The Healing Waterfall of Light

Healing Waterfall of Light

An earlier piece of artwork I did. Only recently did it occur to me what the image represented.

When standing in the darkest hour surrounded by despair, take yourself deep into the heart of Earth. In this soothing, quiet, nourishing womb cave you stand in the waterfall of pure Light πŸŒŸπŸ’¦, allowing it to wash away the pains, attachments, energy parasites, and misconceptions. 🌎

Healing spirits appearing as orbs surround you. They attend to your wounds, lighten your physical being, and transmit messages of Love and strength from your spirit lineage. ✨

Sacred snake arrives to teach you the power of shedding your old skin of outdated beliefs and false perceptions about yourself and the world you occupy. πŸ‰

Giant crystals holding the memory of deep, ancient, planetary and universal wisdom become your new mirrors, reflecting back to you the eternal, indestructable Spirit you are and always have been. ❄️

You are birthed anew. πŸ’–

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