Choose Wisely

My work takes me right into the core of the human spiderweb with all its electric air and people rushing about in a spiky, fatigued, fast and overall uncomfortable state of being. Ironically, I know it’s where I’m supposed to be…. for now.

As it happens with a society caught in the quagmire of wanting to be free of stress yet highly addicted to it, people will occasionally ask me questions about my political stance, or how fearful I am of covid. My desire to avoid their mental trap has helped me become quite adept at mental aikido! Not to avoid conversing with them, but more to stay focused on what’s important, what’s relevant (to me) and turn the question back to them. How is their family? Did they notice the beautiful sunrise / sunset recently? Isn’t it a joy to rise to a new day? Have they played outside lately? And making authentic, heart-based conversation about what’s right with them. Noticing the lovely colors they’re wearing, complimenting their hair or adornments, acknowledging how well they handled a problem they had, or how grateful I am to see them again.

We don’t have to stay glued to the old paradigm’s script, listening to the news non-stop, or get pulled down into society’s heightened fear state accompanied by life-sucking conversation. That being said, when your line of work requires you to immerse yourself in it a great deal of internal power is required to sustain a higher state of Love consciousness. Maybe it gets easier and less fatiguing over time with practice, but I still find multiple cat naps and personal quiet time to be most invigorating.

So I say to you: Take those naps! Drink refreshing water, get out into Nature on a regular basis where you can remove your mask (the physical and social one) and breeeeaaathe the beautiful, invigorating air of the forests, ocean spray, field mists, and morning dew. You have a right, if not a responsibility to own your joy, to own your life force, own your birthright to be a fully ecstatic, dancing, singing human being.

Take the reins back. Choose wisely, from the heart, what you willingly participate in, online and in person.
Much love.

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