The River Spirit Called Me

Local field and handsome black cow.

I was just going to take a brief walk and photo the local black cow. He stands in all his grandeur amidst a massive field with a large, gnarly oak tree companion. The view revives my spirit! After this photo, however, it felt like I wasn’t done. The Tualatin river isn’t far away, but I thought, “I’m not here to stay, I’ve got homework to do.” Yet a magnetic pull beckoned me to walk on and make my way to the river I cross everyday on my way to and from work, a river whose spirit I always bless on my daily journeys. It seemed disrespectful to not follow the call, so…. onward my feet went.

Geese overhead.

A small flock of Canadian Geese flew overhead, trumpeting their next destination. I wished them safety on their long journey to wherever they go from here.

A dress of colors!

A brightly colored maple tree was twirling her leaves in the soft breeze.

Hawthorn tree – the healer.

And next to the colorful dancing maple was a Hawthorn tree, donning shiny, ruby-colored jewels. Even though all the leaves had dried and fallen she looked graceful in these berry ornaments!

Thistle fairy in there.

Why photo a dead blackberry vine, you might ask? Because somewhere in this photo is a gentle thistle fairy. No, I can’t see it either. But I can feel it. Someday soon I will draw what I feel it looks like.

A river mirror.

The river at last! Sooooo peaceful here. I can see why I was being summoned. A lovely elderly woman came along in her kayak, gliding silently through the rippled, mirror water. We greeted each other and commented on how relaxing the day was, if one was dressed for the temperature. I wanted to stay there longer but my phone gave me a “Low battery” alert. That’s also when I heard what sounded like the biggest killer hornet ever, but where was it?… Aha! It was overhead! A quick glance up and the peace-thief was identified: a drone spying on innocent people. In disgust I left the water’s edge, not before thanking it for the invite and our precious time together.


As I worked my way back to the car the noisy man-boy was seen fumbling with his mechanical “evidence”. If I knew how to cast spells I would’ve asked a flock of birds to crap on him and his toy right then and there. Until such skills are acquired I’m thinking drone target-practice sounds like the next best option. 😀

Cattails exploding.

Thankfully, the Spirit of Place wasn’t leaving me in that foul mood and shared a few more precious sights, like this field of cattails against a fluffy, autumn-colored background.

While all the little robins initially flew away as I entered the park, they now trusted my intentions and calmly observed from a nearby birch tree.

Path to the heavens.

This wasn’t the last photo shot but it seems fitting to put it here. The path to heaven, to a higher state of consciousness, is always found in Nature. This blog is a thank-you gift back to the Spirit of Place that hosted today’s journey.

Thank you, dear reader, for sharing this little walk with me today as well. Till next time!

2 thoughts on “The River Spirit Called Me

  1. Oh Regina I love your walk adventures today💖 JP is such a beautiful Nature magical place✨I love your encounter with the elderly lady kayaking and so funny how I told George we should go to Cook Park and go canoeing 🛶 no kidding lol. As I read and scrolled and reminiscing each photo with fond memories and longing to walk their again then that horrid drone! Argh! There should be a law No Drones Allowed!!! I scrolled past that and went back to calmness of your photos and my heart melted as I saw and read the last photo and paragraph. That was George and mine favorite part of the park in which we visited constantly and dipping our feet on the river and basking in the peaceful river and dreaming beautiful happy dreams in that river dock 😌 Thank you SO much for this beautiful gift of your post Regina💖and especially thank the beautiful River Spirit leading you to JP🌟💖

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