiful cow, or just like milk alternatives, here’s a tasty recipe.

We LOVE traditional chai tea made at our fave restaurant but it’s taken many long months to figure out how to make it at home. Finally, mission accomplished! To make it vegan was my next challenge. Today the stars must’ve been aligned just right because I think this recipe tastes very satisfying using almond milk instead.

Here’s the scoop:

In a sauce pan heat 2 cups almond milk (I chose unsweetened). While it’s warming up add 2 rounded teaspoons of your fave black tea, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 teaspoon fennel seeds, 4 green cardamom pods, and 2 teaspoons organic sugar.

Bring to a boil, then move to a low heat burner with lid on and simmer about 10 mins. You might leave a little air gap so the brew doesn’t bubble over the edge of your pot. Voila! ❤️☕️

For my taste I needed to dilute it with a bit of hot water as the end result had a very concentrated flavor.

What a versatile recipe! You could modify it with any add-ons that appeal to you. Give it a try. It’s so tasty and nourishing in cold weather!❄️

One thought on “Tasty Vegan Homemade Chai Recipe

  1. Regina! 💖 Hey that’s how I almost make my chai too! I especially like making my own almond milk. Homemade cashew milk taste so delicious making hot chocolate with milk is not my cup of tea for my tummy and knowing beautiful cows will provide their milk for their babies🐄 💖 Fennel and cardamom pods sure makes it yummier and sometimes I add fresh ginger.

    I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning this week. The weather has been awesome. I decided not to do any balcony gardening thisspring other than the ones I have out there plus buys some pretty flowers for our guests the hummingbirds birds, bees, butterflies. I’ve cleaned up some of the small pots to put away in boxes and little by little pack a few things here and there.

    In other news since I’ll be taking my time on my Level 2 lessons and since this level 2 is actually required only in order to play in hospitals and hospices bedside. I’ve made my own decision to not pursue that route anyways but it’s good to know this compassionate knowledge and to utilize this skill when certain circumstances may arrive for both human and non human like animals or lost spirit souls. Christina told us to keep watching webinars and submit book reports to earn credits for CEU’s. She also is planning on Level 2 training in US maybe this Fall or early next year so that’s a TBA. 2023 is just one week retreat in Iona Scotland. No 1 week Level 2 training in Glastonbury. Then she mentioned maybe a combo trip maybe possibly add Italy and France😲we’ll have to see about that!

    Meanwhile I am going back to this piano course I’ve enrolled in. It sure helps the left and the right brain lol. Helps to play new harp music on the piano especially chords. Oh and MORE crocheting I have this big urge to make blankets! I’m working on finishing up a consignment for an ex coworker who lives in Indiana now and then I found this crochet kit online that I want to make for our bed. I have a surprise for you and Rick I am hoping I finish it by early summer or earlier🙂

    I think I’ll try your chai tea recipe right now then go outside for my walk and qigong. I hope you all do well and keeping happy amongst this crazy times we’re in.

    Hugs, Annie

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