Create Raised Beds in the Garden

A six month course in Permaculture Design taught me the value of using the many downed branches and twigs brought by the spirit of wind. My instructor, Toby Hemenway, referred to this mound-building process as hugelkulture, or raised beds. In the video link below filmed at my last home (one year ago, March) I present this method using the natural components provided from that particular landscape. Sadly, I didn’t have time to complete the project before we moved, but it was a great experience.

If you have a chance please pick up a copy of Toby’s book, Gaia’s Garden, and educate yourself on the value of recycling Nature. We live in precarious times where the reliable supply chain of food and necessities is getting wobbly. That being said we always have opportunities to work locally, within our community, to get creative and grow sustainable, edible sources of healthy food!

One of my fave perculture books, Gaia’s Garden!

Toby Hemenway, Permaculture Design Instructor (RIP)

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