Finding Treasures in Nature

A leaf? No, a rock! 😄

Took a walk this evening at the local park to catch the setting sun and the cheers of a little league ball game in action. Then I saw this curious little thing wedged in the fence. All I could think was what a strange place for a strange looking leaf to get stuck. On closer inspection I realized it was a painted rock! The very same rock my friend sent me a photo of some days ago while she was walking this park, only it was in a completely different location!😄

Huh! I thought as I walked on with my little dog. What a fun find!

Admiring the field of cattails in their velvety brown attire another, small something caught my eye. I squinted to get a closer look and saw it had a face! Oh my gosh! Another little hidden gem! Now I was really paying attention. What delightful fun!

It even had strands of “hair”. The little kid in me was squealing with delight. I wondered how many other people have seen these little art gifts wedged in the trees?

Only a few steps farther ahead another impish face peered up at me looking like a mini pumpkin 🎃 .

Man! How many of these characters are out here I wondered?

Just before leaving the path one more smiling face popped out, as if to wish my dog and I a fair adieu! Right then a gentleman with an ear bud in one ear came walking with his dog up the path. Figuring he probably saw me inspecting and photographing trees I smiled and said, “Someone’s put little painted stones in the tree crevices!” I had hoped he would find these whimsical treasures as intriguing as I did. But no. He sort of smiled, walked on past and replied, “That’s cool”. 😕 Well, I guess these rock people sightings weren’t intended for everyone.

What a journey. So glad I decided to take the dog for a walk! ❤️ Hope this little story has inspired you to leave love notes, painted rocks or some other uplifting charms in your neighborhood! 🌸🌷🌲🧚‍♂️

2 thoughts on “Finding Treasures in Nature

  1. So, who do you think the rock painter/distributor might be? Someone was leaving them around the Clark County Fairgrounds when we worked their . . .

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