Gratitude Ceremony For Moving

Four elements and beeswax candle.

A Gratitude ceremony for the residence you’re leaving is an ideal way to collect the joyous, important memories, and to bring along the energies of land and place that align with you (and your family’s) highest well-being to join in the new abode.

Beeswax candle
(1) Sage Smudge, or incense of choice (if in smoke-free environment use bells)

Items to represent each of the four directions. In the photo example (above):
feather =  E / air;
bowl of soil = N / earth
bowl of water = W / water
pyramid = S /fire
(1) Clear Quartz cluster.

You may also choose to add photos, momentos, and other items of meaning to you.


Begin by cleaning the crystal, particularly if it has been recently purchased and/or handled by many people. Cleanse the cluster by placing it in a bowl of water and salt for a couple hours. Remove it carefully and rinse under tap water. Offer gratitude for the crystal as it has been forcibly removed from the Earth and traveled great distances to join you in this powerful moment.

Crystal cluster.

Sit with your old home, sending it heartfelt gratitude for the joy, security, and space it has provided over the years for you and your family. Feel and imagine in your heart that all the most loving, powerful, heartfelt memories and energies are going to move with you from the current home to the new home. 

Arrange the elements on a secure table or countertop with the beeswax candle in the center.

  1. Light the candle and place the crystals and the elements around it, aligned to their associated direction.
  2. Light the Sage smudge from the candle’s flame and start smudging your energy (body/aura), or use bells if you cannot release smoke in your dwelling.
  3. Go to the center of the home and face each cardinal direction, one by one, pointing with the smudge stick or bells.
  4. Ask to release your energy from the house with gratitude and love.
  5. Go into every room, asking for the release of memories and moments. Take as much time as needed in each room.
  6. As you go through each space take only the best memories with you.
  7. Go outside and do the same for the land as you walk the perimeter of your home.
  8. Come back to the center of the home and extinguish the smudge stick, or set bells aside.
  9. Taking the clear quartz into your palm walk into each room once again, asking to take the best memories with you to your new home. Visualize the memories being securely saved into the crystal. Take as much time as needed. Walk the perimeter of the land around your home and repeat the same intention.
  10. Come back to the center of the home and place the crystal next to the candle. Take your time to be alone with the house.
  11. When finished, extinguish the candle and carefully pack the crystal.

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