Turtle Spirit Message

I didn’t feel spun this morning, as if my energy was going in all directions, but the Turtle Spirit came to my attention and told me it was time to slow down. Really? I felt pretty mellow. But on reflection, I did seem to be moving from one task to another before completing the first one, and a couple times had to re-enter a room to remember what I left to go get. It’s those subtle, little actions that reveal the disconnect. Why is it so hard some days to breathe deep, sit still, be in the moment, not constantly think about the next move, the next thought, the next destination? Turtle has arrived to remind us to step into slo-mo speed, glide gracefully thru life’s ocean, and take in the precious moment. Keep a turtle totem on your desk, or put a turtle screensaver on your computer. Give yourself visual reminders that you have permission to slow down your movements, take in the scenery, and breeeeathe.

Here’s some positive turtle news to cheer you up, from the sands of Mumbai:

Turtles Come Back To Indian Beach For The First Time In 20 Years After World’s Biggest Clean Up, Prove We Can Make A Difference

Here’s the link:


Float on, you are a positive ripple in the world.

2 thoughts on “Turtle Spirit Message

  1. Awesome post Regina! I will honor the wisdom of the Turte spirit indeed especially when I am in the Rabbit spirit as in Aesop’s fable lol. Turtle certainly is the winner in being cool calm and collected and full of wisdom and totally take deep breaths and mellow out and just take it one step at a time.

    I enjoyed the watching the wonderful video clip of the people in Mumbai all making tremendous effort to clean up the ocean and helping dear sea turtles 🐢💖 I’ve been super sad seeing this video where folks were doing their best to help rescue a turte that was all tangled and trapped from the many plastic that polluted the ocean and how turtle was suffering. Reading your Terran Love Notes today on Turtle spirit and the positive video helps my sadness go away and that I am truly very appreciative and very grateful to you🙂Thank you so much for your beautiful kind and caring heart you share 💖

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