Healing Land of Trauma

Each day I take a glance at the mainstream news headlines to know who or what could use some prayers. Yesterday I learned that two lives were swiftly lost in a flash of anger, and the event occurred outside of where a favorite family restaurant once existed.

As the saying goes, “We all live downstream,” which in its origin was referring to physical pollution, but it also refers to energetic influences. Just as smoke from a distant fire drifts for miles and lands in your nose, so too does the emotional and mental frequencies emitted by your neighbors from near and far drift into your space and potentially affect your mood.

With this in mind I felt compelled to offer an act of love and ask forgiveness from the spirit of place where the land suffered this recent act of violence. An open wound was left, as well as in the hearts and minds of people who work in nearby stores, where children sat close by in a car, all of whom are now living with some degree of PTSD wondering how safe their neighborhood is. Not to mention, what a swift exit for the two souls who suddenly found themselves permanently out of body. Did anyone say a prayer to ease their shock and assist in their crossing?

While talking with a friend today we discussed how often these traumas are taking place and how overwhelmed people feel, leaving them in a state of fear at a time when unity is greatly needed. Moments like these are opportunities for the collective to practice bravery, compassion, and act on balancing the scale as often as possible, in whatever manner feels befitting.

I remembered buying some tiny, clay-shaped angel “seeds” years ago. While we toured one house after another, searching for the perfect abode, we would leave an angel at each residence, as a thank-you token. Today, however, the angel seed would be used as a healing gift, along with a prayer for all involved. It would be a symbolic gesture to place a guardian angel who would oversee the area, preventing further trauma while the wound healed.

If you find this idea welcoming and wish to get angel seeds from the Sophia Center please see their website link below. Or, perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own gift of healing to offer the land, water, air and spirits who dwell in the region. Whatever you choose to do will be perfect and most welcomed.

Another item in the making is compiling a small journal of prayers and poems from any number of sources and different cultures. Keeping such a journal nearby to draw upon as needed is a fun, heartfelt way to touch base with spirit whenever the occasion calls for some inspirational words.


Sophia Center is a non-profit organization also known as Sophia’s
Gifts of the Spirit. It’s mission is to inspire a shift in consciousness
through educational opportunities and products that invite fuller
expression of the Sacred dimension of our lives and our ever
evolving human family.

Honoring spirit of place when buying a new home:

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