Panda Comes A Calling

taopanda.pngHere we sit at the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Many folks around the globe celebrate this time of year, from Europe to Asia. Having not grown up with any set cultural, ethnic or religious traditions, outside of the standard commercialized holidays, I’ve found myself more at home just tuning into the Earth, the smell of the air, the sounds of the birds, the position of the stars, and honoring the natural calendar. This helps me feel more grounded and at ease in a world that is following so many unnatural rhythms, the most glaring one being the Gregorian calendar. Remember the poem they taught in elementary school to remember the length of each month?

“30 days has September, April, June, and November, except poor February with only 28… sometimes 29.” LOL!

Seriously, can you imagine setting your measuring devices to that kind of illogical thinking? Let’s see that rhyme might go something like, “12 inches has my ruler, 6 inches on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, 3.5 inches on Friday, and variable inches the other days of the week.” What would our architecture look like using a ruler like that? 😀  So, I can only imagine what unnatural time is doing to our biological clocks, yanking us from daylight savings to standard, changing up our body’s synchronicity with the even cycles of planetary movements. Top that with societal expectations to push faster, harder and more caffeinated through our days, till we collapse from exhaustion where illness or accidents may be our only gift as they allow us reprieve from the frantic pace.  But why not listen to the body’s clues before then and take the reins on health, sanity and happiness?

To align with the energies of this auspicious time I shuffled one of my fave oracle deck cards, “Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides,” created by Dr. Steven Farmer. In perfect synchronicity the card pulled for today was Panda! Is that not the most perfect, playful, gentle representation for the halfway point between winter and spring, dark and light, and the panda – black and white? Panda’s message reads:

“Create a sacred space for yourself in your home and/or a place of work.”

What a perfect message for us all. If your world is busy and you can’t get to a park or a cozy fireplace in your home, that sacred space may be your car, a bathroom stall at work, a cafe with earbuds in, or even just your deep breath in the moment. Make it yours, be with the moment, and set the example for those around you who are also seeking permission to do likewise for themselves.  In other words, be the panda. 

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