Memories of the Child Within

little me

The little me is smiling fine

The sun is warm, the air sublime.

I didn’t catch a crow todaySun

I crawled on the ground but it got away.

The breeze is warm and flowers are bright

We spoke about my dreams last night.

Daisies are some of my finest friends

They bring me back to my heart again.

In my hand the earthworm squirmed and wiggled

It tickled my skin and made me giggle.

When the day was done and the sky went dark

I laid by Gramma and my mind went far.

The stars twinkled bright I asked “Who turned on the lights?!”

Gramma said “God has a light switch,” as she held me tight.


The little person inside is always there

Intrigued and in awe with this world so rare.

May you give your little self a voice and some crayons

And dance to your heartbeat while the music plays on.

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