Meditating With Bee Songs

CD cover of Melipona Bees

I first came across the CD, Melipona Bee, while browsing the wonderful website, Dancing With Water (link below). Today the CD arrived and I immediately played it through the house stereo system and reveled in the comforting song of a Mayan woman singing to her fuzzy friends, the Melipona Bees. Their collective low hum and occasional “bbbvvvtt” sound as they zipped past the recording mic was very soothing.

Melipona Bees, a small, non-stinging, non-GMO’d variety, were revered by the Mayans for the healing effect their presence brought to the energetic landscape. Researcher Valerie Solheim Ph.D became quite interested in beekeeping using natural methods to support her bees’ hives and vitality instead of using the common medications and unnatural feeding methods of modern day apiary practice. Her efforts produced abundant honey but additionally she claims to have experienced healing effects and energy from her bee hives. This inspired her to write the book, The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites; Quantum Principles (2017). Some time later she traveled to Mexico where she recorded the song for this CD by placing her mic at the Melipona hive location.

I’m now listening to it through earbuds as I type, and it’s quite ticklish! Almost instinctively my back muscles pull in when I hear a bee buzz in close to my eardrum; relaxing yet thrilling! Having traveled to the Mayan lands of Mexico several times in the past I also appreciate the familiar bird calls of that region which are embedded in the audio recording.

The book, Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, and its companion website are entirely dedicated to the healing and restructuring of water through many methods, one of which includes playing the bee song directly to the water vessel one drinks from. I decided since I am basically 75% water why not just plug it right into my ears and let the song do its healing magic! 🙂 We’ll see how this experiment turns out. Maybe I’ll sprout wings! LOL

Meanwhile, if you have a passion for bees, water, and all things healing please check out the following links, and please search for them on YouTube where they offer many helpful videos on each topic:

Valerie Solheim PhD

Dancing With Water

“This book is a must read for everyone interested both in modern science and in their own health. We are coming to a new understanding of water, not just as a source of vitality and life, but as life itself. This vision is supported by a new set of scientific data which we find referenced in the book. What is equally important is the fact that it is written in simple, understandable language that allows the reader to feel the flavor of the modern research atmosphere. Another important aspect of the book is found in its practical applications. Dancing with Water is a very important and useful guide both for professionals and all interested people.”

— Konstantin Korotkov, PhD., Professor at St. Petersburg University of Informational Technology, Mechanics and Optics.

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