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Community includes neighbors, local businesses, online groups, and Nature (but that’s for another blog). In the grander sceme of life they are our extended family. Most of us need each other now more than ever to help keep our heads above the seemingly endless tsunamis of life. While those at the economic apex are making obscene profit from suffering it is the base of the pyramid where the everyday people like us reside. It is the base of the pyramid that holds the foundation and the power. We are the backbone of the human species and our survival requires that we stay strong, united and flexible. When we align in our common needs and talents, in the name of Love, the collective fear drops and immune systems are strengthened. We stand tall, dream together, and manifest a happier, healthier world.

In the spirit of uniting I have reached out to my little community of people and businesses who are offering valuable services, support, art, and education and charging nothing or very little for their outreach. I share them here with you, dear reader, in case you are looking for such people at this time. Hopefully this blog will also inspire you to do likewise. Find the people in your tribe, community, and online connections who are available and willing to offer something to the public at low or no cost. We have the internet and we have our INNERNET. Let’s be there for each other, if not physically than at least virtually, in spirit and from the heart.


Welcome to the world of Cultural Creatives

Michelle’s talents are numerous, from greeting card designer, professional quilter, to now an online instructor of a very affordable and helpful graphic design course she created! Since a lot of people are working from home now after being laid off why not pick up some valuable skillsets you can take into creative projects and possibly future job scenarios?

Michelle’s website:

Michelle’s message:
This course was designed specifically for: the business owner, the administrative assistant, non-profit organizations, even the stay at home mom who’s ratcheting up her side hustle. These lessons are for those that don’t want to or can’t spend the extra cash on a professional designer to produce project after project. I’ll teach you how to create those beautiful marketing pieces yourself. Best of all?… You can use the software you already own, there’s no need to buy anything extra. All of the concepts I teach can be applied across multiple applications.”


Being stuck at home, away from regular gym routine is hard on the body and mind. Brooke has taken this opportunity to develop yoga videos for helping you stay in shape, stretch, reduce stress, improve circulation, and keep you grounded, right from the comfort of your home.

Brooke’s youtube channel:

Conde is the perfect cheerleader for people who are already feeling solid in their spiritual practice but in need of a little boost! She often hosts free video talks on Facebook.

Conde’s message:
My name is Conde Bartlett. I am a channel, author, intuitive, speaker, energetic healer and tapping and essential oil expert. I have the unique ability to see what is possible for people and help them achieve it. As the owner of Cocoon Wellness Center for the last ten years, I have assisted thousands of people all over the world create changes they never dreamed possible; physical healing, happiness, spiritual awareness and financial abundance.”

Conde’s website:

Being home as much as we are these days can be stressful for our pets who are picking up on all our depression, worries and anxiety. In extreme cases, I have read headlines lately of people giving away their pets to shelters because they literally cannot afford to feed them. Such tragedy! If you have recently inherited an abandoned pet, are seeing stress symptoms in your pet, or grieving the loss of one, please do not hesitate to call on the very talented animal communicator Darcy Pariso. As you can see from her Testimonials page I highly recommend her. She provided great insight a few years ago into our sheltie’s health issues and has been very accurate in her readings.

Darcy’s website:

Rosie is a fellow dowser and distance healer. She has many years of providing in-person and online support.

Rosie’s message:
I am called to step up and offer more. If you’ve spent any time with me, you may or may not have realized I am a frequency keeper. I know a lot of these terms are thrown around but there really is no other way to explain it. With intention I can hold a very high frequency of Love and fill spaces and clear them. I do it in homes, work places, gatherings and can do it remotely. We all can, really, but usually for short spirts and if we’re around people we like. It’s that spark and energy exchange that happens when you fall in love. Well, I love everything. Truly. That’s my gift. So, with these higher frequencies of love, it cracks open our heart space, our gateway to the soul. That’s when healing occurs. Not by me, I am only here to help raise and support your energy, listen to your souls message and hold you on your healing journey.”

Rosie’s website:

Michelle V. is a very talented digital artist. She has quite the repertoire on her instagram page and is happy to offer her artistic talents.

Michelle V’s message:
Hello! My name’s Michelle and I have a passion for creating illustrative work and filling people’s lives with a little more color through my art. For about $20 I can make your next icon of yourself, pets or bring your character to life! If interested, reach me at or look at more of my work at . Hope everyone is doing great and staying safe!


While New Renaissance Bookstore is temporarily closed they are reaching out to the public with ongoing, free or low-cost webinars. Everything from meditation, natural health education, angelic messages, kirtan chanting, and more.

Their mission :
Through New Renaissance we consciously attune ourselves to the Divine and manifest that vision as channels of God’s Light. We nurture the spiritual awakening of truth seekers of all paths by attuning to the highest needs of our customers and ourselves, creating an uplifting environment of unconditional love and acceptance, offering spiritual teachings from East and West and providing healing products and services. Our business serves as an example reflecting the values of balance, good health and abundance to promote a holistic, spiritual and joyous lifestyle

Their website:

If you’re enjoying this blog and would like to reciprocate with a gift donation,
please visit:

Much love and appreciation!

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him… We need not wait to see what others do.”

— Gandhi

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