Bumble Bee Bath Music Video, and G.W. Carver

It’s funny how you think you’re doing one thing and suddenly you find yourself writing a song for a bumblebee taking a morning bath. Such is the way of today!

There’s plenty of back-logged homework, house and garden chores to attend, a dog to play with, a cat to pet, a hubby who needed his backache to go away. But as I walked the outside path some invisible force turned my head to the right where lovely pink flowers are embedded in a row of hedges. I nearly trimmed those hedges last week as they’ve lost their perfect, spherical shapes, but they produced these pink flowers and oooohhh! How the bumblebees and carpenter bees LOVE them! So, I’ve left them alone for a while longer. Anything to support the pollinators.

To my surprise I saw a bumblebee perched absolutely still on a cluster of these dainty flowers, and I was afraid it was dead. I took footage to see if it was alright, and that’s the film you see in the vimeo link below. Of course, I couldn’t leave you with nasty sounding traffic noises so that led me to find a karaoke-ish version of Stevie Wonder’s song, “Power Flower” over which I promptly recorded my vocals. Please take a moment from the frantic media and jangled nerves to enjoy my relaxing music video, and sing along!

Bumblee Bath video link:

Power Flower” lyrics

Pan is my name
I live outside the door
I have to keep the score of things around you

Fire and air,
water I prepare
I am the piper at the gates of dawning

It’s not magic it’s not madness
Just the elements I style
And I guarantee faithfully I will never go
Until all is said and done
In a twinkling I’ll be gone
Well excuse me I have so much more to do

Fancy I fell,
A childlike tap I’ll steal

Look twice my friend it’s not the wind at all

You’ll never see,
What you refuse to be
The power in the seeing is believing.

It’s not magic it’s not madness
Just the elements I style
And I guarantee faithfully I will never go
Until all is said and done
In a twinkling I’ll be gone
Well excuse me I have so much more to do

Stevie’s entire album from which this song emerged was based on the unforgettable book of the same title, The Secret Life of Plants. First published in 1973 I discovered it much later, in my 20’s while living in L.A. The book made a huge impression on me! Apparently, it affected Stevie likewise to create a dual album of music!

In that same album he composed a heartfelt song for another gentleman who’s been an everlasting inspiration for my connection to plants: George Washington Carver. Please take a listen…

Same Old Story (music link)

The Plant Doctor, George Washington Carver

Back in the day a sweet friend gifted me a book about his life, The Man Who Talks With the Flowers, The Story of George Washington Carver, by Glen Clark. It was upon reading that gem I knew I was not alone in the invisible world of plant spirits. Dr. Carver proved (scientifically no less) that other tender hearts roamed this Earth who could also feel and see the radiant essence of Spirit beaming through all of Creation, right down to the face of every flower. How I wished he had been born at a later time so we could’ve met.

Today’s little song, video, book blog is to hopefully inspire you to go outside! Let the smells of the forests, the soft caresses of flower petals, the bouncing buzzy songs of the bumblebees and birds nurture your weary soul. Yes, it’s been a long haul these last six months and there’s no sign of it easing off anytime soon, but life is meant to be lived and Nature misses you. She told me so.

Song: Power Flower, by Stevie Wonder
Album: Journey through the Secret Life of Plants (1979)

Background piano track provided by: mimiPianoClass

Lyrics: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/steviewonder/powerflower.html

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