Six Healing Sounds

A Simple, Fun Way to Balance the Energetic Organs with Qigong

About one-third of the world is in some form of lock-down / home-stay, whatever term we wish to use, so what better time to practice some very simple qigong (chee-gong) techniques!

Qigong is an ancient, effective way to reduce stress, deepen the breath, and balance the subtle energy fields that are inherently linked to the health of our physical body.

In traditional eastern medicine there are six healing sounds and colors, as well as correlating tastes and seasons that relate to the body, energetically and physically. When one or more of those systems begins to falter it eventually brings the other systems out of balance. The quickest way to restore balance is through deep breathing, stretching, intention, and activating the senses through sound.

Each energetic organ system correlates to different human emotions. If stress is not processed at the time of challenging events it can be retained as unprocessed energy that builds up in the energetic organ systems. Eventually, noticeable and often unwelcomed changes in one’s mood and physical functions becomes more apparent. This may ultimately lead to some form dis-ease but is preventable if kept in check through regular, energetic organ cleansing.

I have been practicing various forms of qigong for many years, from the more involved Soaring Crane Medical Qigong to simpler forms like the one shared below. Often times I have found that the simplest forms are the best for keeping the body/mind healthy, especially if one is in a time crunch or has low energy to begin with.

Perform each routine 3, 6 or 9 times a day, preferably sitting upright. However, if you have any range of motion issues you may adjust the actions according to your needs. If you are bed-ridden you may even do this routine entirely in your mind. Presence and intention are what matters. Say each sound softly like a whisper, and picture its appropriate color bathing the related organ system while going through the motions. On the inhale, between each sound, smile gently at each of the organs as you do so.


visualize the color: WHITE
healing move: palms facing up, push up to the sky and say, SSSS
organs affected: LUNG, LARGE INTESTINE, nose, wind pipes, diaphragm muscle, skin.
related taste: spicy
element: metal
Imbalanced: sadness, grief, cough, shortness of breath, easily sick, anxiety, posterior headache, sore throat, lack of sensuality, overly critical, skin sensitivities/ rashes, depression, fatigue, asthma, bowel movement issues, struggles with “letting go”.
Balanced: Organized, meticulous, inner strength, likes rules/structure, self-disciplined, conscientious.


visualize the color: BLUE / BLACK
healing move: clasp fingers around knees to anchor, gently arch back, away from knees and say: WOOO (sound like soft wind)
organs affected: KIDNEYS, URINARY BLADDER, ears, reproductive organs, bone marrow, bones, teeth, brain.
related taste: salty
element: water
Imbalanced: contracted, easily cold, dark circles under eyes, bladder issues, cold extremities, hot flashes, night sweats, dry mucus membrane, hearing issues, tinnitus, anxious, fearful, phobic.
Balanced: fearless, perserverance, determination, longevity.


visualize the color: GREEN
healing move: palms face up, lean and stretch torso to the left, gently lift right shoulder, look up and say: SHHHH (like you’re hushing someone)
organs affected: LIVER, GALLBLADDER, eyes, optic nerves, brain, spine, nervous system, quality of blood.
related taste: sour
element: wood
Imbalanced: frustration, angry, mental depression, irritability, moody, frequent sighing, feeling gloom-n-doom, dizziness, stressful dreams, teeth grinding, poor vision, tinnitus, itchy eyes, rib tenderness.
Balanced: Goal-oriented, visionary, easily manifests, strategic, assertive at achieving.


visualize the color: RED
healing move: palms face up, lean and stretch torso to the right, look up and say: HAAA
organs affected: HEART, SMALL INTESTINE, PERICARDIUM, blood cells, blood in general.
related taste: bitter
element: fire
Imbalanced: heart palpitations, suppressed immune system, nightmares, excess heat, darkish purple to sickly pale complexion, poor long-term memory, psychological imbalance, nervous laughter.
Balanced: charismatic, social, passionate, intuitive, creative.


visualize the color: GOLDEN YELLOW
healing move: fingers of both hands beneath sternum, just to the left, look up and say HOOO
organs affected: STOMACH, SPLEEN, mouth, taste, muscles, lymphatic system.
related taste: sweet
element: earth
Imbalanced: diarrhea, fatigue, sinus congestion, crave sweets, menstrual problems, fuzzy thinking, over-worrying, easy weight gain, gas/bloating, food allergies.
Balanced: Mediator, nurturer, compassionate, grounded.


visualize the color: VIOLET
healing move: Lie on your back or safely lean back, inhale deeply, exhale as you imagine a large roller pressing out your breath you hands move from your cranium to your hips, say HEEE
organs affected: ALL GLANDS, METABOLISM, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, gonads
related taste: mild or bitter
element: fire
Imbalanced: chronic stress, fight or flight mode, reactive instead of responsive, weakened immunity, chronic digestive complaints.
Balanced: feeling overall balanced, healing, brings hot energy down to lower centers and cooling energy to higher centers, promotes relaxed sleep.

If you prefer a video version of this qigong demonstration please see Taoist Master, Mantak Chia’s video presentation link below. It has a lengthy intro so you may wish to fast forward to one minute into the video:


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Disclaimer: Information provided here is not intended to replace professional care. This blog is intended to heighten your awareness of energy medicine. If you are currently having health issues and/or musculoskeletal pain you are encouraged to do further research on your own behalf and consult with the healthcare practitioner of your choice prior to performing these routines. Ultimately, you are the manager of health maintenance and well-being decisions.

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